Saturday, September 6, 2008

Day 79: My Fantasy Comes True About A Year Too Late

If you're as lucky as I am, you may live long enough to realize your fantasy. But you might find, like I did today... that it's a year or more too late!

You see... back in Chapter One, I dreamed of a day like today... where I found myself on the inside of the house enjoying the cool airs and the television... and the peoples were locked outside the doors against their will.

Such was the case when the Mom locked herself out of the house this morning. And I experienced a quick moment of deep satisfaction until...

My fantasy failed me as my new Mom talked to me through the door. And I wanted more and more to just be on WHATEVER side of the threshold she was on!

Took her a while and a lot of banging, but we were reunited... and I was ONE HAPPY LULU!

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