Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 649: Contraband Sweep

I do love me a beautiful sunny afternoon in which to do me some shnoofin!
It feels like such a good day to do some fing special like go to the park or at least for a walk... but the Mom still has leftovers of bad headache, so the backyard it is...

And we do not mind so much, on a counta we to do our routine sweep for squirrel contraband (nuts, seeds, pits, etc).
And I have found it. Right here.

Not to worry! I know exactly what to do!
Dig it up wif my mouf... and take it in of doors to the Mom!

Before you rush to judge, consider this: The Mom no longer has to perform a cavity search... I take great pride in spittin it right out for her now!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 648: Caterer Wanted

My the Mom has been home all day in her jammies and in the bed wif lights and tv off. I like havin her home but wish she was up and about to cater to my needs.
Make that "cater to my wannas"... On a counta right now I wanna go out of doors and dig up pecans until the Mom hollers "berry treats!"!

Ain't gonna happen.

Not today.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day 647: Sunday Dawdlin and Browsin

The Bleu got a nother baff today not on a counta he get heself dirty but on a counta the Mom did not get all the shampoo outta his fick fur.

This here is my look like, "See the Mom? All shamppo outta my furs!!!".
So once Big Boy was dried again, we went outside wif the Mom-arrazzi to shnoof out the smells in the grasses and to enjoy the pollen filled breezes. Ah-choo.

The Bleu does look a LOT better since baff two! Just sayin.
I am lookin handsome as all ways, and I just love to see how long the Mom can hold her breaf... while I daudle and browse frew the new mulch.
There is some pecans left in this yard, I assure you. And have no fear... I will find them!
It may take some time, but I packin the patience!
It is all most supper time.

I can tell on a counta the sun is beginnin to set frew the Bleu tail!
But before I run in for my dinners, let me leave you wif this one last look at my silky furs!
It has been a real good weekend chock full o the good weather and plenty o the Mom time. I enjoy the towel dryin and the rubbin and the brushin... and o heck, I even enjoy the baff. Hope all my friends had a good weekend, too!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 646: Saturday, AB

I would be remiss if I did not say... THIS today has been a BAFF not a SPA day! There is huge difference, and me and the Bleu we boaf remind the Mom... "this is not way Mister T / Uncle Tom do it". Just sayin.

And because it a baff at home, there are far fewer pitchers of event... so here is uber-quick wrap-up:

I lured outside and get baff. New tub take me by surprise but I behave super nice... while the Bleu howl on a counta he love a baff and jealous he not first!

Course Big Boy don't fit in the new tub so the Mom encourage him to stand in imaginary tub / bench... what mighta worked if the Bleu don't have the hyper-calm form of ADD where he just slowly drift away...

But I digress and also pick up when the Mom has chance to pick up camera, and that is back when me and the Bleu are boaf tired and sequestered...:

The Bleu is a big fuzzy mess.
I have been towel dried and brushed for quite some time, but still have the fuzzy dampness about me.
And here we boaf are, AB. It has grown clowdy outside and also cooler out-of-doors. Me and the Bleu, we have been undergoin intense towel ferapy in the study / compy / back room.
Whole house smell like the wet dog, but soon I am dry enough to be given free reign... And the Bleu willingly sits for the hair dryer! And "dry" it deu, for bout firty minutes... It  big help, but Big Bleu he prolly still damp.
In fact... prolly will be this time tomorrow, too! Just sayin.

Day 646: Saturday, BB

There is an innocence to a happy Saturday mornin in the sun what do shine... BB [Before Baff]!
And though it may look so, I am not followin the Bleu.
No, I am not. Luke is leader not follower but it sometime necessary to make sure Big Boy not gonna get heself in big mess o trouble, so I lurk.
I hear two of my most favoritest of words ["berry treats"!] and the Bleu is on he on, trouble or not!
Them words is favorites of he's too... so he come a runnin right behind the me!
BB short for Blissful Bliss...

Friday, March 26, 2010

Day 645 Free Fur All Friday!

I fink that is good name fur the Friday post on a counta no tellin what I have to say. And also at least for today, word on street (what is slang for sayin the Mom has hinted to me and the Bleu) is that tomorrow is the Baff Day... so our fur is free to be the dirty... one more day!
And so today, I tell you little bit about this corner of the newly mulched bed.
Situated on the norfwest corner of  "landscape" part (and I use that term loosely) of yard, sorta under the hot pink azalea, there are some interestin smells...
Surely are!
For sure!
Put X here on a counta it mark the spot!
But wait just a Gol-Den minute... what make this hole???!
Not sure but I fink it irrelevant to today's X. Results later as they become available.
But here is an update on the hot pink azalea. Blooms are way more closer to bloomin!
And a few more have opened up wide!
I love the Happy Spring, but I so much more love the temperatures colder than hotter and so do the Mom.

Just sayin.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 644: Lawn Dude Day

There is not a day that I do not live wif the gusto... on a counta I am the Luke.
But that is not to say that there are not days I like better than others... take for example, Lawn Dude Day (what is wif regularity on Fursday):
It typically start wif yard ragged and in the shambles.
We had some "weed-n-feed" put on yard last week... but I fink they left out the "n". I fink it was "weed feed".

That not so bad in itself... it bother the Mom more than it bother the me or the Bleu. The part I'm not fond of is when I have to be inside while Lawn Dude is doin his lawn dude business (a different kind of business than me and the Bleu deu...!).
The Bleu is disturbed by noises he makes, but I am not. I just want my yard back.

Six days outta seven, I am content to be in-of-doors at this time of day... but on Lawn Dude Day, I can fink of not much else beside wantin to be in yard wif him! 

Prison stink but it sure is fun to check out LD's work, once he is gone... and the gate is locked again! Nuffin quite like the smell of a fresh mowed lawn. Just sayin.
Nother bad part is... by time Lawn Dude finish, sun is settin low enough to shine frew the Bleu tail...! 
It is neither pleasant, nor convenient to be displaced from my pecan treasure trove, all-you-can-eat-til-the-Mom-busts-you buffet and also place of businesses, but...

I am just glad that The Bleu Bowl Diner is not affected by such disruption!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 642: Belated Birfday Celebration!

One most excellent fing about havin second life is you not just want to celebrate BIRF DAY... or WEEK... but BIRF MONF! And so the Mom came home Saturday night (Day 639) wif the most special present from my the Aunt Karen, Uncle Craig and Cousins Rizzi and Zeke!
Chock it up to a long, rainy, stormy Saturday... or a kahlua shot (NOT sayin)... but the Mom say we wait until tomorrow for the reveal!
And by Sunday (Day 640), I could truly hardly wait to shnoof out the contents of this very attractive bag!
The Bleu is unsure if he has ever seen the Luke hop up into the ceremonial gift chair... to shnoof and retrieve his gifts! Could it be because my specialest cousins Rizzi and Zeke have been rubbin on my present??? And also the content of my present is some of my most favoritest fings to nibble / gobble???!
To recap: Most excellent Birfday Cookie (and St Paddys cookies behind), Berry Treats (!!!!), and a really cute buggy/froggy!
I stole the buggy/froggy and the Mom put him back... until I could steal him again!
The Bleu is still feelin well enough to keep tabs on fings...
And here I am before the servin of the Birfday Cookie...
My Special Birfday Cookie say"

So this Sunday night, me and the Bleu... we devour "Hap... Birt".
And tonight, we celebrate:

I am happy to keep celebratin my birfday, but I am most happy that the Bleu is feelin so much better. Me and the Mom have been worried pretty much sick, and we are happy that Big Boy is back to he ole mischief filled self!!!

Many special fanks to the Aunt Karen for makin this day (and others) so special!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 641: The Bleu Monday

The Bleu has been sick for last 24 hours.
He did not eat the dinners last night. And he woke up and either burped loudly or tried to frow up... about every hour on hour last night. He was listless this mornin and he drank the waters but frowed em up.

Big Boy has exhibited this behavior several times before after a weekend of the debauchery of indulgin in backyard buffet, and he was a BAD boy again this weekend.
The Mom set time limit on the BBB gettin he appetite and energy back. [before he have to get forklifted into trolley and hauled into vet].. He come in under the wire, and I am happy to report that... no small fanks to my nursin and cheerleadin skills and just general attentiveness (like tryin to snatch his pills and treats and foods and waters offered him)... the Bleu is feelin better!
Now maybe we can put the Bleu Monday behind us and get back to celebratin the monf of Luke birf! Seem appropriate. Just sayin...