Monday, September 15, 2008

Day 88: Rockin Sam's Yard!

The Mom finished cleanin the backyard and patio, and then she fixed her and Uncle Mike a margarita. Said she was breakin out the top shelf horded best she had. To be clear, she was referrin to the ice (that Mrs. M's son brought in from Katy... and that she was kind and generous to share with her nay-bors!), not the tequila.

And then came the best part of all! I got to go over to Sammy's yard and run around and sniff and test the greenness of the grass on the other side of the fence.

Uncle Mike and Aunt Susan loved on me, and I had a x-tatic time. The Mom felt bad, though, cause Sam had to stay inside... so they brung him out to meet me with no fence betwixt us.

Guess he was a little mad to find me in his backyard and can't say I blame him. We both barked our fool heads off. Twasn't pretty and the Mom is disappointed in me.

I hate that and feel bad but let the record show that my long suit is havin all the peoples I love to myself (and sharin is my short suit).

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