Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Day 96: Misery, But In It For The Long Haul

There's no other word for it.

If I cajole myself to look for the silver lining:

1. I got to go on two long walks today.

2. I got to go on a long trolley ride wif my nose jammed into the a/c vent.

3. A few cool airs came my way under the sweet roof. Not many, but a few.

4. Visited with Aunt Monica and Uncle Oscar on the outside.

5. Sniffed noses with Cousins Nacho andn Winston, too.

6. I'm not in a Waco kennel. And that should be 'nuff said.

Truth is... weather's hot. Life's grim. And most peoples and puppies is runnin outta hope... but not ole Luke!

Even in my misery, I know this is the best gig ever... true love overcomes hot airs, darknesses and incomunicados.. something like 19 times out of 20. Pretty sure I read that 'tistic somewhere.

Any ways... I'm with the Mom for the long haul. And that's a fact.

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