Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 312: The Mom Beed Scared

The Mom be strong and not fraidy cat of much ceptin when it come to the healf of her boys...

And nuffin to her mean more!

Best and worst thing bout the Mom is she thorough and she love and care bout these beautiful dogs. And she love and care about the me and the Bleu.

I leave the tangled mess for someone else to fix and worry over. I just wish it not the Mom... but I need love from her to know she gonna be ok (on a counta I gonna be just fine... promise)!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day 310: Jury is Out

It rainin gently and not stormin necessarily... but sound from the outside kinda bad, and when the Mom try take shower to go to somewhere else to have some other kinda connection... I freak, can't say why... other than it feel bad and she can't leave me!

And turn out, the Mom won't think of leavin me... and weather not get bad so it just low key night wif the me not quite settled but not panicked.

Jury is still out, though. Just sayin.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 309: Wonderin Whether Weather Bout To Be Bad... It is... And I Know It!

I try hide head from all I dread... but weather just now bout to be so bad I jammify and retreat to bunker!

Spring weather suck.

Just sayin.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 306: Luke Twitter!

Beed meanin to tell you sumfin but got sidetracked wif the bunker and other such reasons to not tell the you sumfin portant...

Luke twitter now!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day 304: Bone To Chew

Been nervous weekend so I happy to finish it out wif bone what taste o so good!

I so sowwy the Mom lose the Comet and the Wellington... but I beed the only reason she beed grateful for those losses.

Wifout the them, her heart not open up to the me... and then to the Bleu.

Love has way of restorin, rejuvenatin and replenishin it self!

Just sayin...

Day 304: Diversion and Garner!

The Mom go out to the Pet Paradise today... wifout me and the Bleu, and lo and behole... she fall deeper in love wif the Garner!

Aunt Sandy done wonders wif the Garner! Imagine what she could do wif the me!

(I surprise G-Boy not restin self betwixt my feets below this computer and the Bleu what stretched out nappin!)

By way, Garner is available for adoption and you can read his profile and fill out adoption application for that sweet boy what know how to do so much stuff!

Day 304: More Mournin Celebration

And also Wellington's Birthday...

Because Wellington saved the Mom... and I don't mean that lightly, but with most sincerity... God intervened along with help from His angels what are dearest friends the Mom could wish for... Comet came along.

For now, here's Wellington... who understood the Mom more than anyone else.

Day 304: Mournin Celebration

Comet's Birthday... today.

And these are a few of last unpublished photos... No words accompany on a counta there are none, just tears...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Day 303: How Spent Day

In jammies wif the wild eyes... and either pacin, under the Mom foot or in bunker.

I exhausted now and just can't wait to go to and hog big bed like did last night!

Just sayin.

Day 303: Bad Day, Very Bad Day

Most my days so good need nip myself make sure I not dreamin, but this one... not of those.

In the stead of radar snapshot I offer you photo what the Mom took few hours ago... (When get over shock of flood, it funny to note latest collection of Bleu sticks on table!)

As you see, this not good time to go out and do business but that not issue on a counta I in bunker wif nervous breakdown!

And the Bleu in middle of mid-afternoon snooze so he not concerned.

Risin waters to bout half way up "oh my dog" door mat and getting close to bein in house wif us... (the Mom got nice toe... no?)

And then out front river run frew it! Did this yesterday too and saw it wif my own eyes... but o-heck-to-the-no today... I not leave bunker to look at nuffin!

Just sayin.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 302: Not Pretty Afternoon

Thunder should be a four letter word and I said a few of em this afternoon!

In past, the Mom give me drug to help me frew storm but we tryin just
jammies now and I gotta say, I not feel need to have nervous breakdown until storm over the head. And while I dig and panic somewhat bad today... it not near bad as in past.

In my defense, use imagination... storm movin soufwest to norfeast and this radar image bout 5 hour past my meltdown. I not get worst and I grateful for it. I just put this image up on a counta you might think I just storm pansy!

Tomorrow posed to be bad, too... so it prolly gonna be jammy day and that bitter on a counta I hate storm... and sweet on a counta I know the Mom not leave me here (wif the Bleu) alone!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day 300!!!!!: A Retrospective

I grateful for my days wif my Fuzzy Friends on a counta if not for all ways they believe in me for 9 almost 10 months... I not have this blog today. And that all I gonna say... we move on!

But lookin back on my first days in GRRH Family... what I spend in PET PARADISE... and it WAS on a counta it most excellent change of scenery (not to EVEN mention ride in Porsche!) and also give me the hope and attention that GOOD things to come!

(By way... no need for air horn wif the Luke!)

Check out my awesome coat of fur back then!

And look! No bald spot!!!

And now must tell you that this depress the Mom on a counta she take hot spot personal... but I try remind her these pics taken early summer and fur thick on a counta not be brushed most ever day and certainly no furry-me-nater! Besides... will gladly trade hot and bald spot for happiness and lovin home wif the Mom!

But LOVE to stretch my legs and let wind blow frew my fur! Pet Paradise awesome place!

Just sayin!
My Cousin Collin give good hug and that day I think "Me and Little Man... we tight"...
Ain't no rub like a belly rub under just right circumstance!

And this my favorite out of door choreography. I demonstrate weekly. The Mom think it scratchin cheek and chin... but I call it "puttin on the grass cologne"... only this grass smell like knock-off!
Luke large... and proud...and handsome. And can only say that when refer to self in third dog.
This pitcher funny on a counta this just the way I still scratch... ceptin now I slip off into room what the Mom not in and cannot see... to scratch where it itch!

But for the Mom this somewhat sad pitcher on a counta I scratchin zact location of mast cell tumor what I had removed. I say somewhat on a counta great thing bout all ways it work out is that the Mom a tentive to tiny little bump and on a counta that... it gone! She just sad on a counta it ever there at all and she think Luke (again, third dog) deserve never have nuffin wrong.

Typical Mom. Just sayin.

It happy to reminisce on this on a counta I fly frew and round and round and round and round yard today... and just I just love freedom of stretchin leg out!
Now take a good long look at me and the Cousin Collin...

Didn't know then but I know now... me and 'Little Man' have lots in common!

1. We family.
2. We boaf blessed wif strikin good looks!
3. We boaf hip and cool and I have to defer to the "Cousin Collin" for other terms what apply to our overall attractiveness...
4. We boaf a lot loved and a little doted on... and nuffin unmanly bout that on a counta we boaf have that certain sumfin what the ladies love...
5. We boaf play a mean game of poker!
6. And we boaf love GRRH!

P.S. and by-the-way... I will only know I made it big when I referred to exclusively as "Cousin Luke". Dream big they say and I do!
Pay off so far!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day 299: A First!

When I first come live here in my home wif the Mom... She invite me on regular occasion to hop up in comfy chair in study what the Comet so loved...

And I think... "No way. It trap."

So many days go by and the Mom not force issue and in fact she stop invitin, but then tonight for some reason... she kiss me on nose and pat pat pat on chair...

And I hop up and make self comfy.

And so I analyze this chair:

1. This chair IS comfy. Can see why the Comet love it so much! It not look so good... but can see why the Mom has kept it round. She say it remind her of the Wellington AND the Comet... and now it remind her of the me! (Don't think it BIG enough for the Bleu cause it tight fit for me! Just sayin...

2. Can't believe I ever thought this chair could be trap... on a counta it don't look even least bit like one and well... the Mom, she bout most mushiest Mom ever! And it really hard to remember ever not trustin that woman wif her offer of this sweet chair, let alone this sweet... and I DO mean SWEET... gig!

3. Chair so good... what else am I missin out on? And why it take her two hunderd somefin days to pat pat pat again?

4. Mappin this chair as good place to hang out when the Mom on the compy. Good view of backyard and big cube of water (don't know what that thing is) but tempy-toor gonna have to be just right to enjoy cause nuffin beat coolness of tile floor, even if it ain't so soft.

5. Strategic Weakness: Can't block the Bleu in or out of room.

Just sayin.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Day 297: No Hidin the Easter Bones!

A tisket a tasket...
I got me a BBQ bone!

Seem like big bed would be place to really enjoy this
(not so hard on the elbows)...
but for some reason, the Mom wait till flooded patio drain
and give it to me out of doors.
I beg please o please to take to the in of doors,
but she say no...
and so I give and settle in for good suckin, chewin and lickin!

And it DO taste good!

Gotta work each angle, try ever toof...

And I forget to say, the Bleu... he got tasty bone too...
but he take his to grass on a counta he kinda like a goat
and don't care if the grass get on his bone...
when I wish I could keep the patio off mine...

Cause like I say, big bed best place to enjoy this...
on a counta not crazy bout the dirts
but a lil fur and crumbs never hurt no sweet boy!

Day 297: Easter Egg Hunt!

Easter Bunny what look lot like the Aunt Karen
but wif longer ears... (just sayin)...
bring me and the Bleu Easter eggs what the Mom "hide" for us!

Well not sure you can call it "hide"
when we watch ever thing she do...
but once we learn what in there... IT FUN GAME!

Bleu blivious... this one mine!

I spy wif my wittle eye...MINE!

The Bleu see next one, on a counta it way up high!

Yo Yo Yo... this one way down low!

And the Bleu see next one in chair... you see he eye askin 'can I have it?'

That ok on a counta low ones taste better any way!!!

This fun game when figure out can crack egg for tasty treat!!!
And real good part is we only do bout half eggs in basket!
I be askin the Mom can we do this again tomorrow!!!
On a counta I hungry now!

Day 297: Happy Easter!

Easter Bunny come to my house over the night!
And he bring Easter bed what is just like Birfday bed wif one exception...
the Bleu ain't in the Easter bed... YET!

And I most curious... on a counta I just am!
But the Mom say wait on the Bleu!

And the Bleu come in and now all things fair game
and I dive in whereby the Bleu he just mostly curious bout the Mama.

But I pick mine and ventually he pick his...
mostly on a counta the Mom quick pick up
tasty smellin selly-fane wrap bbq bone!

And I happy wif choice and settle in for good suckin
wif bear in green bunny suit!

But can't lie... got vision of bbq bone dancin in head!

Just sayin!