Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 737: Synopsis Saturday

It has been a nother stressful week, between the Mom, her factory work and also the storms... If it it not the long hours, it seem to be the storms that stress us... but then there is also lingerin fings and ah-ohs what you drag behind you...

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It's weeks like this when you are fankful for the small moments... like when you witness first hand limberness of the Santa Jerry-Affe! Just sayin.
These happy moments some time get you frew when your brother the Bleu is horribly sick! You see, Big Furry Boy is prone to the hair balls... and when he come down wif one, you are pretty sure you know what it is... but you are worried it is obstruction or bloat, and in back of mind, you are scared.

Biggest symptom: Biggest Boy won't eat!
Treatment: Hand feed him pumpkin... when in season and available in the grocery store! When not... panic first, and then try to fink of some irresistible some fing he might like what will lube him...

I get to the bottom of fings right quick, and I can confirm source of the Bleu breaf:
No need to tuna-foot a round. I know what you did when I was out of doors!!!
And all's well that ends really well... and I am relieved that the Big Boy is feelin better.

Now I can concentrate on wishin the weather would calm down and give me some peace...
I mean... If I could control the weather...
Trust me. There would be BIG smiles all a round!!!
Alas, however... I have no control, whatsoever. And today... with less than 10% chance of rain, but just like all days this week... we have funder storms.

And that mean funeral music and  
jammies... but I have blow-out in my jammies, so have to wear storm cape what is so no so fashionable. Just sayin.
And big loud boombooms come rollin in right at time Ghana scores first goal on USA today. I mark occasion wif the scratchin and whistlin in the bunker. Storm roll past me, but that just mean I hear the raff and not the rain. Just sayin.

The Mom comfort and cajole me as best she can... but in the end, we are neither one happy... Just sayin.

But I get over fings pretty quick when I hungry!!!
And NOW I'm ready to go out! [The Mom will need to get me out of my storm cape, however... on a counta these are not to be worn out of doors!]
Yep... long emotional week. Lots of work. Lots of exhaustion. Lots of distractions. 
I wish I could decide how to feel...  Please to help me! Please to vote in my poll... on the right side bar!!

And in the meantime, I love gettin to know folks wif lots of common emotions and experiences, so... Let's HOP!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 734: One Word Wednesday

Today's Word Is:Down
Verb: To lower your haunches and belly down to the floors on a counta (1) your the Mom say it, and/or (2) in anticipation for next treat, fling your self to floors on a counta 'down' is surely next command!

Noun: The place your the Mom sometimes is... but not to worry. The she can't stay there long when live wif the Sweet Boy! Just sayin.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 733: Funder... And Such

It was a beautiful day until it was not so great, on a counta the funder!

Me and the Bleu were able to enjoy our fine dinner experience and make a short swaff frew the yard before barometric pressure gently direct me otherwise... and I had to retreat to the bunker!
Once in the bunker... I analyze barometric pressure v. radar. And the Bleu just try to find place to rest heself... where the Luke will not be hoppin over him.  No big deal, but just sayin.
And now here I am, greetin the Mom when I have resolved my fears... danger is over!
I am still bit scared. Bit embarassed. Bit just do not want a lot of attention...
Until the bed time!!! And then I am relaxed wif the many and lovin foughts and hopes! Just sayin.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 731: An Open Letter

Deer All Who Have A Expectation From... Or Claim Against My The Mom:
She is doin very best she can.

There is not enough of her for you.

There is not enough of her for me.

There. I said it.
Wif love from the Luke

P.S. Look, I am sharin lotsa extra hours per week wif the Factory... Sweet Boy need some love and recognition for he sacrifice. Just sayin.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 730: Up And At-Em Saturday

I woke up early this mornin, rarin to get this wonderful day started wif the tasty breakfast foods... this in spite of fact that I was up twice in the middle of the night to let my the Mom know that (1) there is a noisy non-payin tenant in the attic and (2) I fink I feel a storm in Norf Dallas... but I digress.
I was very convincin and when the Mom frew her legs over the side of the bed, I led off the one boy parade... steppin back and forf over the groggy Bleu till Big Boy decide it in his best interest to join in!
And then we went outside and came back inside for tasty breakfasts and then subsequentally back outside and back in. Whhhhew! I settled in to suck some good toy, the Bleu went back to bed and the Mom started to work on the compy... which she did until time for her to do her errands, runnin round and the whatnot like renewin mine and the Bleu's contract [by fetchin another case of the Wysong Anergen at the PetStop!]!

And since she was in the neighborhood, the Mom popped by the GRRH Meet-n-Greet at the Orvis on Westheimer, just in time to see the Lefty meet his new awesome parents!!!
Lefty is a handsome boy who came to us as a puppy that looked like maybe a Golden Mix [though clearly probably not...]. He was adopted out right away, but his family returned him to us a few months ago, with a few issues. GRRH has an awesome group of trainers that work with our dogs, and Lefty soon became a star student!
The Mission is to find the perfect Forever Family for our dogs. And today, I am absolutely certain that Lefty's folks are a perfect match!

In other news, Ben met his potential Forever Family today... they are to meet again this coming week, to introduce dogs, away from the chaotic Orvis sidewalk!
Please to wish the Ben Franklin good luck wif his quest to find his Forever Family! It will be in the paws of the potential family's dog!

Also at Orvis today was Miss Cinnamon, a 1 1/2 year old Golden Mix, with a lot of energy... and a lot of training under her collar!
Cinnamon is on the small side, and has the super soft furs that you will just love to run your paws errrrr hands frew! And this sweet girl really needs and deserves her Forever Home! Please to read more about her!

Also there today was the LA Bud, a fine lookin Golden Boy who is SO ready for his Forever Home!

The GRRH Trainin Team has made tremendous progress wif this smart fellow. Why, he's a real gentleman now... not to mention how he covered in the red-furred handsomeness!!! [Note that I mean that in only the dudeliest sort of way...]. Please to read more about him!

Now if you or anybody you know feel the twinges of love after readin this, please to send an email to and tell em the Luke sent ya, on a counta that will make the Adoptions Team smile!

And now back to... The Me! And I fink it good time to clear up some fing I say yesterday... You see some times my the Mom needs to feel needed and loved... times like when she is snackin just little bit on the chex mix [et al]. I tell you yesterday I find that is good opportunity to sit nicely right in front of her wif a big smile on face and just a little fidgetty squirm of exudin love for the her... just like this:
Now, you can judge Success by many different factors... but in general terms, I find this to be about 100% effective. Just sayin.

Now back to today... Me and the Bleu didn't spend great big bunch of time out of doors on a counta the heat was just oppressive! [97 degrees, feel like 105 degrees!] 
Heat do not play factor in whether we are ZOOMY... But it DO effect our duration!
And here I am... nearin the finish line!!!
I not tell you earlier, but when I saw the signs that the Mom was about to leave me early this mornin... I frow myself against the door to the garage in protest, and I did not get up willinly or wifout the drama.
And that's where I'll be spendin the next few hours, just to make sure she is in for the night. I mean, some body gotta look out for old gal. Just sayin.

I mean... we all need to be IN, so we can HOP!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 729: Free Fur All Friday

Happy 'My the Mom Get Home Early Friday,
Bring On The Weekend, WooHoo'...
To the You!!!!!

O how I love a good Friday for all the traditional reasons what are [and I know I repeat myself] shared lunch from the Mytiburger, family nap, judge shows and 'Free Fur All'! MmmHmmmm...

C O N T E N T M E N T! 
Friday is my favorite afternoon of the week. Just sayin. And now for bloomin news of the week... My Texas Sage has been spottily bloomin. 
It is one of my the Mom's most favoritest on a counta the pretty magenta to purple blooms wif the soft texture of the leaves. It is ok by me, but it get a real paw up from the Bleu... Big Boy DO love to shnoof this shrub.
Crape myrtles are burstin a bit more. I will ask the Mystery Photographer [God help her] to back up and take a full shot of the Myrty. Hurricane Ike took part of her, so we did not cut her back, not even a little bit last year. And I fink she look real pretty...
Though I like to look at her most times from underneaf her... you know, where the squirrels have been! [You see part of her trunk to right in pitcher].
Now last but not least, I refer you to last Free Fur All Friday when I show you magenta bloom [arts and crafts style garden plant what I still cannot remember name of]... well, here she is today!
She is beautiful. And I need to make note to self to ask my the Mom to look it up! I would look it up myself, but I like gettin her to do fings for me when she is in the middle of doin some fing else.
And after all... the Mom need to feel needed. 

It is also therefore very good to allow her give you a tiny bit of chex mix when you are sittin so nicely right in front of her wif a big smile on your face and just a little fidgetty squirm of exudin love for the her! 

But I digress...

It's Friday. The Mom's home. And I love knowin that I got her till Monday mornin [even though she has to work... at least she will be workin from Casa De Cool Hand]!
Happy Weekend, My Friends!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 728: Finkin and Fankful Fursday

I am fankful that my Cousin, the Buddy is gettin a little better each day, but that Sweet Boy has had a really hard time...
Buddy spent last weekend recuperatin at home, but when the results came back from his tissue... it meant that he had to be re-admitted to the hospital for seven days of IV antibiotic treatment. His family hoped to be able to drop him off each mornin and pick him up in the evenin, but the treatment is somewhat risky... so he's in the  klink for the duration, and his the Mom (and also his the Dad) is missin him big time.

We can't wait for the Buddy to be home and feelin all better. Really... and you know me, I would not say it if it were not true... but to know the Buddy is to love the Buddy. He and the Bleu are cut just little bit from the same cloff. And that's the troof.

So... in other news, Lawn Dude did not come last week, and I have been up to my knees in the St Augustine...
And as for the Bleu... well, he has been HALF up to HIS knees!
I may have mentioned it before, but it is agony to be sequestered when the Lawn Dude is here. I could be helpin  him wif the loud equipment and you know... the gate, and what not... but for some reason my the Mom make me stay in of doors.
It is so not fair, but I will not dwell on it... on a counta what I show you next make me laugh too hard! Caption of this next pitcher is "Genius Photography Courtesy of My The Mom"!
Tell me you do not see, in this order:  the Mystery Photographer... THEN the hot tub... and then the me! Genius... I needed a good laugh, and I have had it! Just sayin.

And now here once again is my ginormous scale figure... bit blurry (surprised?) but I fink you get my point, I am just very peased to have tended lawn!
So pleased, in fact, that I cannot wait to get back in of doors where I can enjoy cool airs and suck good toy... aka 'Skinny' the squirrel, what the Sweet Daisy and Tucker did send to me for occasions such as this!
It is a good day for many, many reasons... includin facts, the lawn is tended, the Mom is not workin and there have been no storms! And I am fankful!!!!! Now to please bring on weekend wif more of the same??? Just askin.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 727: Wordless Wednesday

Don't fink of the followin as words, but reduce them to a single distilled feelin or fought like what some times overcome you when contradictory emotions and experiences come togever and intermingle till you can't separate one from next...

 Dreamin of Wimberley...
good togever times wif Family
and the kind of adventures 
what make even the me enjoy a good nap!
Too bad it not last forever!
Happy ever moment of the time I spend wif my the Mom,
Sad ever moment that life but mostly work takes her away from the me... 
I understand her responsibilities, kinda...
I did not have roof over my head in first life, however,
and only one fing was missin...
My the Mom.
Just sayin. Point made.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 726: Millin Around Tuesday!

... On a counta "we" were too busy to mill around or rather revel in our millins on Monday, because "we" had a deadline today. Whsshhhew. WE are relaxin tonight on a counta "we" do not have a nother deadline till two weeks from today, and that is two weeks a way. Just sayin.

So now I show you what happened while we were sweepin last night! Our night bloomin cereus gave us a big, beautiful bloom!
I fink... in pitchers, she look to me like fireworks. Yep, she kinda do.
I cannot express how special they seem, but they each are... and I hope you do not tire of seein em, on a counta we celebrate each bloom we are lucky enough to experience! And here she is from the side...
And now back to normal 'broadcastin' (ha)... The Mom was home at the usual time this afternoon, and me and the Bleu cannot be happier... wif the seein her, wif the timely dinners, wif the much more routine... 'routine'!
The Bleu is... ornery, still... wifout regard to gratitude for the timely and prompt any fing. It is a condition he has, and I am not the only one who say he have it. Neither is the Mom.

Even the very sweet and kind hearted Aunt Madison who love Big Boy like her own will tell you that the Bleu has got a ornery streak, big time. We all fink it is tied wif his unusual sense of humor and way of amusin heself... but some time the Bleu just play deaf!
He is really not, however, on a counta next minute he all over heself tryin to please you... He also fall for the classic "shakin berry treat bag" routine, as well as just the even very quiet words uttered, yea whispered, from the back door... "b e r r y   t r e a t s"... And the Bleu come a runnin!
As for the me, I make quick rounds of my investigations... and I'm ready to hang wif MY the Mom!
Old gal and I settle in to watch local news and, frankly, to suck some good toy [my bird in foreground; the Daisy skinny skwirrel in mouf; and my baby... aka Comet's "reindeer wif the candies for the feets" to my left]. 
I am comfy, yea relishin the Mom's free time... and I am finkin this has ALL ingredients of a perfect night! Woohooo! Factory demands do not start over again until tomorrow, so tonight we do our OWN fing... blog, vegetate, watch the tv and / or go shnooze blissfully...!

And then the FUNDER do start. And also therefore the FUNERAL MUSIC.

And I am in the BUNKER, scratchin... I'm anxious. The Mom is sad. And at some, most and/or almost all times, life's freakin variables are both unpredictable and uncontrollable.

Funder suck. Just sayin. And I'm out!