Saturday, September 13, 2008

Day 86: Ike Left A Mess

Fences is down partly on the side and all the way down the back of the yard, so looks like Luke's on a leash for a while.

Uncles James and Chuy cut the tree off my house, and me and the Mom are x-uberant (you know... happy). Aunt Monica and Cousin David helped the Mom rake and clean up the rest of the front yard.
Lookin more and more encouragin for me to proach as I start up new territories and expand my businesses.
Whole neighborhood's been out helpin each other clear yards and streets. Even the Mom... for a ole gal with a desk job, she's really pushin rake..
She even chased down the tricity man four blocks over and lured him from his designated job... with her pan of double fudge chocolate brownies. Ya see, we had a limb on the power line and he got it right off on a counta he had a sweet toof!

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