Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 590: Luke 1:37

I am much better today but I am still feelin not so very well. I am dressed in 3/4 lengf sleeve baseball t-shirt on a counta... Well, I don't know why.

The Mom, she run to the workplace to get some fings. And as she leave, she say prayer for the me not rippin my stitches open....
And you may or may not believe this... but two blocks from home, the Mom pull up behind this vehicle wif this sticker:
Luke 1:37 "For nothing is impossible with God"

My the Mom take it as a sign. A hopeful sign. And  while she still rush to the office and back, she have some small amount of peace about her. And peace there was, as me... the Luke... did nuffin but good and not bad while she was gone.

But the Bleu, he chew a hole in heself. I guess he freak a bout the Luke in a t-shirt and have scripture... and he not.

I know God is lookin out for us all. The Bleu, he know it too... he just have lapse of assurance, just as we all do from time to time.

[Me and the Mom, we are clingin to the Luke 1:37 for the pathology results. And we fank you for your prayers, your crossed paws, your foughts and well wishes.].

Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 589: Rest Work Rest Work Day

I am restin today... and my the Mom is workin from our the home today!
I am bit disappointed on a counta I fink she might be able to rest wif the me... but she break news to me that she can not. Work is very tenous right now. You got it, you be fankful for it. And you pray it come again to the morrow on a counta good chance it will not.

O Ok-the-well... I will lay down on this cold floor and suffer the consequences of her commitment to and gratitude for her the work... consequences of which, she remind me... include the roof over my head, the foods in my bowl and the berry treats at my the back door.

Gosh... I love it when she work!
Just sayin.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 588: Surgery Day

Before I get chance to lay lip over breakfast bowl, the Mom whisk me off in the trolley!

I fink at first that we are off on a very special 'Mom and Favorite Son Breakfast Adventure' (of my dreams)... but I soon figure out we are on way to doctor place, and I ain't happy!

We get there and me and the Mom we meet wif the Doctor Mark... at which time I learn that my bobo what need removin has got smaller, and at same time... I got another what need lookin over.  The Doctor Mark, he say that original tho smaller still need to go. And the new one is callous and nuffin to worry bout.

And then my the Mom hug me and say words bout me bein the good boy and then... P O O F... the Mom is gone.

If there is good fing bout this day it is that I was first to get "ectomy", and I was wakin up by bout 9am. And at 11:20, I was barkin and askin all those good folks to call my the Mom to come get the me!

And she did.
I happy to be home. I am.

And I fink the Bleu is happy to see me on a counta he ask the Mom should he check on the me, she say yes...

And he did!
My heart ain't into much of nuffin... but I want to be in same room and place as my the Mom. So this here is my "come follow me to the big bed and let's get in it" look...

And we did!
And when I get to snoozin right good, the Mom she get up and try forage snack in kitchen. She fink she sneaky and quiet enough and that I too groggy to follow the her...

But I did!
[The lump that was removed was not able to be identified. It has been sent off for analysis, and we expect the pathology report by next Friday February 5f.

I do not mean or want to burden you further, but I will appreciate your prayers and crossed paws in my regard. I am a very good boy, I promise.]

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 583: The Big Reveal!

A brief photographic overview as yesterday's episode was a cliffhanger:



And so on behalf of Whitson Herd and Wright fambilies, I step forward and lead chorus...!
"Happy birfday to the yeau...
Happy birfday to the YEAU...
Happy birfday to my the Aunt Karen...
And many the more...!!!

We love you, Aunt Karen!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 582: FRY DAY Friday... A Story About Piggy

[Title of this post is joke for the peoples who know where my the Mom has been ALL day!!! I MISS her half work day Friday today... specially our traditional shared lunch and afternoon nap!!!]

And now for The Story of Piggy...

Piggy come to live wif us by way of the Aunt Karen as Christmas gift for the Bleu.
Now, I know my Aunt Karen, and I know she understand... "What given me is mine, and what given the Bleu is also mine"... Ok, I'm just a kiddin on a counta it funny joke, but really we are good brothers what get along, and we real good bout sharin fings.
So I know when I find Piggy in the Comet chair... I feel good a bout whiskin her off!
Piggy need some good lovin. Just sayin.
Here we are on the big bed!!! 
And here we are on the floors!!! Gosh, I love Piggy so very much... but I fink I not only one who need some fing surgically (errr suckingly) removed... Piggy also need a "ectomy"!

A TAILectomy!

Just sayin.

[Now what is the pig tail concealin bout tomorrow??? Stay tuned for the big reveal!!!]

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 581: Fankful Fursday

[I am not vane or else I would not publish this pitcher... but for your edification, this one taken just seconds after yesterday's pitcher. I favor yesterday's on a counta it not wash out my face!]
I am fankful for fact I feel good and happy and fings are goin my way way WAY more than they are not!

But I also feel bad about the Bleu... Big Boy was sick at he tummy before we get up this mornin... He ate the breakfast, went frew motions on the mornin routine... chase the ball half the heartedly somewhat this evenin... 

And now, he will not eat the nuffin. The nada. The zero. And he will not drink. There is absolutely no fillin of the hump tonight.

I ask you... How can The Big Boy be so cute... and also feel so bad?

Big Boy the Bleu he feel bad... so why he muster smile??? [Beyond, you will see me and my piggy... stay tuned!]

I am sure hopin that by mornin he is knockin me down to get to some food stuffs! I'm happy to match wits wif the him on the extras... but Big Boy need to knock back his main meals on he own (on a counta my the Mom tell me it so!).
But I fink he SMILE on a counta I share my heart palpitations... my heart throbs... my ladies... the Khyra and the Merdie... and the Daisy!!!

Just sayin!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 579: Tuesday Muesday

The memory card in my camera is McFull of the Mom's work day, so I offer you this re-run photo since I have been suckin on my Christmas tree tonight! Only difference is I have plucked off all ornaments and put them a the way.

Gosh, I am handsome!

But I digress...

As I suck on toy, I am finkin... my last surgery was November 3, and I did just fine. Surely I will do just fine again... as my ouchy day has been scheduled for January 28f. I am bit nervous... no, wait... I'm not, but my the Mom IS.

From my perspective, I follow up the ouchy wif the big Wimberley weekend! And here is the me and the Bleu just chillin nine days after the ouchy day.

And below here is the Bleu and me hangin out wif the Buddy (on soft bed)! [See? Me and the Bleu do kinda like each other... in a kinda "I love ya but don't embarass me wif it" kinda way..!

It will not be long and this crisis will be behind me, I hope. I will likely have no hair left on my body, however, on a counta the Mom might just love it completely off!

I am hopin and prayin for the good results, and if you have time and room in your prayers and foughts... I appreciate the good word frown in for the me. I do.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 575: Prayers Again, Please.

My brother the Bleu was up for annual visit to the Doctor Mark and so upholdin our solidarity pact, I go along wif the him today in support...

And while I really love the Katherine (she is swell!), I got pretty upset when she take the Bleu into the back room... One, I have been back there and two, I know what happens. Free, I might be next!!! Just sayin.

I hide ever which way I can fink of... and once I sniff air outta exam room, I start on the lobby!

"Gosh, the Mom... what are they doin to the Bleu??? He been back there forever!"

"In case you forget... this is the door outta here. Follow the me!"

"I fink they take the Bleu for the long very special walk... Why don't we go catch up wif the him???"

I guess I should spend less time worryin bout where the Bleu is and more time wonderin what bout to happen to the me.

And so I must tell you.. I have lump what has arisen over the holidays... on my left arm (front leg). It is in a location where I have had noted dermatitis, and not far from one of my last surgical removals...

Doctor Mark, he feel it... and decide he take quick aspiration. I am not happy but also not uber ticked bout the procedure. The waitin for results, though, does make me nervous.

I love and I trust Doctor Mark and here is what he told me and the Mom:
  • No mast cells were seen in the slide, but that does not mean that they aren't present... it just means they weren't present in the limited needle probed area.
  • Neotrophils... inflammatory cells... were found.
  • Other unidentifiable cells were noted.
  • He was unable to identify the growth with certainty. Given the Luke's history, this lump should be removed soon... while it is small enough to be removed, as on the leg... removals are difficult.
  • He doesn't think it's a Mast Cell Tumor, or a cancer... but there is enough of an uncertainty to recommend its removal.
  • He is leaving a RX for cortizone in the event that the aspiration irritated a Mast Cell Tumor. As I well know... they get ticked off at the least little squeezin and other... so I am hopin all remains the same frew the night and the day tomorrow. Just sayin.
The surgery has not been scheduled just yet... but I ask you once more to hold me in your prayers. I know you are growin tired of prayin for the me... bu please know that my gratitude is bountiful and burstin at the seams!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 573: Surprise!!!

I fink we can all agree... Life Wif Dogs is just a bout funnest fing ever!!! Why, even I... the Luke... must set aside my macho pride and give the big props where the big props are due. That Nigel Buggers is some fing else! And bout monf ago, he have contest... he say visit the blog of  Bev B and Blue Collar Dog Treats, and identify last pitcher of this post! 

I enter... and much to my SURPRISE... I win!!! And just take a look at the beautiful package what delivered to The Wright Brothers today!!!

I quickly read a sweet note from Bev (close up pitchers the Mom took were blurry... will try to retake!)... and then quiver and snort... Let's get this open!!!

One beautiful layer off... and then there's a nother beautiful layer! Wif each off... the smell is better and better!!!

Open it up open it up open it up open it up open it up! ... Another beautiful layer!!! Check out sticker on tissue... it say 'GOOD DOG'... It almost like the Bev she know me personally! Just sayin. :o)

Oh my Dog... these treats smell HEAVENLY!!! Open it up open it up open it up open it up open it up!!! [What i would give for opposable fumbs!]

And the Bleu he is behind me sayin "Hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry"

The eagle has landed, the package is opened and I am sitting!!! ... And seconds later savorin the tastiest treat I've tasted in a L O N G time! Mmmmmmm...

And here if the Bleu, and you cannot tell but he is smackin his lips on a counta the peanut budder is just that peanut buddier!!! Mmmmmmmmmm...

And I also smack my lips and quickly sit again for "Please O Please I beg you... may I have one more Blue Collar Treat???

I fank you from bottom of my sweet heart... but really you don't have to hold me back from helpin the Bleu clean up the crumbs from he second treat... Just sayin.

My sincere fanks to the Nigel  for the contest and also to the Bev for the prize!

Any of you out there wif a peanut butter toof... I recommend the Peanut Buddier for sure but I bet they are all tasty-riffic... Blue Collar Dog Treats rock (and you can order them online at that link... Do it today!!! And please excuse the Bleu on a counta he fink they misspell he name)!!! Just sayin.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 572: I Knew Him When...

My Cousin the Mojo is just all most luckiest boy ever on a counta he the Mom is my the Aunt Lisa... what also mean my the Cousin Sidney is he brother [and he also got some kitty kat siblins what he love... Just sayin].

Sweet Boy deserve the finest and I am happy for the him, but then I find out this... The Mojo got his own taco plate!!!

Like me, the Mojo has keen appreciation for the foods and is very deservin of he own "plata"... so please do not mistake my hunger for jealousy...  but it is SO NOT RIGHT that the very perpetually hungry Cool Hand Luke does not have a taco or tamale or fajita plate named after the me.

Just sayin. And I rest my case.

[New pitchers of the Cousins Mojo and Sidney comin soon!!! Stay tuned!!!]

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 570: Close Cold Proximity

It has been extremely cold past few days and it warmin up some tiny little bit on a counta low gonna be bout 25 tonight in the Houston, Texas.

And I am wee bit warmed up on a counta I been followin the Mom durin her very busy task filled 4 hour weekend... but now I am tired.

You might note that I am in my birfday bed... you know, the one what the Bleu, he did claim for heself and I am ok wif it mostly on a counta he normally go to bed much earlier than the me!

But tonight, somehow... I beat him to it... and so he come lay down very close by...

And it hard to tell in pitcher... but the Bleu, he is usin birfday bed for the pillow.

And it is ok wif the me... I won't be here long. The heater has made fings real comfy round here... but I know tempies in here will drop soon... and I need to put the Mom to big bed!

It a tough job but someone not just anyone gotta do it and that is me and only me. Just sayin.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 569: The Deep Freeze

I do not not know what has happened wif weather lately but tempy-ture range from 19 to 28 today. And I am down wif it because...

Santa bring me really swell binky what is big and I love it. And underneaf me you will also see binky what my Aunt Dav bought for the me and I love it too! Color me content... as it is freezin cold and the Luke is the middle of a binky sammich!

And do not feel bad for the Bleu on a counta Santa bring Big Boy same binky and deliver it right to my birfday bed (what... at risk of soundin redundant... the Bleu claim for he own and I ok wif it, just sayin).

Just to put all us cuddle bunnies in perspective...

And in perspective but a little closer up... Gosh, just look... my ear has fall off the big bed!

Night Night. Pull the covers up tight!