Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day 40: The Factory Stinks!

This is the first day that there's been mostly quiet in my new home... lots of silent attention... hugs, leanings and loving... but no songs, no dances. And I know something is wrong. Not sure what it is, but the Mom is not the same.

I'm thinking the factory emitted unmannerly gases today. My bedtime story tonight will reveal...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Day 38: Golden Moments & Random Thoughts

  1. Turmoil ensued upon our return from the walk. Seems there was a 'funk' in the air... completely unrelated to me, whatsoever (thank Dog).
  2. All manner of bottles, jugs, boxes, packages and bags were hauled out from under the water well and quickly dispatched to the other side of that door I can't go out of without invitation.
  3. Mom left me behind briefly, she said, to put her head together with the Aunts and Uncles. That must have created a scene in the restaurant... five humans with their heads all together.
  4. I have an Uncle Craig in addition to my speical Aunt Karen!
  5. Uncle Tom and Aunt Madison sent me a miracle potion. Itch soothing, bo-bee curing, cool stuff. Mom lost me with her explanation, but me and Uncle T go way back and when I said to him... 'trust me in the straightways' and he did, I knew then that I could trust him too!
  6. For whatever good reason that came about, Mom and I had a laid back afternoon not totally centered around the water well or her determination that "Sweet Boy" has a BAFF.
  7. I love my back door. Most espeically because it comes with a personal doorman and boy servant!
  8. Life is good. No. Life is grreat!

Day 38: A Golden Retriever's Triathlon: All In A Morning

Walk: Rising with an outdoor temperature of 74 degrees, I quickly woofed down my breakfast foods, did a few businesses and Mom and I were off for a long walk in the nay-borhood. It's called that because I'm denied secondary businesses in other people's yards... which leads me to wonder, as I'm sure it does you... what is the point of the walk? Guessing Mom needs exercise!

Run: I ran the fences with my pals Sam and Beauregard (long name for a long, yet short fellow). Great fun, because I can watch Sam through the see-through fences. And I can see Bo in the crack below the wood fence. Gotta keep an eye on that short fellow though, cause he only runs half laps!

Bark: Rotty the Wilder and I had a vociferous exchange this morning. It was all in that "top of the mornin' to ya" kind of good fun. Didn't neither of us mean no harm nor alarm. Certainly didn't mean to wake up the entire planet, as the Mom suggested. I just think ole Rotty might be hard of hearin'.

Day 37: Wake Up Call

I rise and shine each morning at 5am. It's taken me a month to learn to sleep that extra 30 minutes. (430 am must have meant something at Aunt Melinda's!).

I'm not one who cares much for early morning businesses in the yard, so it's not my bladder that has the alarm clock.

It's my belly! And the belly must be connected to the feet, cause I dance for my breakfast every morning! And promptly each day since my arrival, the Mom has risen and attended to my morning cravings.

And now this morning, I hear grumblings from the big bed. She rubbed my head that I rested on the side of the bed, but I guess it was too dark for her to see my wagging tail. Instead of rising to my challenge, she lifted the covers, patted the bed and urged me into her cocoon.

I didn't buy it. No way. But I did figure out how to get her up...

Drop my big bones down loudly on the hardwood floors... and siiiiiiiiiiigh!

She was up in a flash.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Day 36: Finally Friday!

Ooooooooo! I love me some Friday! ...Mom home early, a little burger for lunch, an hour of JDY, some squirrel clearing and loving galore! It don't get better than that! Well, not until Saturday, anyway!

I lolled my way through this fine afternoon of sunshine, going out, coming in, going out, coming in. Repeat. Had a fine, albeit
rectangular treat as a mid-afternoon snack, and I truly thought we were going to ease our way into a quiet, carefree evening.

And then out came the
goop tube. Let me say, there's not much kind of Mom's attention that I don't relish. And I ain't lied to you yet, so I won't start now... I hate the goob tube. I will not sit. I will not stand. I will not lie down with my back up.

But I DO SO ENJOY a rasslin' match! And we had one today!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Day 35: Has It Been That Long?

I suddenly realized a couple of nights ago...


I've grown so comfortable here... with the pace, the schedule, the goings on.

There's a skip in my step that hasn't been there.

And there's a good balance between activity and peace. It's all pretty much predictable in that good 'I need stability' sort of way, and it suits me.

Of course, my Mom IS a social giant... so there's been that to deal with. Heh heh heh heh heh... Sometimes I make my own self laugh!

Day 35: Rumblings

It rumbled this morning.
I hopped on the bed and laid really still.
I was alone all day and did Dog knows what...
It rumbled at 5pm.
I got up, looked at Mom, and laid back down on the floor.
It rumbled at 53opm while I was outside sprinkling the yard.
I returned to the patio and stood by Mom.
I was not frantic in the least.
And I haven't had a pill pocket (1.5 mg Ace) since 5am!
I like to think I'm a brave boy!
- - - - -
Made lots of memories lately,scratched em out on paper...
and I'm itching to get them online!
In the next couple of weeks, I'll be blogging in both real time and filling in the blanks.
If it's confusing for you, imagine how I've felt this last eleven months!
Come back soon! Tread through ALL the posts!
It will be worth the wade!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day 34: Whoa Dolly!

Woken up early to little flickers of light.
Outside, breakfast and a pill pocket at 430am.
Thunder rumbled.Jammed my nose in Mom's thigh.
Scratched at the floor. Mom said "NO".
Hopped on the bed. Hopped off the bed.
Entered the bunker. We fell back asleep.
Whoa, Dolly!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day 33: The Luke Wing

Sounds prophetic... "Day 33"... like something big should happen:

  1. Typical rise, shine and breakfasts.
  2. Sprinkled the lawn and had a nice poop.
  3. Discovery of a pair of sites by PC (the poop checker, aka Mom in previous posts), who had a frantic reaction... bagging it and placing phone calls. I thought a pair was better than one, but maybe she expected more...
  4. Pill pocket "to protect me from the devil within".
  5. Long drowsy day with PC in some all day eating, or meeting or some such thing...
  6. Quickly danced to the out of doors when PC returned.
  7. Fitted for a harness... and belted to the car seat? Hey! Who's idea was this???
  8. Amazingly brisk car trip at 4pm. Guess it WAS rush hour.
  9. Ice cold spring water in a bowl in the car... aaaahhhhhhhhhh.
  10. Whoa! Who's idea was it to go BACK to the doctor's office??? I mean, they're great people, and I love em... but twice in a month makes for good relations; thrice is pushing the limits of friendships.
  11. Smelled cats.
  12. Wanted their toys.
  13. Within PC is an endless number of questions, some born of a pair of noya, if you ask me.
  14. Nurse Leslie gave me a wad of cat food. She'd like to think she fooled me, but I know there was treats inside.
  15. Sweet gal cleaned my tail, too. Tried to show her how well I could do it myself... but she insisted.
  16. PC paid the bill and there was a discussion of their opening "The Luke Wing" in the near, near future.
  17. Wow... my OWN wing! I always wanted to fly. Thought I'd need a pair of em to do that, though.
  18. 5pm. Guess we weren't in such a RUSH to get home. Got bored and laid down in the back seat, evidently exactly like good boys do.
  19. Arrived back home all in the same day.
  20. Sprinted around in the back yard. Ate some foods, drank some waters, and did it again.
  21. Watched tv about some Dolly. Guess there's some concern about whether...
  22. Now I'm just hanging with PC, who is also an excellent HR (head rubber).

Monday, July 21, 2008

Day 32: Evening 'Action' in the Kitchen

This day will be forever known as the day I discovered that a pot of spaghetti can be cooked atop the grilled cheese sandwich toaster / pizza oven.

I’m not accustomed to working for my board, but standing (ok, laying...) guard over a pot of spaghetti is a worthy cause.

Which brings me to another discovery...

Spaghetti! Who knew it tasted so good! Nothing inspires a high chin and a youthful two step quite like a plate of it!

Day 32: Devil Made Me Do It!

I licked the scab off my tail this afternoon. I did.

I would like to say that a wild pack of dingos broke in and chewed my tail until I cried for mercy... but there's no way I can explain why the alarm didn't go off.

So I admit it. I sowwy!

Can I make up for it with dashing figure 8's, grass cologne and a LuLu smile?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Day 31: A Typical Sunday In the Life of a Happy Golden Retriever

  1. Exchanged Anniversary greetings.
  2. Enjoyed tasty two part breakfast (cause someone around here thinks I eat too fast) and good quality time in the back yard.
  3. Danced for joy at the opportunity for a car ride!
  4. Can you believe that people would just willingly pass their tasty breakfast foods to you... while you wait right there in the car???! I gotta learn to drive!
  5. Bacon is good!
  6. Interrupted good poop to chase a squirrel out of the yard.
  7. Sadly turned down fun play date with Aunt Dav because Mom had to do chores.
  8. Sat by the door and watched Mom go in and out with alternate loads of dirty and clean clothes. She likes to think she's teaching me not to bolt through a door, and I humor her... but secretly, I'm thinking... that's one chore I never want to learn to do!
  9. Took what Mom calls a half bath, or a cheater's bath. Rub me on one side... I'll roll over for my belly, and then the other side! Can't help but follow up with a bit of grass cologne!
  10. Went a few more rounds with 'Dyson'. My tactic? Enter the room behind him... that way you you're never cornered.
  11. Sprinkler system sounds suspiciously like a storm. BUNKER!
  12. Some celebrate anniversaries with cake. I celebrated with the YUMMIEST of cookies!
  13. I've come to judge a day by the way it ends... and this one ended with perfectly, with a long walk through the neighborhood... and a bedtime story whispered in my ear.

Day 31: Our One Month Anniversary

Time flies when you're in the Wright place!

And by the calendar,Today is our One Month Anniversary!
(can hardly believe how non-committal I was back then!)

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Day 30: Tails From The Dog Show

It being Saturday, and all, I expected a leisurely breakfast, a mid-morning walk and some serious belly rubbing.

Things didn't quite go my way, but looking back on the day... I'm glad! Ya see... Mom and Aunt Dav went to the
Whirl Cereal of Dog Shows, and turns out... that's a really good place.

Seems Mom finally met up with my Uncle Tom, who had a few stories to tell her about me. I hadn't told Mom about the riotous good time we had together in the car or our man-to-good boy chats. But I'm glad she knows now.

I look back on that trip as the day Lucky Luke was born again!

I didn't want Mom to leave me this morning, but it's given us another way to connect. I love me some Uncle Tom, Aunt Madison and Aunt Karen... and Mom does too!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Day 29: Cookie Monster

One of the only good reasons I can think of for Mom to leave me home alone on a Friday afternoon is to...

Go get me more of these cookies!

Make me wanna dance in that ole James Brown 'I feel good' kinda way!

Homemade by my Aunt Elaine (got one of those gold thumbs in the kichen, ya'all) at
Golden Retriever Rescue of Houston, I suggest you try the beef... thin and tasty! Chickchick and turkturk are good, too, though. Mom takes a whiff ever time she gives me one... Some rasslin' may be in our future!

Look em up and buy some cookies at their next event. Use the code name "COOL HAND LUKE" for, well... not a special discount... but maybe a little special attention!

(Mom better remember to push those further back on the counter!)

Day 29: Mom Meets MY Kin!

This being a ruff week of pill pockets and itchies that I've been too drowsy to scratch...

I won't deny that I was looking forward to an afernoon of Judge David Young, Divorce Court and Uncle, I mean Dr. Phil... all of whom I've grown accustomed to spending Friday afternoons with at this extended summer camp / forever home.

So, when Mom put on the different clothes, I was disturbed until she told me that she was going to meet my Aunts Karen and Madison.

And I thought, well, can't I come too? But Mom explained that she was going to a place that helps
girls and boys in need... find a good home...

And I thought... 'Nope, that ain't me! Found one! Thank you very much!'

That confidence aside, in my lowered head and tail... I expressed my hope... please, let my kin remember and think fondly of me.

And Mom returned joyous and bearing gifts and stories.

'We are not alone.Our peoples get us'.

And by 'peoples', she meant MY kin!

I love my new 'AK Baby' and I put her to my bed tonight.
She smells like love!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Day 19: Random Thoughts

Before I retire...
  1. Get to go to see Doc tomorrow. Yip-pee.
  2. Bactine on my butt makes me sneeze out my nose.
  3. Benny-drill makes me very sweeee...... pee.

Day 19: I Had A Itch (X Rated)

Mom's first words were... "What the hail did you do to your tail?!"

I approached her slowly, a little embarassed... and frankly, frantically scrolling through the roll-over-dex in my big brain, trying to come up with the perfect story.

I thought... it got caught in a bear trap... no, there's none of those around here. No, wait... a band of gypsies lured me to the circus on a bicycle and my tail got caught in the spokes...

But then, I just gulped... looked up at her with my pitiful eyes (you gotta practice that look in the mirrors)... and I confessed.

"I had a itch."

Monday, July 7, 2008

Day 18: What Doin'?

The Mom and I enjoyed a nice long walk tonight. One of the things I love about our walks is that they're filled with "good boy"s, "love ya Luke"s... and songs!

My second favorite song she sings goes like this...

What doin Mistah Boy, Mistah Boy, Mistah Boy...
What doin Mistah Luke, Mistah Luke, Mistah Luke...

What doin Mistah Boy, Mistah Boy, Mistah Boy...
What doin Mistah Luke, Mistah Luke, Mistah Luke...


(the answer... obviously... is SCRATCHIN AND CHEWIN)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Day 17: Grandpa's Birthday And LuLu's Got A Song!

The Mom's been kinda quiet today, but she's told me a few stories bout my Grandpa who she said would love me till no end. Said she wished more than anything he was here today to revel in me and me in him. I think he must be pretty special.

She given me this new song some days ago, but she singin it today maybe to cheer her ownself up or maybe to channel Grandpa's fun nature:
[sung to the tune of "Who Let The Dogs Out:]:

Who is a good boy?
Luke, Luke, Luke, Luke, Luke...

Luke is a good boy!
Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof...

He's a really good boy!
Luke, Luke, Luke, Luke, Luke!

It's great fun to hear my song, and I like to rest my chin on the Mom's leg when I hear it!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Day 15: First Date On The Fourth

Ahem... :::paw lick paw lick::: Well, well, well...

Had me my first date today. FINE looking gal named Shiner (SBBBBERT), came over and scoped out my yard... as well as my immaculate and manly undercarriage and the fan of my tail.

Don't worry. I returned the favor... well, with the exception of the tail part. If I may say so... she's lovely without one.
She's a beautiful girl, don't you think???! Sweet nose, perky ears and smile that makes your tail wag... and believe you me, I've got one!

Me and Shiney were highly chaperoned, and while we played it totally cool on this hot, hot day... the sparklers were definitely lit... if you know what I mean!

I'm surprised Aunt Marti and the Mom (and it's a shame) didn't whip out cameras. They were as proud of the two of us as if it was a prom date!!!

(Don't go calling the Ginnis Book... Ain't no snowball's chance in hell that this photo was taken today!).

The only embarassing incident of the day, if you don't count the sniffing poop like a snowcone incident... was when it started to thunder. I mean, I'm a BMIY (big man in yard) to a point. Thunder, and put my testosterone in the drawer. I'm going in.

Great thing about my Shiner, though, is... she doesn't like it either. She followed me right in the door. The Moms yacked over who knows what, and we... well... slipped away to the cool floors.

I'll defend her reputation to the end of time, but Shiner and I... we slept together. Yes, on the first date. How lucky is Luke?!

For once, I thank thunder!

Day 15: Happy Fourth of July!

Independence is great, definitely worth the patience, the sacrifice and the wait.

Of course, I feel that way about dependence, too. You can't quite 'preciate depending on something... good OR bad, until you can't depend on anything... not steady, anyways.

So, ole Cool Hand's having a moment of reflection today...

And I think I might just have outlasted the odds and found myself in one doodle-dandiest of situations... because I suddenly find myself with plenty of both.

On the front paws, I'm free to mill about this place at my own leisure or sport. Independence is good. Sure, certain things are expected of me, but they ain't bad or unreasonable things. Most are for what the Mom calls my own safe tee (whatever that is).

And then again on the hind paws, I've got a place and a people I can depend on like the clockworks. The people (aka the Mom) is good about providing the things I most depend on, like opening the door BOTH ways. And that's more important to me than the regular and tasty foods in a clean bowl!

So, I'm celebrating them both, today. Happy Independence AND Dependence Day, ya'all!