Friday, September 19, 2008

A Rescued Golden Retriever's Poem: Things I've Learned From Hurricane Ike

There's things I've learned from the Hurricane Ike.
There's things I really do and do not like.

Life's not so much measured by staying hot
As by being grateful for all the sweet things you got.

It's hard to beat a feeling of security and protection
But if anything does, it's a flood of affection.

There's two sides to stalwart detention
And mine now comes slathered in attention.

I know for me, the Mom is looking out,
So when I'm told "no", I no longer pout.

In all the many ways that I've been included
The magnitude of her love for me is exuded.

I'm finally blessed with the life I deserve
Comforts and conditions Mom fights hard to preserve.

The past is now far, far, far in the past
And I've come to know true love... at last!

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