Thursday, September 18, 2008

Things For A Golden Retriever To Do After A Hurricane When He's Bored

  1. Instigate a barker... and walk away.
  2. Lick this morning's pnut butter off your paw.
  3. Snap at flies.
  4. Step out on a leash to check the mail.
  5. Patrol the perimeter.
  6. Watch the neighbors through a not hole in the fence. (why is it called a not hole when it so obviously is one?).
  7. foil photo ops.
  8. eat a chip of cie.
  9. find a new place to lay.
  10. roominate.
  11. beg for dinner early. hey... the clocks aren't workin!
  12. sit for a pnut.
  13. rattle the last few carrots outta Kongy.
  14. attempt to p on a dock-son's nose.
  15. Make a list of stuff you think about.

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