Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Day 89: Lifelines... Just In Time!

Aunt Susan and Uncle Mike given us a hot pink lifeline, and now we got the colorful tv, a fan and the poor fishes got their filter running again!

Mrs. M brought us a bag of much needed ice as we was slap out, and she said she wished she could put a bow around it. The Mom was so happy I thought she was gonna spring tears again.

I can't claim to understand, but just from watchin the Mom... I think it must be overwhelmin to reduce your foodstuffs to a tiny box on the back porch and then not be able to find enough frozen waters to keep it good.

Then again... the Mom says there's those that got no tiny box nor back porch to put it on, so see...

Luke is lucky. And so is his Mom. Even though the stress sometimes gets you to thinking you're not.

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