Friday, September 12, 2008

Day 85: Blog You A.I.!

Watched the Mom:

Drag in 13 gallons of Ozarka water and put it by my placemat.

Move the rest of the outdoors indoors.

Cook a pan of double fudge chocolate brownies and not give me any.

Line up bat-trees and flashlights in the den.

Strategically locate small tv, lantern, flashlight, weather radio, waters and pill products.

Vacuum the floors.

Make a plush floor pallet.

Now the phone is ringin and ringin... and the Mom is talkin and talkin.

\I think we should be printin my master pieces, but the Mom bein both tard and talkative, we are not. Hope that don't bite us on the butt on the 20th like the bear that bit mine...

Lights blinked once hard and now she's makin me shut down!!!!

Blog you A.I. (after Ike)! Till then... A Doo!

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