Saturday, September 26, 2009

Day 464: More The Mom Birfday Celebration!

Ok well the proverbial cat is out of the bag... now that the Aunts Karen and Madison and the Uncles Craig and Tom have gathered and carried out the big birfday surprise upon the Mom!

And here is very best part of surprise... sweet portrait of someone you know and very much love love LOVE!!!

I'm lookin and finkin... "wow, this portrait is of real handsome boy... just sayin".
Huh???... What??? You think it resemble me???
Well... it IS a handsome portrait... And the fur on the ears DOES flip in that really way cool way... I guess I'll leave it to the Mom to decide if it tugs her heart strings, just like I do...

O... And then there was this other part of the birfday surprise. And I guess it posed to be the Bleu. Ok, I tryin real hard to pretend it not the spittin image of his boaf self and he personality. But I give! I cannot look at this portrait one more time wifout grinnin... on a counta it capture so much of the Bleu!

Why... just look at him! Even the Bleu finds the resemblance funny!!!

This birfday surprise is really special and encompasses all we boys are to her... in all the special ways!
It's hard to know what makes her happier... her boys, portraits of her boys... or loved ones who were thoughtful enough to seek protraits of her boys! I believe it's a three-way tie! The Mom is in love wif us all!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Day 463: GRRH Work

Just two fings get between me and my bloggin and they are storms and also GRRH work, and they have been boaf too plentiful lately!

For the example, this afternoon and tonight the Mom is workin on new sletter. I do not claim to understand what a sletter is whever be new or old, but on list of fings to include was GRRH's new rescue t-shirts... and she decide the Bleu would be good model!

Now, I have to tell you... In life there are fings what you simply must stand firmly against and one is when your brother gets all attention.

And so I do. Just sayin.

Then the Mom completely miss understand my protest, and next fing I know, t-shirt is bein put on me... and I willin subject over the head and frew one arm, but arm number teu and I draw line wif the growl. Now... the Mom understand my growl and it not aggressive but just expressive. More time than not, it mean I love my slippers fank you very much back off... but today it mean: "I draw line wif the t-shirt wearin at arm number teu!"

For sake of clarity, here is basic Life Rule... The Bleu should not get more attention than the me.

The Mom not pick up on the clarity, but pick up on the protest real good... so she drape t-shirt over my back for photo shoot and wah-lah:

More on the t-shirt later and whever or not our eever of pitchers make it into the sletter!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 457: Fun Birfday Stuffs

So one week ago today on what was few days before the Mom's humongous birfday... she left outta here to go meet my (and ok, the Bleu's) very special Aunt Dav. I was none to happy bout her leavin, but just look what she brought back!

Now, please understand how hard it was on the Luke to keep big day a secret... but because the Mom is not her comfiest when in lime of the light, I did.

So now boaf proverbial cat and also really swell presents is outta this bag! It is a LOT and I check it out!

[And now I must ask you for your code of the silence, on a counta the Mom say I absolutely cannot share these next few pitchers wif the you... cause the need to be folded laundry is in the "laundry chair"... so I beg you, shhhhhhhh...]

And here come my partner in the investigation... the Bleu! He wonder teu... what is all stuff in big bag???

And now it has beed laid out, and we continue our forough investigation.

And know what it is??? It is all manner of fun fings wif me and the Bleu's caricature on it! Here it is on tote bag!

But it is also on a mouse pad, tea towel, pillow case and a t-shirt! See??? It look just like original drawin what the Mom frame today!

And now I just offer you closer up of the frame image on a counta... well, I just look so swell!

My Aunt Dav, in addition to bein my special Aunt... she also be most specialest of sister to the Mom. My the Mom say they go way back a bout ahem years and that is a lot. And I say that to say this... she all ways know how to make the Mom feel good and happy! Mine and the Mom's and also the Bleu's fanks to the Aunt Dav... your gift could notta been any more perfect!

Now... you might fink that is all that was in bag wif the cat... but it is not! I save coolest fing for another very important post! For now I just say it is sumfin that me and the Mom have wanted very much for bout a year and a week... Fank you, Uncle Benj!
P.S. Part of cat bein out of bag is the Mom wore her new t-shirt to the GRRH Meet-n-Greet today. And I (and ok, the Bleu) was a hit on a counta ever body love the shirt! I am happy to hear it on a counta now my Christmas shoppin is now one stop!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Day 456: MooMoo For The Mom

I know you be wonderin what me and the Bleu given the Mom for her the most auspicous anniversary of her ahemth birf!

Me and the Bleu, we not agree on who get to present her wif gift... and refuse to put our heads together photographicaly speakin (but not otherwise) and so age and beauty RULE over age and beuaty and I present first!
The Bleu question "age and beauty" order but he not too mad as he is all ways go long get a long brother, and he now ok wif the order...
Specially since he get first dibs on...

"Happy Birfday to the Mom!!! Please accept this MooMoo as lovin token or our devotion and never endin love!!!"
And first chance I get, I go to suckin...

And now it is time to take the Mom and her birfday gift to the sweepin time... so I move the MooMoo to the pillows (since pillows are the Mom's most favorite place for the head)!
And I nestle in to make sure the Mom's gift does not get lost among the clicker and telephone. Noble deed I do. Just sayin.
This also pretty comfy side of the big bed... will stay here for short while, and then leave the MooMoo to sweep wif the Mom in big bed! Just sayin.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 455: Finkin Fursday...

Today I am still finkin about the last night. Do not pass out for fear I have fifty foughts on a counta a I do not... just a few. I was happy and content to forego my nightly frog and flyin squirrel hunt and just hang wif the Mom and her whim!
Not far from my foughts however was the big celophane fing she brought home!
Lo and behole on the inside of super surprise gift from the Aunt Dav (the Mom vvvbff friend for ahem years)... just you look what was on the inside! You will count free Golden Retriever cookes... what are me and the Bleu... and the Comet, she is up top, overseein the all!
I make no secret how I feel a bout the celophane crinkle sound... it like you callin my name. What the Mom not expect however was the ginormous.... ::::poooooof:::: of cookie store smell what burst into our home airs! I mean to tell you they smell right outta the oven!
And the Mom she call me "down" off the table edge just because I fought surely cookies for the me! But I guess when she say "down" I immediately fought look down for what has must certainly fell on the floors!
Do not misjudge my smile on a counta I exercisin faux paws of the strengf right now! I know my the Aunt Dav and I know these cookies be the mine (ok... to share wif the Mom)!
I wish you have smell-o-compy but you do not, so just to prove the enormous cookie aroma... her come the Bleu wheu forget he a feared of the tile floors!
And big fun don't stop there! The Mom share a love of the cupcakes and my Uncle Alex sent her home wif a red velvet one wif the yummy icing and I tell the you... it smell goooood gooood gooood!
And I am pretty darn sure the Uncle Alex intend 50/50 split (sorry the Bleu, but it got dairy).

Candle lit and the Mom make wish.
I look to her for two reasons. (1) I wonder what she be wishin. She does not share but I can guess. If I read her mind, it be sayin "all parties... longevity". And most importantly, (2) though I stand by wif the water bowl at paw reach... I fink please blow the fire out soon and let's eat!
Me and the Mom just now, we share real wonderful moment. We just "be"... for many minutes. In silence, all while she stroke my cow licked furs... and I lean harder and harder into the her... until she finally break silence wif the sweet nuffins and incredible sumfins. Sum time I fink "nip myself Luke, I am dreamin"...

And now before the Mom catch wind of Luke sharin... I offer you first in series I entitle "THAT my the Mom!"
I fink we definitely resemble one to the other! Just sayin.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 454: Shhhhh... Or I Be In Deep Trouble!

Ok, this be my the Mom's Birfday... and while conditions be much better than last year it still be somewhat sensitive subject...

While she at factry today... I dug up these images most of which are chiseled in stone and very hard to scan but I did my the best and now I will share them wif the you but please to be the shhhhhhhh!

Personally, I fink we favor one the other... what do you fink?

And here she is wif her the Mom in October, year ahem. Gosh she misses her the Mom!
And here she is wif her the Daddy... She be apple of his eye, his sunrise and sunset... all ways. He call her this day ever year for all years they share life, promptly at 720am... the time of her birf. She have teary moment today that time on a counta she finkin about all ways he shape her... and bless her life...
This not birfday pitcher but kinda fun on a counta good pitcher of her the Mom and also she standin up. Free foughts... (1) Grasses sure need mowin!; (2) Gosh, they sure drive a old old OLD trolley!; and (3) that house sure like this the one!
Birfday pitcher pretty much explain itself. Doll cake... hmmmmm.
This here among first in series of the Mom pitchers which I entitle... "Whut"... on a counta that is look on her the face.
Love my rockin horse but... "Whut... am I posed to do wif this doll baby?... Just sayin."
Now this is the Mom I know and love! And it clear she love her new wheels!
Guessin she was never big fan of the birfday parties nor bein center of a tention. Just a educated guess. Just sayin.
This look to me say "Why is it my birfday and party... and ever body but me playin wif all my stuff. O and please to the Mike don't kick a hole in my drum kit!" (which he did). Or I could be wrong... just guessin.
Party over and she get best gift ever from her the Daddy... though the Mom's Mom (and grandmoms) still be dressin the her.
And I close out SHHHHHHHHH... pitcher retrospective wif the one last "Whut" photo...
Special fank you to the Khyra who give me boaf idea and also guts to dig frew my the Mom's deep dark secret archives... and reveal the them!

Day 454: 50 Ways To Tell The Mom I Love Her!

When come to the Mom and love... I boaf knows it and shows it!

And for whatever and also various and sundry reason, I am moved this day to offer you stream of conscience exercise what are first 50 ways I tell the Mom I love her...

  1. Hop on big bed at 430 am for the cuddlin.

  2. Put her to big bed... when ever she is ready.

  3. Dance!

  4. Come when called.

  5. Come most especially when my brother is called.

  6. Bring her my favorite toy.

  7. Smile... big and often.

  8. Kiss her just ever so often. And subtly.

  9. Lean into her.

  10. Give her my belly.

  11. Put head in her lap.

  12. Put head on her shoulder (in big bed).

  13. Lay a cross her (try avoid bladder).

  14. Follow her from room to room.

  15. Rest patiently in room of her choosin.

  16. Greet her happily at door... all ways.

  17. Party when trolley primed and leash presented!

  18. Present her wif the yard bounty.

  19. Lie by in side of door when she's out of it.

  20. Hold mattress down when she change the sheets.

  21. Don't make a break for "it".

  22. Guard her perimeter. Never know.

  23. Be patient and generous when come to her GRRH work.

  24. Request bed time story... maybe two!

  25. Snuggle extra close on a counta the cool airs, we got em this year!

  26. Share limelight wif the Bleu and it ok on a counta we boaf know she love us more.

  27. Provide inspiration for new song or sayin!

  28. Honor her & our relationship wif blog from time to time.

  29. Be easy... sum times.

  30. Be difficult sum times... on a counta it fodder for love, trust & understandin.

  31. Get in swimmin pool wif the her... sum fing she really want!

  32. Stay up late... go to bed early... her whim not so much matter to the Luke.

  33. Do businesses in the rain... out of love.

  34. Cooperate wif photo shoots, to best of a bility.

  35. Be brave boy, or at least try...

  36. Support her sneaky snack habits by being quiet, too...

  37. Tolerate her goins.

  38. Celebrate her comins!

  39. Accept gifts with enfusiasm!

  40. Be all ways willin escort.

  41. Show appreciation for toys by displayin em all over floors & big bed!

  42. Duck between her legs when she need the protection.

  43. Allow her to receive pizza frew front door.

  44. Sigh deeply when she iron cloves.

  45. Help her drive trolley.

  46. Help her find eye glasses... all ways, multitudinous x per day.

  47. Help her find door when we are out & a bout & I am ready for home.

  48. Melt under brush to make her feel good.

  49. Behave when the Bleu, he will not.

  50. And last but not least... clean up the Bleu burps, so she does not have to!