Monday, September 22, 2008

Day 95: The Power Of The Cheeto!

Took a nap by cool airs to detect if the carbon man detector was gonna speak to me again.

Spent some time out front and watched a squirrel come down the tree and frolick in the grasses not ten feet away from me. Thought he must be crazy so I "leaved it".

Visited with Aunt Monica and Uncle Oscar, and that was fun. Aunt Monica shared her cheetos wif me and Uncle Oscar held my string while the mail lady talked to the Mom.

Which reminds me of something I find curious... the mail lady is terrified of sweet ole Luke. I won't take it personally as she seems like a nice woman and I never even ever barked at her. Gotta assume somebody done her wrong one day...

Aunt Dav and Uncle Benjy talked the Mom in off the proverbial ledge, and then we went on a long and fruitful (wink) walk.

Our loud thing is working hard to drown out ever body else's loud thing and cool airs are blowin.

The sounds bother me a lot, so I was happy journaling in the bunker on the cool floors... but the Mom brought in a bag of cheetos. Suddenly the big bed seems most inviting!

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