Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Golden Retriever's 18 Least Favorite Things About a Hurricane

  1. The actual hurricane itself.
  2. Flooded back yard.
  3. Fences down.
  4. The Mom cleaning up outside wif me in of doors.
  5. Airs not so cool to down right sticky and hot.
  6. Tree down and fillin my front yard.
  7. Way messed up yard.
  8. Long limp grasses.
  9. Expectations I might poop on a string close to home.
  10. No internet.
  11. It's loud outside. Can even hear it inside.
  12. Sneezing.
  13. Outside stuff inside.
  14. Cords all over the floors.
  15. Not enough BIG meals to hustle.
  16. Carbon monoxide.
  17. Watching the Mom's adrenalyn fade to weariness.
  18. Dude... it's DARK outside!

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