Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day 558: We Are Puzzled...

We often are. Just sayin. But this time, we are for real, and the Mom has been hoverin over the card table for a while... And here is puzzle solved!

In the case you cannot see... it is the me and the Bleu and also the Mom!

Now I tell you... one of my the Mom's most favoritest fings is jigsaw puzzles, and workin on em is in top five fings what she find relaxin and fun (sad, I know). And what better compositional subject to be workin toward... than the me??? (ok and also the Bleu who is broad side in pitcher! S-Aunta Karen really surprise us wif this one!)!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Day 554: Christmas Night, Part Two

My the Mom has been gone for a longer than while I am happy wif today but in end... it is small price to pay for what great gift she come back wif! And it is from the Cousin Lovey!

I don't know why the Bleu intimated by it... I all up in it! And it is gooooood!!!

It is lanky and soft and plushy f
F-elant and G-Raff and some chewy fings! And I get somewhat carried away wif the treasures...

I pull em off on the floors... and troof be tole I want em boaf.

The Mom she let the Bleu pick toy he want... and he pick G. So here I am wif the F!!!

Day 554: Christmas Night, Part One

I will start by sayin... Ever body need a the Aunt Karen(!) on a counta she know how to drive the Cousins Rizzi and Zeke a round to buy presents! And I happy it is Christmas night and we get to tear frew mine!

And lo and behole,  they was all kinda good stuff in my box, includin a rouse a ri-naws-er-us, a single head reindeer, a two headed reindeer, some delicious cookies and a tasty bone(!) but my nose first go to the most awesomest Wright Brothers bi-plane I ever did see!!!

And on very special fing what touch the Mom... is the book by Trixie Koontz what is titled "Christmas is Good!". (You see... Comet was first to introduce the Mom to Trixie... and well, you know...).

I took off wif my bi-plane, and here is good pitcher of ever fing else!

Now since I am actually postin this some several weeks later... I am kinda embarassed that I just rip my present open wifout stoppin to admire just exactly how pretty it was on the outside... but you know the Bleu. He kinda special. And he insist that the Mom photograph his present and here it is.

I have to say the paper is awesome... wif the reindeers sippin rooster tails what peer to be the margaritas. You are prolly wonderin how I know what that looks like and I ain't sayin... but I digress.

First... I never ever have been given a rapped present. And second, even if I had... it would never have been so beautiful as this one! Mine was equally gorgeous... but it had a green bow (and the green tissue) on a counta that's MY color!The Bleu's of course is bleu. Go figure... and I just sorry this pitcher don't come close to doin justice!

Now here is the Bleu as he is openin his box! He is happy bout many fings right now... a mong em is fact that I the Luke have been locked in the bedroom so he can enjoy he gift... and he do!

I will let him post he pitchers on he own blog... but I end wif this...

He got he own blue aero-plane!!! It a fighter jet wif big eyeballs what I gonna pluck off at my earliest opportunity, I promise.  

[Fings have been kinda busy kinda hectic lately so I will be fillin in some dates in my blog diary... Sorry if it confusin for the you... I just got lotsa pitchers and paw-written notes and just now the time to post them here!]

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Day 553: Christmas Eve Evenin!

Many times in past five hunnerd and fifty-free days, I have fought to myself... I fink Santa and the Mrs Claus... walks amongst us. And I am pretty sure I have figured out their true identities!

Just sayin, but I digress on a counta a package has been delivered here wee bit short of official "landin"... While the Bleu, he may be askin "can I?"... I am sayin "I cannot wait!!!"!

So open it we did... and out come super swell toys what I cannot wait to get hold of!!!!!

And the Bleu... he close he eyes and pray I don't hog toys... and I offended on a counta I don't know where he get that kinda idea. Cause what the he and perhaps you have heard about me is simply not true. Just sayin.

And here the Bleu is finkin "O Luke please hurry up and pick one so I can have other! I do not care which one a counta I am lovin them the boaf!"...

But I am finkin... Gosh, Chubby Santa Elf have nose and ears and ball on cap and very frankly... shoes what surely need plucked off! And then there is the lanky bleu bunny and you know how I love the lanky toys on a counta... ahem... best suckin!

I am in a quandary or this is a conundrum. Or boaf.

Day 553: Christmas Eve Photos... Shoot!

Merry Christmas Eve to all of you, my very Special Friends and Fambily!

All in all, I love Christmas time... most especially of which, I love havin my the Mom home many days in a row and least of which is the Christmas pitchers if you recall from last year wif the hats of Christmas! I'll share this year's hat pitchers wif you later, but for now... I offer you the semi-official by the tree photos!

And here a nother one of me just lookin slightly happier bout the ordeal! And yes, there was a berry treat involved!!!

All boy o boy did we find out somefin about the Bleu... Well, we know Big Boy is pretty much afeared of he own shadow... but he also terrified of Christmas tree! It took the Mom bout twenty minutes to get him this close to it. She keep tryin to lure him there wif the berry treats, and I kept hoppin in to eat em for him... till finally the Mom show me squirrels in the yard!

Since we such good boys and finally pose... the Mom let us pick between a Santa and Christmas Tree toys! And when offered to us, the Bleu make really wise decision and say "O please the Luke, pick first" and so I did!

And o how I love my Christmas tree! It play some kinda song but I not care bout that so much! Very best fing is all its many fuzzy ornaments I can hardly wait to pluck off!

O yeah... this tree makes up for all the hats and posin for pitchers I've done all year!!!

And here is the Bleu wif he Santa. He look sad but really he is just recouperatin from the horrific experience of gettin near the tree. Well, that and he hopin the Mom don't notice he outta he e-collar cone!

The Bleu is good brother... he is. Come day after Christmas, he will have been here one whole year! He come for sleepover on December 26, 2008... and Big Boy never left! More on all of that in a few days!!!

From me and the Mom and also the Bleu (of course)...
We Wish You
Love, Peace, Happiness... True Contentment
and a
Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day 546: 156 Golden Retrievers... And Then Some More

Ahem... I am the Luke! And I am one very special boy to my the Mom!

Two of my mainest fings what I love to do... is blog and just be bout firteen inches from my the Mom!

And over course of last few monfs, I have done less and less of former and more and more of latter on a counta the Mom, she hog compy... and now I tell you great big reason why:

Golden Retriever Rescue of Houston

It morally horrific that there is need for dog rescue at all... ever! But now economy in dumper, and fings are even worser than ever. Between extreme number of shelter rescues (what is GRRH priority) and barrage of owner surrenders, it is HUGE year for intake... and then sadly, slower year for adoptions...

I relate to ALL those pups on a counta I was owner surrender who ALSO spend 8 monfs wif Fuzzy Friends of Waco before the GRRH find me... so you gotta know I want to help any which way I can!!! This some time mean posin for the pitchers, turnin over some of my a llowance... but mostly it mean givin of my the Mom's time (my least favorite donation).

You see... my the Mom "keep" the website for GRRH, and it is tedious, detailed, an abundance of time consumin work and truly you have NO idea how much time I spend at her feet. 

The past few monfs have been... well, I don't fink "overwhelmin" even begins to describe em. It has been a real struggle to make any progress whatsoever, as the availables page is terribly out of date by time (20+ hours work) it is reassembled and republished.

My the Mom is not well wif lettin ANY one down, particularly a Golden in need... but most especially the me (and also the Bleu, of course)...!!! She haul a coupla ton o guilt round here, between GRRH and what GRRH take away from our fambily time...

And all this... is what keep me from bloggin and readin and commentin on my good and treasured friends' bloggies... on a counta the Mom fink we should do other fings what don't involve compy!

Now as for me, I dream we can find some one or two or free to help wif the GRRH website!

Life is about balance. Time is precious. No body understand that more than the Luke. And Luke love to blog! Just sayin.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Day 536: Upsettin the NBDB!

[Please accept my apology for the back post, as I fill in dates from my paw scratched diary!]

A Christmas tree or two, the trimmins and missy-laneous different stuff round the house is good fun and feel good... un-the-less you are the Bleu, aka NBDB (nervous break down boy)!

We find out that he cannot handle so many decorations and change and chaos... on a counta he chew BIG hotspot into heself while the Mom at work today! [I mighta help him just little bit but I promise it was not the me who start it]!

I feel bad for Sweet Boy, but he keep showin the Mom he cannot be trusted... so... cone 24x7, pretty much.

When I see the cone comin out, I immediately assume it is for the me... and I dive and frow my head to the floor in the most inconvenient corner... as it is near impossible to scoop me up in that situation.

The Bleu, he will sometime trot away from the sight of the cone... but he congenial nature get the best of him... and he willingly push he head into it!

I have spent much time in the cone, so I understand and do not wish it upon the Sweet Bleu... but much better the him than the me. Just sayin. 

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Day 535: Christmas Tree & O Christmas Tree

[Please accept my apology for the back post, as I fill in dates from my paw scratched diary!]

I have been very busy today wif the holiday projects. It is exhaustin work to direct this process what I call "Merry Christmas Decoratin"... to sort and sniff frew all these boxes... and mostly to supervise my work crew (of one, Team The Mom)!

"No no... a little more to the left... and up up... now get it plumb!!!" Hard work... yes it is.

First on our project list today... was my tree! Ok, I share it wif the Bleu, on a counta he sweet boy like me... but he spend day piled up in the big bed, on a counta it is COLD! (Not to worry, though... I keep checkin up on the him!)

And what make this tree ours is all it special ornaments... mostly Golden Retriever ornaments. Lots of them celebrate the very special Comet wif the personalized ornaments, star ornaments and the reindeers wif stars. And others are fings I love... like the fire hydrants!

And there is one ornament what represent THE YOU on my tree...

The Comet had lotsa skwirrel ornaments on her tree... on a counta that girl she did love the chase. I love it, too... and I'm happy to display the fings we share...

There is no hidin it... the Mom get pretty choked up this time of year, on a counta so many wonderful memories. The Comet she loved each and every day and she seemed to understand the specialness of Christmas... she did.

So the Mom get very emotional when she place the star wif the reindeer bells... on the tree. I fink you would have to know lots a bout the Mom to understand the layers of meaning and significance. I know ole gal pretty well, and I just know she sad... but grateful.

Project two is the Mom's tree... and I supervise it be put up in the dining room.

It adorned wif the Mom's collection of Krinkle ornaments, along wif other fun barnyard animal ornaments. And highlighted are very special ornaments of the past... includin my the Mom's childhood ornaments, her the Mom's teacher ornaments, and many other symbols of friendship and fambily. 

Ummm... why are all the soft cloth and less expensive ornaments way down here??? Perhaps I would like to shnoof a Krinkle!

Ok... let's run down the checklist. Tree one up, check. Tree two up, check. Wooden snowman out, check.


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Day 534: SNOW Day Reflections from the Front Yard!

Because of or in spite of fact I have lived most of my life MUCH further north of here... I am pretty much indifferent to any winter weather condition on a counta weather what bother me is just barometric pressure drop what come wif the thunder!!!!! (But I also don't like the sound of heavy rain!!!).

But here is a pitcher taken of my the home...

Just beyond, can you see the vertical blinds parted...

I hope you can see far in the distance, so you can appreciate close up photo... as I look frew window (what haven't been cleaned since the Comet)... Just sayin.

Lookin out at neighbors yards... easy to say we wish it snowin harder!!!

Last bit of snow that is still snow is that what fell on the sago palm...

Day 534: Backyard Refection of the SNOW Day!

Here is backyard in early snow yesterday...

Here is backyard some time later. Philodendrons are sufferin...

Here they are this mornin... Sure hope the philodendrons are still alive, but it's not lookin good...

Wif the mornin hours, I am sorta more willin to be photographed in the snows...

I mean... just "sorta"...!

Either that... or let me the **** in!

Just sayin.