Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Day 90: First Day We Been Mostly Layin Round

The Mom seems tired, and I guess... a little weary.

Uncles Frank and Steven and Aunt Analisa came for a visit and brought birfday cake, none of which I got on a count it was chocklick.

Visited a little round the nay-borhood where peoples tones is starting to grow a mite grim.

And the Mom's on a low limb, on a counta the factory is makin her come back to work, and she's scared of leavin her LuLu.

She's worried I'll get too hot wif the windows all locked up and afraid someone come in and steal me if she leaves the windows open. She's stuffin Kongy right now, though, so I guess she's gonna go in and try to work it out.

Don't really understand bout jobs and money and stuff, but must be important if she's choosin it over me.

I'll get by with Kongy's help, though.

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