Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Day 96: Loud Contraption Went Silent

Woke up at 3am when the loud contraption went silent and the cool airs ceased. The Mom d/c'ed ever thing and went out to check on it. Guess she decided to engage the bat-tree fans rather than handle explosives in her sleepiness.

She got up again at 5:30am and gave it some juices to cool things off a bit... but cooling is now back on bat-trees...

Cannot believe we are doing this again today. And cannot believe there is no hope (for change) otherwise.

Cannot believe the Mom left me here like this. Wish I could go with her and just sit in the trolley with the motor runnin.

Even the Kongy is lukewarm and soggy today. I'll lick the pnut butter, but no way I'm eatin that crap inside. Just no way.

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