Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 711: Start . Middle . End. Of Today.

Woke up wif the happiness!
And then our stuff and also me and the Bleu were loaded into the trolley!
And the trolley, it did roll frew the hill country wif the Mom at the wheel, me in the back seat and the Bleu in the caboose.
It was a LONG trip back wif the dead stops and <10 mph speeds on the Interstate 10 for MUCH of the way! The Mom is tired and also stressed from role as Trolley Captain... but she switch hats quickly to Bell Captain and get all our stuff and us in side... and then she frow on the Chef Captain hat and she feed me and the Bleu wif the tasty foods, accentuated wif the salmon oil... Just sayin.

And now I lay claim on the big bed and also on my own toys what I gather up on a counta I have missed ALL!!!
It is gonna take some time to fill in the beautiful gaps of the last 11 days. I have some wonderful pitchers, movin and otherwise... and I cannot wait to show em to you. But wait I must, on a counta there is more than one kinda catchin up that has to happen round here. Just sayin.

But for now, just blissful zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 710: Dry Tails

Today we take break from the river runs and hikes and therefore also the long towelins and brushins and dryins on the screened in porch... what is big enough ordeal x2, but just fink of all the other Campers here!!!
And today we enjoy short walks and long naps, good movie at Sweepy Time Featre (Julie Julia), lots of attention and more drool inducin smells from the kitchen. Just sayin.

UPDATE AND REQUEST: The Buddy has done well followin his emergency procedure... but he is goin to have to have surgery soon to remove the stones from his bladder... 
More on the Buddy's background later, but for now... please know that there is no body more lovable than the Buddy. Sweet boy has minimal liver function and a low albumin level... and that's the reason he hasn't already had surgery to remove the stones... but it must now happen soon, and he's goin to need your good foughts and prayers, pretty please...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 709: The Bleu In The Blanco

Big Boy wif the pretty hair shock us all by jumpin right in the river! He frolick and chase sticks and have a big time!

And speakin of shock... do you see that the Bleu is not holdin onto the Mom??? No worries... I've got Old Girl covered!

[Pitchers... still and movin... comin to you, I guess, when I return to my home compy... And that is comin sooner than I am ready to fink a bout just now!...

Gosh, it has been a heavenly nine days so far!]
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And now... Let's hop!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 708: Cool Hand Luke Coolin My Paws!

Today I gave my the Mom rhe biggest surprise ever... I took to the river like a regular Indian Scout! And she could not be happier! [tons of photos and videos to follow, so rest up!]

This afternoon was to be the Bleu's turn, but our Buddy, who has been in treatment for bladder stones, suddenly developed a blockage.

Buddy was whisked off to see a very nice local vet, who performed an emergency procedure. The Herd and my the Mom were left behind for me to supervise, and rest assured I did!

Bless the Buddy's heart... he is back wif us and restin comfortably... but please to keep Sweet Boy in your foughts and prayers...!
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 707: The H Word

Did someone guess that I'm HUNGRY???!!?

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Day 707: Tail On The Trail

This here big fluffy is my burr-other the Bleu's!

I am too close to my the Mom to capture mine in action!

And speaking of close, just like at home, I am the Mom's shadow. I have enjoyed all these days by her side.

I worry about losin that girl wif the open doors here... so I keep a leash on for her to grab hold!

You can never be too safe wif the ones you love! Just sayin.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 706: Tale On The Trail

We are havin lotsa fun and walks and relaxations here at the Campo Blanco.

And today I saw two dozen deer and the biggest roadrunner ever! My the Mom got a video to share wif the you later!

O and we also watched Hotel For Dogs at the Sweepy Time Featre... well, it was sweepy time till all the barkin commenced. Just sayin.

More soon wif love from the Luke

Pee.Ess. Please to forgive me but I am havin a hard time leavin comments on your bloggies... only fing missin from the sweet country is rhe wi-fi! (ha)
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 705: Mid-Day Nap To The Sounds Of The Rain

Gentle rain, distant thunder, funeral music and a floor full o nappin Campers...

I am awake but comforted by the Cousin Dylan... who has my back!

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 704: From The Middle Of The Herd

Greetings from Campo Blanco! Me and the Bleu are here wif our six Cousins (4 Goldens, ¹Black Lab and ¹Blue Healer / German Shepherd Mix), and also adult supervision.

Every minute is an adventure wif 8 of us Cousins, but the one I share wif you now is today's ling road hike! I saw lotsa interestin stuff that I captured on the good camera, but this here is a crummy shot the Mom took on my phone of our place in the herd...

More soon from me wif love from the Luke, Happy Camper

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 703: Long Hike, Lazy Nap[s] and Happy Birfday!

[Please to indulge me in this back-post to 23 May, when I was on luxurious holiday at Campo Blanco!]

It is easy to fink this is just second full day of long vacation and no need to hurry wif the agenda, so we loll frew a lot of this day, even though I am at high attention due to the sights and smells and sounds...!
Blurry it is, I am also in action....
I am on "the cusp" of action here... call it "restrained".

All need hear is word "go"... rattle the berry treat bag... touch my leash... or have my the Mom leave the room! Any of those, and I spring into action... specially the latter. 
And I am exhuberant to pawticipate in some longer hikes. I just love new ventures! The Aunt Madison wif her the Bleu and also his floofy tail are just beyond us on this particular road hike.
I catch up wif him at this pit stop and please forgive me for takin a pit stop. My the Mom is embarassed, but it is part of life. Just sayin.
I love me a good hike wif the clear blue skies and the sun what do shine and the cool winds and the most interestin scenery and also smells. It also feel real good when see Texas flag!!!
And now, closer to home... I show my 'sensitive side'. HA!
I know I got plenty of long days and good times... no need to carry on about how precious this day was but it really WAS!


Day 703: Hill Country Happiness

Yep, I'm havin lots of it!

It is Most Special Day... Aunt (or Cousin, I forget which) Becca's Birfday!!! Hope she had a happy one! We sure enjoyed spendin weekend wif her!

We have all been on lots of walks, and I just can't get enough of the smells... but I also really like watchin the deer and the big huge birds what are called bleu heron.

I have many fings to tell you about, and I ask my the Mom... please to find me a wi-fi hot spot and some juice for my bellytop!

This iPhone ain't my best bloggin tool. Itty bitty keyboard kinda small for my paws... and camera is cantankerous. Just sayin.

Oops, I hear a leash rattlin... gotta run! More soon!
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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 702: Happy May 22nd!

[Please to indulge me in this back-post to 22 May, when I was on luxurious holiday at Campo Blanco!]

We are very excited about what lies before us and really what lies just outside our bedroom door... the Herd! So we wake up early and are excited to get the day started!
The Mom is so excited that she take this fabulous 15 second video to commemorate occasion... the silly silly Mom.
The awake Campers gather together on the screened in porch, doin our best to be quiet so the restful can still rest!
You can all ways pick out the Porter amongst our cousin pack... on a counta we're all boys and she's a girl! And don't she look like a Princess lollin up there on the sofa???
We had a really peaceful and relaxed day, no stresses, no schedules... just tasty foods, lazy naps and good conversations. Noone was in a hurry to do much of any fing... well, except for the Atlas who make his impromptu break for the river! That boy had a date wif it...and he just couldn't wait!!! 

Atlas is Bleu Healer / German Shepherd mix heck of a sweet boy wif a intense personality, and he is ALL about findin and diggin up the rocks... errrr, boulders... in the river! He barks when he finds one. He digs. And he sticks his head under water for as long as it takes to pull up the bounty!

This is a video of a failed attempt, but it shows his methodology... stay tuned on a counta in later days, I'll share his success!
I napped in the comfort of the air conditionin while the Aunt Madison, Aunt/Cousin Becca, Atlas and my the Mom hiked up the river and back.
You see, the Camp Counselors have been reluctant to allow the Campers down to the river on a counta... the last time we were all here, there were a number of unsupervised dogs... just like these two here who are handsome boys wif collars and all, but are runnin loose along the river. Atlas was a good boy and had a good exchange, and we are relieved that the frisbee he found was not theirs. Just sayin.
We went on many walks durin the day, and I shnoofed lotsa wildlife and other fings. And this is one of the Mom's primary views... on a counta she was equipped wif two cameras and was sincerely tryin to capture the esssence of our paradise [which for her means any time she spends wif me and the Bleu].
Say what? Who is on wrong side of door just now? [the Cane!]
Me and the Bleu, wif very rare exception, went out in a pair. We make a pretty good team and do reasonably well on leash together. I mean, I'm a bit serious and he's a bit silly... but still, we get a long!
Seem like all ways some body on right / wrong side of door, monitored in this moment by the Cane [layin down], Dylan and Dakota [wif kerchief].
Me and the Bleu, outside the fray!
Beyond you will see Cane [facin camera], Dylan, Dakota, Aunt Madison wif the Buddy behind her... and the Bleu pointin toward the me [and also the forbidden kitchen].
Synchronicity. This is first day we are all together, so we are still tryin to sync our wake/sleep/eat cycles... so while me and the Bleu eat early dinners, we are now takin a bit of a time apart on the screened in porch while the other Campers dine!
We know what they are doin out there. And we want to eat dinner... again!!!
Really, we do!!!
Wif utmost respect to my sweet Cousin/Aunt Becca, I will stop the pitcher sharin now... This night, we begin to celebrate her birfday tomorrow! My the Mom is ultra sensitive bout such fings, and so wifout the Becca's express permission, I will not publish!

Day 702: Reporting From The Hill Country!

The Herd is all here, so let the adventure begin!

Mobile reportin has my paws tied a bit but I've got lotsa pitchers and experiences to share soon! Deer and other sights and smells... Galore!

Now I hop... Hope you will too!
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Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 701: Mobile ... Destination

All aboard... the trolley! And we're off! And there's the Bleu says 'hello' from the caboose...

Boaf our beds are located in the caboose, so the Bleu is in Heaven. I am in back seat wif the bed pillows, but I have rearranged them in so not a comfy order. I regret it but it's troof.

Please to enjoy this RARE and REMARKABLE pitcher of the me behavin in the back seat. Such pose will never ever again be repeated. Just sayin.
And in the trolley we been followin, as I find out on a pit stop... are the Atlas and the Buddy!!!
And the Bleu is sittin up to say 'hello'!
Hello to... and... from... the Buddy!!!
Hello to... and... from... the Atlas!!!
We are all relishin the smells of the Luling City Market!!! ...And my the Cousin/Aunt Becca has ventured in to secure smells for our evenin meal... and it is a very good fing that  I am not in their trolley... on a counta (1) tummy ache, (2) sloopy poopy, (3) hungry the Mom wifout dinner foods so not good, and (4)big big BIG trouble. Just sayin.
And we're back on the road... wif twists and turns and hills and lotsa stuff to to feel and see... includin cows. And I am not missin a single fing from my co-pilot position!
And then we get where we are goin and I am happy on a counta I remember this wonderful place!!!

We get settled in and pitchers are taken, as me and the Buddy form our 'ying and yang'!

And when it come bed time, there is an issue wif the Bleu... and where he fink he belongs. You who know him well understand this Sweet Boy's issues. Here he is on Night One, decidin for he-self... sweep wif the Mom or... the Herd!