Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 680: After Words

Today is a beautiful new day!

My breakfast foods were served in two parts... I feel much better wif FULL cup in my belly! And I hold it down, you better believe!
I do not feel bad... I just do not feel totally myself.
I am not energetic, but I am VERY attentive to my the Mom... !

VERY best fing about today is that she cater to my every single whim! No question asked.
I am required to don the t-shirt. I'm still a bit groggy, so back leg for now is not wrapped in the big sock.
T-shirt not so bad. Does not impede the shnoofin.
Really does not.
I make the best of ALL circumstances... And come in when called!

The Bleu has gotten A LOT of attention, especially from my the Mom in the last few days, but if you read my posts... you might fink he is deprived... so here is the him, happy that the Luke is not on he tail, in he shadow, sharin he limelight... Just sayin.   
Outside is good. I enjoy it. And I fank you.
Now let's discuss MY MEAL SCHEDULE!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 679: No Breakfasts = Surgery

[What follows here is my Dear Diary entry from the Day 679 along wif some pitchers from previous week.]

Wake up. Come to side of bed for bedtime story... you know, the one where I came to live here wif the Mom. Love the story and the ear and chin lovins. Hop on bed for more.

Accordin to my calculations, it Fursday, we still in the big bed and that mean one fing: Mom Vacation Day!

We get up and I am Happy Boy as all ways! I run outside and then run back in, excited for the servin of the breakfast foods!!!
Instead of preparin the breakfast foods, the Mom gets in the shower. Some fing is up on a counta she super clean the Mom and all, but she never put the personal hygeine before the Luke's empty tummy. Just sayin.

It has become obvious to me that the Mom is takin me and only me to the IHOP, as we board the trolley... and leave the Bleu behind!

We are turnin left into NOT IHOP! And whie I do not like what I fink this means, I will hope for and make the best out of this little visit to...

Doctor Mark is real swell fellow. And while I prefer my friends be a baker or fireman or florist or any fing other than the Luke doctor... I really do like him a lot. In fact, I just happen to have wif me "a mix tape", a CD actually, of the music I listen to durin funder storms... on a counta he live wif a Golden who finks funder is four letter word, too!

So yeah yeah... all that said does NOT mean that I frilled to see him... but I am not altogether upset that he hug and feel on me, while talkin nicely to my the Mom... but then we all walk toward the back, and I look back to see the Mom stop and say... i'm a sweet boy she loves me ... and amongst my panicked foughts I fink...

I wish I was home wif the itty bitty piggy, dreamin of bacon...
Or better yet... at IHOP lappin a lip over a Rooty Tooty Fresh N Fruity. Just sayin.

Nappin peacefully but can hear the Doctor Mark talkin to my the Mom, explainin fings... Original lump was subaceous cyst, removed. Lipoma next to it, removed. Lump in abdomen, good concise aspirate... show lipoma, left alone. Luke docile so Doctor Mark decide to clean toofies. Find small pea size growf and remove it. It prolly epulis but it pigmented, so let's send it off and be sure, but don't loose sweep over it...

[I must be COMPLETELY out of it on a counta there is NO possible way the Doctor Mark fink he can EVER convince the Mom NOT to lose the sweep over THAT kinda news. Pray Fret Toss Turn Pray Fret Toss Turn Fret Pray. Just sayin.]

I hear him say the Luke can go home around lunch time. And then I go back to finkin of bacon.
I ask the Katherine, who is Doctor Mark's Assistant and who I love a lot... to please call my the Mom and tell her I am ready to go home. She quickly does, and my the Mom says she is on her way though I can barely hear that over my own self barkin. Just sayin.

I am busted outta the slammer. I won't look the Mom in the face on a counta it is good for her to consider all that has transpired. Yep. Just sayin.

The Bleu greeted me at the door wif a very gentle "where * have you been" and I reply wif an equally gentle "leave me * alone".

I quickly wanted to go outside. Peed. Pooped. Came back inside. 5 hour napped.

Please feed me. Please give me the waters. I know I am still spittin up, but I am hungry and firsty... ok, mostly hungry.
845 pm
Bedroom doors are shuttin now and I am reluctantly scurryin in. I know the Mom knows how hungry I am... but I do not understand why she will not give me the foods. This is *. Just sayin.

900 pmThe Mom is sayin heavy prayers over me. I am calm. I am relaxed... hungry, but relaxed. I will most definitely bring up the servin of foods wif the mornin light. For sure.  

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 675: Gorgeous Sun Day

Kinda was a Fun Day...
On a counta there was much time to spend out of doors in wonderful temperatures and gorgeous skies... just shnoofin out all the weekday operations of the squirrels...
the lastest blooms and growfs and whatnot...

Heh heh... do you like life size squirrel statue?
Yep yep... that is how they grow in Texas, specially when they live in a fruit and nut rich environment [heh heh heh...] like our neighborhood! Just sayin.

Woops... there toddles off one of those fat boys now! Ha.
And yep... it is also Chore Day. There is a lot of activity, and we don't "all" hold the same level of interest and/or energy in ever single fing / activity what is happenin round here... and so ever so often, there is a...   

Shift Change!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 674: Lazy After Iffy Saturday

First few times out of doors this mornin, I was busy wif the in depf analysis to come up wif basis for my meteorological prognostications...
Which I do come back to the in of doors and straight to the bunker to finish my calculations. And while early mornin prognosis was what I call by technical term... "Iffy", by mid mornin I issue the "All Clear".

It was a very good and also lazy day followed by a even BETTER (on a counta the Mom was back home wif the us) and lazier night! [Sweet Boy(s) and their the Mom need one of those ever now and then]. 

The Mom left us to do the Mom stuff just before bedtime and when she come back to the bedroom, she did get tickled about...

The Luke and he the beaver tail, and she wonder what I am up to... 
And so the Mom navigate herself over large obsticle on floors to find... the angelic and very sweepy Luke!
What large obsticle you might ask??? Why... just about the [2nd] cutest fing ever!!! It is Big Boy, the Bleu! [Funny fing you will notice in this pitcher... is he black dot on he paw. Either he or I really should do a blog post about it!]
And now you are wrackin your brain, sayin... "well if the Luke fink BB Bleu is 2nd cutest fing ever, what o what does he consider 1st most cutest fing ever?"

Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 673: Free Fur All Friday

It has been kinda hard, kinda emotional, kinda busy week... so I bid you Happy Friday! Fridays are one o my favoritest days on a counta I love and they mean... shared lunches wif the Mom, traditional family naps and judge shows!
Friday is also good for early and often access to back yard for the businesses, shnoofin... and the ole buried and now rotten 2009 pecan harvest. Just sayin. 
And for the Bleu, Friday mean just bein silly boy... findin a stick, shakin a twig... connectin wif he ornery self! [And also lookin CUTE!]
April yield interestin fings in the side yards... and I am able to explore the West. Uh huh... uh huh... uh huh...
Important to note the smells right here...
...what are not nearly as beautiful, as this beautiful lilly growin on the East... just inside the fence.
And just opposite of her, in the corner of back yard fence... this pretty lilly grows.
Leaning over the fence from backyard, the Mom took this shot...

And this shot (not the best) was taken along the side of the house. The lillies are not nearly fluorishin as years past... and azaleas are no longer bloomin. I fink we are down bout twenty percent due to the very cold winter. Just syain. 
And while do not want to disturb our Dove family... we love em so... and try to sneak some pitchers to share wif the you... and also for our scrap book. Just sayin.
Just a little closer up view...
I fink this is the Dove Mom, and while I know they will soon exchange shifts... I fink this is the her on a counta she have "the look" of a the Mom! Just sayin.
Followin pitcher show you few fings...

From right to left, first is the St Francis. Please to put a prayer in his hands / ears / heart, you all. You see... I am scheduled for surgery next Fursday, April 29f... to remove a growf what has arisen about two inches from my the original MCT. I have had lotsa stuff removed in last 673 days... and I am grateful for the cautious Mom and the Doctor Mark who is best vet and also surgeon ever! Just sayin.
You will also see two Wysong (Food of Champions, what me and the Bleu eat) boxes full o pecans what now should just be frown away, on a counta the Mom was too busy gatherin to have them shelled!
Quick just let me say... Fank you in advance for any and all of your prayers. I sure need em.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 672: Fursday Finkin of Franklin...

Please allow me to introduce this Special Fellow. He is the Ben Franklin, a member of the GRRH Family... wif the very special circumstances! And he needs your help!!!
Ben is about 8-9 monfs old, and our best guess is that he is a Dachshund/ Jack Russell mix.

Golden Retriever Rescue of Houston brought Ben in as a puppy wif his "mom" and six siblins... at about 4 weeks old. The "mom" was a pure breed Golden Retriever, and the puppies were nursin on her in the shelter. GRRH rescued the Mom and pups, recognizin (1) story was sketchy, (2) pups were GR mix or perhaps NOT and (3) their survival relied on their continued attachment to her, for nurishment. It was a no-brainer... but noone was surprised when the seven puppies showed not a single sign of Golden...

Though our Mission is to rescue the Golden Retriever, our hearts align with any and every dog in need. Our commitment is the same for Ben, but our challenge is different... because most most people who seek to adopt a dog frew GRRH are lookin for a Golden Retriver, and that has meant that a wonderful young fellow, like Ben, has been overlooked by our potential adopters.
Ben is a super smart boy, and he is well behaved!

He's done very well in a home, but now he is livin in Pet Paradise Resort. He's made the best of the transition, but it's SO not the best place for this Sweet Boy. He wants to be a part of a family, in his own FOREVER home.

Ben is a super sweet boy, and he has his very own advocate wif GRRH. She has lovingly cared for and trained this sweet boy. Ben is a quick learner and easily trained. He knows sit, down, roll over, wait, stay and shake. He is eager for new challenges... and is currently takin swimmin lessons! Why, here is the Sweet Boy in action...

GRRH is actively lookin for the very Special and Forever Home for Mister Ben Franklin.... but we need your help!!! 

PLEASE to help us connect with other rescue organizations to get Ben's story and photos out there! He's a very special boy, and while his future is not at risk, he deserves SO MUCH BETTER circumstances and much better opportunities! He deserves the VERY BEST chance for a Forever Family!
It's been an emotional week or two for me and the Mom, but we re-group, and gosh... We so want to help the Ben Franklin.

Won't you? Please forward this post to any potential adopters or rescue groups you fink might help... and please send any suggestions you might have! Our total goal is to help the Ben!!!
In my home, we have tendency to fink ... "It all about the Luke.. (and ok, also all about the Bleu, of course)"...
But really and truly... It is not.

It is really and truly all about those who are still in much need of Food. Medical Care. Care. Love. Home. Forever.

Please leave a comment here or email us at We are open to any and all opportunities and ideas for Ben's ultimate Forever.  Our goal for Ben is to find his Forever match... and no less. Any fing you can do to help us help him, I FANK YOU!!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 668: May I Have A Roll Please...!

Ok, DRUM roll is not what I was askin for, but I guess it is fittin on a counta it is time to announce the winners of this fabulous Global Event!
And I do believe we are ALL winnners, on a counta what fun it has been to meet new folks. I have enjoyed ever single minute of it... well, except for today did not turn out quite like I had planned.

You see, we have had day of funderstorms today. My mood has swung between anxiety and exhaustion, and I have spent the day either in the bunker or hidin behind my first line of storm defense... The Bleu!
Ever time I start to Spin-the-Bleu, it start funderin again, and I have to retreat to the bunker. [Real time radar below. It not rainin here but I can sure hear the funder!]
And Big Boy is too exhausted (from stearin clear of the panic + funeral music all afternoon) to spin on he own... so we go wif Random Number Generator. It not nearly as fun as spinnin the Bleu... but yeu have to make deu on funderstorm days, I beg you please understand!

Now... DRUM roll please...!!!

And my Winner of the First Annual Global Animal Bloggin Event is... The beautiful SUGAR wif the heart face I adore!!!

Sugar, your prize includes a bed cover that was made wif love by a volunteer wif Golden Retriever Rescue of Houston, a bag of my very most favoritest Berry Treats and a surprise what I will select specially for the you! I will be in touch wif the you in the very next little bit of time (when funder stop) to get a shippin address!

Now, please head over to the Bleu blog for announcement of our other winner!

I close by fankin the Twinkie, from bottom of my heart. GABE was super fun... and we are ALL winners, on a counta you bring us all together! Yay, Twinkie!!!