Thursday, September 18, 2008

A RESCUED Golden Retriever's Thoughts On Creature Comforts:

Ain't never had much to call my own till the last 91 days, so I got a fresh perspective...
  1. The single most important thing is having a people, 24x7, that makes you, your feelings and comfort the number one priority.
  2. Luxury means the freedom of choice over the proximity to which you sleep with your people.
  3. Bat-tree operated fans in of doors beat living in a backyard or a kennel any day of the lifetime.
  4. Static on tv, while annoyin... is still tv.
  5. Noise in the backyard is worth so much time spent in the front.
  6. Thank God Kongy is fully functional and does not require tricity.
  7. Finger foods on a droopy plate... need I say more?!
  8. Holding a pen cramps my paw. Not having a compy or internet stinks.
  9. Wheat thins are ok. But Ritz rock!
  10. Nothin like the lack of comforts to make a wide a sortment of peoples come out and pet Luke!

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