Monday, June 20, 2011

In Honor Of My Gotcha Day...

June 20, 2008
Among the Very Most Bestest Days of My Life

My Gotcha Day!!!

I sure made the Mom happy that day!
And that was just the beginning of a wonderful life together.

In Honor of The Life,
We are establishing a Special Fund,
Dedicated to the Rescue of Senior Goldens
through Golden Retriever Rescue of Houston.

Our initial donation was made today.
And while The Fund has been established,
it has not yet been named,
The Mom and I will be grateful for your suggestions.

wif the best of Memories,
wif the tears of sadness and tears of joy, and...

Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 904: Friday Featurin Fun, Fresh-Hold, Floppin And Flippin, Forty Winks... And A Big Secret!

Friday... My Favorite! And today was double my favorite on a counta we share The Traditional Friday Family Lunch wif my the Aunt Karen! How Fun!!!
It was a busy afternoon, and I mostly stayed inside wif the women folk... but I did enjoy a few swings frew the back yard!
I kept checkin the tree for activity, but there was far more excitin fings goin on INside than OUT!

So I was quick to implore...
"Please to let us go in of doors. Please."
The Bleu open wide...
And implore a little louder!!!
And I frow this in for the ladies...
who enjoy a little manly yet extremely cute
fur and floof!

Tis The Season of The Little Bed!
One of my most favorite fings about the lower than normal temperatures we've had this week... is curlin up in the little bed. And here I am, Wednesday Night [Day 902]: Souf Little Bed.

Wednesday Night [Day 902]: The Bleu in the East Little Bed.

We flipped and flopped... again.
Wednesday Night [Day 902]: Me in the East Little Bed.

Wednesday Night [Day 902]: The Bleu in the Souf Little Bed.

My the Aunt Karen has left the household, and I am all ready missin her! She holds a special place in my heart for SO many reasons...

Not the least of which, she take me shoppin to buy this fabulous gift for my the Mom's mmf Birfday!!!
Dinosaur Wif Egg Babies.
I fink all you the Moms can agree...
There is no more perfect gift!
The Bleu, he has settled into the East Litttle Bed.
He's pretty cute...
Even for a brother.
The Bleu may seem innocent...
But Big Boy knows how to work it.

The Mom is shuttin fings down round here. And as CHS (Chief Household Supervisor) I am watchin ever move. I know the secret, but my lips are sealed! After all, I'm a stand-up, loyal kind of boy!
That's not to say I'm above frowin a big pity party for the Santa, if he's readin... I mean, there might be a basket FULL of toys right there, but... 
THAT BASKET came wif the Bleu, as part of his trousseau, and so technically it and said contents, for all Santa-like purposes is not mine [mine mine]. And so I fink I might be in need and also deservin a new stuffy [or 2 or 3 or 40].  Just sayin.
 Shhhhhhh... No need to mention this to the Bleu...
Just sayin.
I love ever single day. I do. Give me an EXTRAORDINARY day like today, and I'm excited, frilled and ultimately... completely relaxed and satisfied. And as I rest my eyes, I count my blessins... and say my prayers! And I close by wishin you...

Merry Christmas and Happy Howlidays...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 903: The Goose Is Evidently Gettin Fat!!!

It has been a VERY busy hustle and bustle week. And as the CHS (Chief Household Supervisor) around here, my "eye" is on overtime on a counta there has been so much to keep it on! It's been real fun... but the downside is that I haven't had a lot of time to blog...
I should probably start by tellin you that I am feelin much better. We are still tryin to find the balance in the 'wetness' of my food... I prefer it more dry than wet, but I also like soft food to go wif it. Perhaps I've just gotten spoiled wif all the pumpkin I've been gettin... I'm not ready to divulge. I prefer, instead, to keep the Mom guessin how to feed me, on a counta that is SUCH fun!!!
[FYI: My appetite is as strong as ever, but my comfort varies from day to day. I'm told that it most likely will return to normal. In the grand scheme of fings... It's not that big of a deal, but more just some fing for the Mom to fret over... as she is the CHF (Fretter)! The big issue is to find the balance of quality, holistic foods that achieve my desired results... AND feel good goin down my pie hole! Just sayin. 

Mmmmm... Pie!!! But I digress...
Amidst the flurry of furniture re-arrangement, the emptyin of boxes and the tissue paper rattlin... My nose on the little doo-dads is appreciated only so much, so I call an audible... And me and the Bleu lay low to figure out exactly what is goin on here...

I have been a very good boy and also tolerant of the Mom who is singin about a goose that is puttin on poundage. What exactly said goose's weight has to do wif an old man's hat, I am not entirely sure... But clearly this is a very important clue as to the disorder that is our Family Room right now...

My duty, as CHS, is to observe the activity and show appreciation for the singin... and to ensure that the Bleu respects [like he would touch em wif a ten foot pole] the fragile nature of all the little golden retriever and other doggy ornaments who wait in peace... on the coffee table.
There's not much room around the tree, so I've gotta give the tree trimmer space...
Just look, here she is as a blank canvas.
My first ornament this year is special: 
Given to me by my the Aunt Dav, this is a special ornament designed by Carrington, of Midland, Texas... for the Children's Art Project!!!
Flash Forward and Wah-Lah! My the Mom announced that OUR tree... Me and The Bleu's Tree... is the only tree that she's 'puttin up' this year. I like the other tree on a counta its whimsy, but I like the Mom's attention to the me us more. Just sayin.
And mine and the Bleu's and also the Mom's and the Comet's stockins are hung in the Family Room wif care... in hopes that the Fat Man will fill em up wif the good stuffs!
Left to right: Comet's stockin, My the Mom's stockin... [made by her Mom, my the grandmom... and is as old as she is]... Mine and the Bleu's [or the Bleu's and Mine, I forget]!

And now, Happy Holidays from the Sweet Bleu!
Peace from the East is the Big Boy...
Peace from the Norf... is the Sweet Boy Luke.
And Christmas Dreams, I am dreamin...
And Christmas Wishes, I am wishin...
To the You and all of the Yours!!!
Merry, Merry Christmas... to YOU ALL!!!