Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day 525: Happy Thanksgiving!!!


On this most special occasion what is my SECOND FANKSGIVIN,
I am behoove to share special day wif the Bleu
who is sorta celebratin this as he FIRST FANKSGIVIN...
and after all...
It is our first to share together just me and the him wif the Mom!
For our friends and family
We are very FANK FULL!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day 524: Tell Tail Evidence Winter Is Almost Here!

First I present the notes to the Evidentiary Exhibit:

Point One. The Bleu, he don't get on big bed but durin one season of year and that is Winter.

Point Two. Me and my brother the Bleu we are different and we like different fings, take toys for example.

I don't know if it out of respect or preference or in he case, fear... but when he like a fing, I just leave him to it... and he real smart boy to return favor!

Point Free. The Bleu, among other fings, love bears in bunny suits and also Dinah Shaurs who I got for my birfday and name finkin she a dinosaur and not until some few monfs later did I realize she really a drag-gun, but I digress...

Point Four. Hey! Someone has been sleepin in my big bed say Luke!

Evidentiary Exhibit:

I rest my case.

Just sayin.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day 521: Wash Day

The Mom is a highly organized chore machine (ha)... and ever weekend, she sort the laundry into several piles.

Whites go in my bed. Colors go in the Bleu bed. Make sense?

Today is dark and dreary and chilly. So we implore her... please to shift the piles just a little! (And yes, Aunt Karen... I STILL have the Minnie Pearl bed!)

And here also is the Bleu in my birfday bed what is now he bed on a counta he like it way more than me and I ok wif it on a counta I have my Easter bed!

Chores are exhaustin... Just sayin!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Day 515: Missin The Herd. Just Sayin.

What a great weekend! And what a surprisin way (for boaf the Bleu and the me) to celebrate the Bleu Birfday! But mostly what a wonderful opportunity to just relax and breave the clean air... sure wish I coulda helped the Aunt and Uncle more... but maybe they'll let me next time!!!

At any rate, any time the Herd was expectin they Mom or Dad... here a glimpse of the front door!

And here is the Dylan, who love to curl himself  up tight into a tiny cat bed!

And QT Pie Cain!!! Who cannot help but fall in love wif that face!!!... (Includin my the Mom so Fank the Good Lord... he not come to live wif the me, so I only share the Mom wif the Bleu. Fat plenty enuf. Just sayin).

Porter is such a pretty girl. Give her big props on a counta she only non-Golden... she only female... and she have ever reason to kick the Bleu's patooty, but she did not... entirely!

Scramble... wif the Bleu, bottom right!

The Herd just knows somefin good is a bout to happen, prolly on a counta any time some body disappear and then reappear frew that door... good fings are brought wif em!!!

And to confirm all that, please witness me (bottom right)... I am interested, but just a bit aloof!

What matters the very most is the return to the Herd!

Cousin Dylan in wait by the door!

Cousin Porter on the sofa, but it might be a mirage... Just sayin.

Sweet girl surrounded by six unruly boys... deserve quiet time wif no one around!

Dylan by the door, Cain in wait and the Dakota layin round...

The entire Herd reacts to Uncle Tom... just outside the door!!!

I fink I can speak for the Bleu in sayin... this weekend was tremendous fun... I happy to be home... but I miss the herd!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Day 514: Photo Shoot Two!

We are not so cooperative...

We are downright unruly...

And we are SO more than embarassed by how the Mom looks... (we try pretend she ain't back there!)

But boy o boy are we havin fun in the Wimberley!!! Very special fanks to the Aunt Madison, Uncle Tom and all my cousins for sharin this wonderful getaway wif us! It was a wonderful and super special way to surprise the Bleu!

Day 514: Photo Shoot One!

Well... it seem like a good idea at the time!!!

From left to right... Dylan, Buddy (lookin slightly toward left), Dakota (far back), Porter (black lab), Cain, Aunt Madison, me... and the Bleu![Notice ever body off leash except for me and the Bleu! Just sayin!]

We just adjusted camera angle, and you can still pick me out by my paw...

And some time it take TREATS to get all focused on same fing (below)... at same time! But now the Bleu is too far left... and I am shnoofin the ground!

So here is the line-up...: The Bleu, Dylan (way in the back), Dakota (in the middle), me... THE LUKE up front,  Cain (in back), Buddy... and Porter!

Non-Stop Fun!!! Me and the Bleu are so NOT cool... as we are the only boys who are not trusted off leash!!! But there is a reason for that... specially when it come to me, the Luke!!!

[Special fanks to the Aunt Madison for tuggin and pullin and rearrangin and helpin wif the logistics.... and also fanks to the Uncle Tom for direction and faif in all fese Goldens!!!

Just sayin.]

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 513: Surprise Party For The Bleu!

Unbeknownst to the Bleu... (or the Mom or me!)... there was a Surprise Party in store!!!

Day 513: Kitchen Help

One of my favorite fings about this wonderful weekend is the yummy appetizers my Aunt Madison whips up each late afternoon. And as well mannered boy, it is only fittin that I help her wif the preparation!

Good manners are important in sweet and helpful boy, which I am most definitely boaf.

But prolly most helpful boy here is my Cousin, the Buddy! He is all ways eager and ready to pull kitchen duty, and he is very good at it! Why, just look at those eyes!!! They are sayin "please o please may I...!"

And just in case you wonder about the Breakfast Crew... It was my Uncle Chef Tom wif his assistants (aka The Herd, from left to right) Porter, Buddy, Dakota Iby the cabinet) and Dylan (out front to the right)!

Where you might ask yourself was the Luke... and the Bleu???

Answer to first part is... I charge in to mix wif the offer to help, but clearly, the Buddy and Chef Tom have fings well under control!

Answer to part two, is that the Bleu is a feared or maybe just super respectful of tile floors and food areas, but he cannot even be coaxed into the kitchen... and he will only enter (i.e. sneak in) to drink waters when noone is lookin.

So, when not pacin and tap tap tappin just outside of the kitchen...  Birfday Boy at ease time in family room.

Don't get me wrong, I am ok wif imaginary line he draw for himself... but I know it upset the Mom when he will not come in, share time and feel comfortable in this most wonderfullest of rooms... I fink he just need to spend more time wif the Buddy! Those two boys need to compare notes!

[Now... Trust me, the Bleu did not come upon this fear in our house! It is not that the Mom is loose wif the rules, but for sure she fink of house as OUR house... and me and the Bleu are welcome in ever square inch!]

Day 513: Bluffin Our Way To The Bluff

It seem like real swell idea for all us to leash up and head to the bluff for peaceful late afternoon scenic overlookin... but "peaceful" adjective might be just WAY too extreme to even come close to describin six Goldens and one black Lab on a bluff above the Blanco River... when two unrestrained dogs walk by on river's edge, below!

[CLOCKWISE: above is Cain (from rear), Porter (black lab), Dakota, Dylan, ME! And the rear end of the Bleu (at 6-7 o'clock)!

Below, I share a pitcher of the river below... I just wish I could share the smells and sounds...

I fink this might be what Heaven is like...!!! 

Day 513: Lovin Me Some Porch!

Don't know if I use proper terminology... but I have found my most favoritest porch ever! It has windows on free sides and cool breezes pass frew and it look out on some very amazin fings includin Uncle Tom and also... DEER!

This here is the Bleu smilin for the camera, and from left to right behind him... Cousin Cain, Aunt Madison and Cousin Porter!

Uncle Tom is out there doing some fing... and we all need look see what! It is truly a gorgeous day... inside and out!!! Google "contentment" and it prolly gonna direct you right back here!

My the Mom is architect and so I ask pitcher be tooken so she could propogate a new "Golden Ratio" or "Golden Section"... much like feorems of historically significant (really old and way beyond dead) dudes... and that is


Now all serious fings put aside... I will tell you this porch is great place to wake from nap... to smell smells... to see sights... to love life!!! [Counter-clockwise...  Dakota in window beyond, me in window near, Dylan by the Aunt Madison... and The Bleu!]


Just sayin.

Right this very minute, we are lookin out at "the bluff"... and finkin... maybe we should all leash up and head out for the scenic overlook! The Mom and the Tom are also finkin... what a great place for the rooster tails!

Stay tuned for decisions... failures... and regrets!

Day 513: Herd Sat At The Mister T Day Spa & Hill Country Resort

This is my Cousin Dakota. He likes carryin fings in his mouf. He is gentle wif he stuff but he does like to carry em!

My the Mom and Aunt Madison went into town for some shoppin and such, so we were herd sat by Mister T, who is well knowed for his Golden pamperin and day spas. Just sayin.

As you well know, we Goldens love the pamperin, so we kinda swarm him sayin "me first me first"... so allow me to introduce and identify who you see below!

Far left is the Cousin Buddy! Then the Dakota (of course) has the shoe, and Cousin Dylan is behind him... Cousin Cain is sprawled out on floors, and the Bleu (green collar) is politely waitin in line to the right... and of course, yours truly has my back turned to the camera. (You can see healin spot on back from surgery... My hairs are growin back nicely!!!).

And below, the Bleu has gone in for some attention... NOW! And this might be a good time to tell you... that boy is sowin he oats this weekend... he is doin very uncharacteristic fings! Uncle Tom say it the fresh Hill Country air... I not sure, but I kinda like the Bleu bein in the trouble wif the Mom... in the stead of me!

The crowd fin out some and I move in for some good brushins... And that is Cousin Cain wif he back turned to camera.

And now it the Birfday Boy turn! Look on he face say "ahhhh yeahhhh!"! That is the Cain comin round corner and the Dylan walkin behind Mister T (my Uncle Tom!)...

There are no pitchers... no exhibits... no calls to 911... i.e. no way to exactly prove how it happen... but Mister T managed to trim my slippers today!

Dam. Mister T Good!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Day 512: Bleu Surprise!

Surprise to the Bleu... a weekend wif The Herd (and also me and the Mom) in Wimberley!!!

We are here, in part, to celebrate the Bleu Birfday and there could be no better way to celebrate than a weekend wif the Aunt Madison, Uncle Tom and also the Herd, what he love so very very VERY MUCH... in the scenic Hill Country at Casa De Manada!

And pinch me... how much better can life get when you spend it, this place have comforts of home along wif the good smells of the country! How much better can life get???

The Bleu make rounds, checkin it out!

And partin the sea of Goldens, I come outta the kitchen to check out the rest of the house! [I am the only Golden pointin toward you!]

Fun times on the Party Porch! Lovin the wrap-round windows open and the scenic views... but I wonder what ever body else is up to!

Have to check it out! So much good stuff to see and smell and look outta! Gotta make rounds.... Just sayin!

Very best diversion so far, however, is... DINNERS!!!

And the Bleu, he enjoy his...too!

The Mom is pitcher hungry so she capture some moments what need capturin and also many others... here is me, uber excited!

Here is the me, ready to settle in... and also up and down...

And here is the Bleu, wishin for all kind of fings what he love... and realizin that most all of em are right here!

More of our adventures to come... Stay tuned!