Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day 402: Blog Honor and Award

My best pal, the Checkers, honor me wif this special award!

And if it not thunderin and rainin and stormin to high heaven... I have way more to say, but it is and so I limit my verbosity to just this, for now...

I love the Checkers, and he blog is special part of my every day!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day 401: 400 Reasons I Grateful for 400 Days!

Sorry for the long post, please feel free to just skip over it***!!!

But on occasion of 400f day in my Forever Home, I make list of things I love bout it, and here go:

(*** I am way over tryin to fix format problems... as I have worked on it forever and it is impossibility!):

  1. The Mom
  2. The Bleu
  3. Breakfasts
  4. Dinners

  5. Love!!!

  6. Cool Airs

  7. Miracle waters

  8. Snuggles in the big bed

  9. Wakin up wif the Mom

  10. Goin to bed wif the Mom
  11. The Mom's house shoes

  12. Breakfasts Happy Dance

  13. Dinners Happy Dance

  14. Big bed

  15. Aunt Karen and Uncle Craig

  16. Zeke & Rizzo

  17. Aunt Madison and Uncle Tom

  18. The Herd: Porter, Cane, Dylan, Dakota and Buddy!

  19. Stanley!

  20. Aunt Dav and Uncle Benjy

  21. Lovey!

  22. My bed

  23. My tag wif my forever last name!

  24. In of doors 97% Out of doors 3%

  25. Aunt Melinda and Uncle Jason

  26. And now Baby Luke who we call Ryan for short

  27. Berry treats

  28. Learnin commands

  29. GRRH

  30. Blog friends!!!!!
  31. And crushes!!!!! (Ain't namin names... but you know who you are!)

  32. Bloggin

  33. Hugs

  34. Nose kisses

  35. Brushins
  36. Aunt Marti who all ways ask bout me
  37. And also her the Cousin Shiner and now Cousin Taylor

  38. Bleu comfort

  39. Comet's smells

  40. GRRH cookies

  41. Doc Mark

  42. Doc Hamelers

  43. Medical care

  44. Mister T Day Spa

  45. Tricity

  46. GRRH tag

  47. Comet's reindeer

  48. Birfday party!

  49. Birfday cake!!!

  50. Gettin drawn by renown artist Mike McCartney!

  51. Belly rubs

  52. Bandanas

  53. Other stylish attire (sorta)

  54. PPS... personal poop scooper!

  55. Indoor bunkers instead of outdoor ones!

  56. Indoor bunker - half baff

  57. Indoor bunker - full baff

  58. Indoor bunker - tub

  59. Indoor bunker - crate

  60. Indoor bunker - draftin table

  61. More days than not... bunker not needed

  62. Back yard
  63. My toy basket
  64. How many of you have ever driven a Porsche? I have!

  65. Bones

  66. Ear rubs

  67. Leanin into the Mom's hip and thigh when she sit in patio chair

  68. Birds

  69. Squirrels

  70. Flyin squirrels

  71. Lizards

  72. Frogs

  73. Cat poop (the Mom say ick)

  74. Receivin greetin cards in mail... thank you to the Aunts Dav and Karen and the Cousins Lovey, Rizzo and Zeke!

  75. The Bleu basket of toys what come wif him

  76. Cousin Collin and Aunt Diana

  77. Brisket

  78. Aunt Lisa and Cousin Sidney

  79. Christmas
  80. Bein apple of someone's eye

  81. My very own Book of Luke what the Aunt Dav made for the me (and ok, the Mom!)

  82. St Francis

  83. And he forgiveness!

  84. And he blessins!

  85. And he smokin jar!

  86. Toofy squirt

  87. Furminator!
  88. Baked chicken... the Mom's, not Kroger's!!!

  89. Attention for any and ever one

  90. Chin shmooshes

  91. Tellin stories
  92. Apple treats

  93. Lush St Augustine grasses

  94. Wallerin

  95. Puttin head in frige

  96. Protection
  97. Aunt Karen's ideas and advice

  98. Valentine surprise for the Mom and thank you to the Aunt Madison, Uncle Tom and also the herd!

  99. Gala table centerpiece what feature the me!

  100. Internet access

  101. TVs

  102. Jammies made wif love by the Aunt Karen... specially when hangin on door knob

  103. Discoverin grill cheese sammich maker also makes pot of sghetti

  104. My Gotcha Day!

  105. Regular and prompt eye boogie removal

  106. Cheek rubs

  107. Attention of all kinds

  108. Friday afternoons

  109. Saturdays

  110. Sundays

  111. Vacation days

  112. My Birfday!

  113. Kongy

  114. Acorns

  115. Flowers in my hairs

  116. Pecans

  117. Sticks

  118. Rocks

  119. Poop free back yard!

  120. Chip on my shoulder

  121. Next door Sammy!

  122. Christmas presents
  123. Days wifout benadryl

  124. GRRH reunion

  125. Barker Street Bakery cookies

  126. My stuffed stockin at Christmas

  127. Wanted: Cool Hand Luke... poster what the Mom made for the me!

  128. Birfday presents

  129. Givin birfday goody bags
  130. Hearin "pat pat pat" on big bed
  131. Runnin to the Mom when the Bleu get in trouble

  132. Gotcha day presents

  133. Visitin the herd!

  134. Carrot crunchies
  135. Formal wear!

  136. Breezes blowin frew my hairs on sunny day

  137. Peanut butter
  138. Pet Stop shoppin bag... ok the innerds!

  139. Songs my the Mom sings

  140. Easter eggs!

  141. New stuffies just because

  142. Naps wif the Mom

  143. Havin my own trolley

  144. Ridin in it

  145. Serious Chats

  146. Bedtime Stories

  147. Sweet nuffins whispered in my ear

  148. Kisses all over... can't beat em

  149. Pet Paradise, but not to live there no more

  150. Socializin

  151. Blog contests- playin

  152. Blog contests -throwin em

  153. Nutritious foods

  154. Fish oil squirts

  155. Explorin other peoples' yards

  156. Spit baffs

  157. Surprises in mail

  158. Personal doorman

  159. Never have to ask twice to go back inside

  160. Walks

  161. My leash!

  162. Pizza crust

  163. Orvis!

  164. St Patrick's Day

  165. Fresh clipped toenails

  166. Havin dew towel dried!

  167. Rilin Rotty in the corner of yard!

  168. Runnin fence wif Doxy!

  169. Sit shake and down for treats
  170. Smilin over my tails my dog buddies tail

  171. Soft pillows

  172. Eatin treats on the big bed

  173. Followin the Mom ever where

  174. Trustin the Mom to step over me!

  175. Cool kitchen floors

  176. Map of cool air vents

  177. Fried chicken (rare but occasional bite)

  178. Clean sheets

  179. Emotional support for me and also the Mom

  180. Burgers

  181. Favorite corner to sleep wif head in

  182. Poop not ever in of doors but fun in embarassin places like just outside of PetsMart

  183. Memorial Day
  184. Flea comb feel good when don't have fleas

  185. Cool Hand Luke movie poster featurin the me (in place of the Paul Newman)

  186. Popsicles

  187. Where is Luke on GRRH website (similar to Where is Waldo)

  188. Sleepin wif the web"master"

  189. Bacon

  190. Play dates

  191. Havin my pitcher on display at Different Strokes Pet Boutique!

  192. Prayers... say em!

  193. Prayers... included in em!

  194. Layin back to back wif the Bleu

  195. Good good neighbors!

  196. Investigatin inside of other peoples' houses

  197. Bleu back make good pillow
  198. Drinkin water outta the Mom's cup durin a hurricane
  199. Havin a fully stocked hurricane bunker get away what the Mom prepare for us... it include tranky-lizers, flashlights, tv, radio, treats and waters (a cup but no bowl... note for this year!)
  200. Layin on pallet in baffroom wif the Mom arm around the me

  201. Thanksgivin

  202. And I thankful for all these many things and then some
  203. Smooches of all kind!

  204. Cheddar cheese

  205. Chew bones

  206. Poster what feature the me and my favorite things!

  207. Helpin the Mom cook (rare but occasional event)

  208. Cleanin up spills

  209. Help the Bleu wif dropped crumbs

  210. Grocery day

  211. 4f of July

  212. Havin the Mom to depend on

  213. Havin the Uncle Tom take me and the Mom to Gulf Coast

  214. Haing the Aunt Karen who meet us in times of needs at the Fairbanks

  215. Never bein alone...!

  216. Helpin the Mom wif chores

  217. Runnin from the Bleu

  218. Chasin the Bleu

  219. Sneakin secret dairy treat (benefit of followin the Mom)

  220. Glyco-Flex glucosomine

  221. Open closet doors

  222. Hittin digital scale wif paw in middle of night so it beep (just for fun)

  223. Devotion of so many

  224. Care by so many

  225. Photos of the me

  226. GRRH Class of 2008 Photo Montage!

  227. Pill Pockets

  228. Labor Day

  229. Layin on architectural drawins what come from the factory

  230. Cheetos

  231. Packages and bags on the floors

  232. No worries

  233. Clockwork Heart Guard

  234. Routine

  235. Tater tots (rare but occasional treat)

  236. Twitterin

  237. Happy dance to happy song

  238. Time of night when a/c turned down

  239. Hidin toys in the big bed

  240. My collar

  241. Scrambled egg

  242. Home body the Mom

  243. Lazy days

  244. Soft furs

  245. Immediate attention to itchies

  246. Lotion on my paws

  247. Good long sigh of contentment

  248. Guardin the perimeter

  249. Summer baffs in back yard

  250. Turkey towel treatment

  251. Valentines Day

  252. No mats in hairs!

  253. PC (poop checker)

  254. Emptyin the toy basket

  255. Givin gifts to my friends

  256. Makin greetin cards

  257. Hoppin over the Bleu

  258. Blockin the Bleu into a room

  259. Control

  260. Havin the Mom who plan life round weather

  261. Layin on clean towels what ready to be folded

  262. Library table to put head under

  263. Clean floors

  264. Blog comments!!!

  265. Company!!!

  266. Popcorn

  267. Bein told top o my head was kiss by angel

  268. Ear kisses

  269. Even Marlo Thomas That Girl Ear Stylin (good shake of head and back to normal)

  270. Flower bed

  271. Ceilin fans

  272. Squeak of pantry door is music to my ears

  273. Stalkin birds and squirrels on power line

  274. Sound of plastic bag in kitchen

  275. Tranky-lizers have their place

  276. Tub baffs

  277. Layin at the Mom feets when she eat her dinners

  278. Respect

  279. New Year Eve and Day

  280. Once black nose now pink, thank you

  281. L&BC (lump and bump checker)

  282. Binkies

  283. Word "mine"!

  284. Jerky
  285. Aunt Nelda who call and check on the me

  286. Havin bell bottoms brushed!

  287. The occasional face book quote

  288. Discoverin toy under bed

  289. Plottin joke on the Bleu

  290. Pointin out dead bug on floors

  291. Winter!

  292. Bein number one, even when share position wif the Bleu

  293. Buddy Biscuits

  294. TV nights

  295. Curiosity bout the fish tank what the Mom call a quarium

  296. Good burps spell H-A-P-P-Y

  297. Not ever in trouble (in not make break for it wif run away adventure)

  298. Figurin out I don't want to run away

  299. Keepin one eye on the Mom at all times (outta love, not distrust)

  300. Peoples checkin on the me durin bad weather

  301. Food delivery (what a concept!)

  302. Bein featured in GRRH fund raisin... like poster boy!

  303. Understandin

  304. What??? I can lick plate???

  305. Figurin out dishwasher noise

  306. Cornbread
  307. 430 in the am , can't tell you why

  308. PWBM... personal water bowl monitor

  309. Ask go outside when the Mom on the phone

  310. Find mischief outside when the Mom on the phone

  311. Checkin bird nests

  312. Cool wash rag round neck and on underside of ears... after long hot walk

  313. Freeze dried buffalo liver tho I hate for them to be wifout theirs...

  314. Makin the circle in the house... specially when the Mom try pull funny on me

  315. King of Guilt... I am good at it

  316. Havin my owwy's treated... though not wif the sprays!

  317. Knowin closet where future toys and treats reside

  318. Havin most awesome Luke sitter go by name of Aunt Karen

  319. Layin on bed when the Mom change sheets

  320. Stock pile of toys in hidin

  321. Animal Planet

  322. Brown rice not bad, actually...

  323. The Bleu is politer than me.

  324. The Bleu is slower than me.

  325. Discoverin mystery in belly of Kongy

  326. Rollin over on clicker in middle of night

  327. Playin wif Santa Bear in July

  328. Big box come in door = 32# Case of Wysong Anergen = Contract Renewal

  329. Jingle of leash
  330. Good stuff from

  331. A nouncement of "last call"

  332. Bein first frew door all ways

  333. Never no more anger in my life

  334. Fresh waters and personal dispenser of same... in the trolley

  335. Many opportunities to poop very far away from home

  336. Have the Mom far outweigh have the hurricane

  337. Hurricane is lemonade on a counta the Mom home very much and long

  338. Pillow is good place for the head
  339. Dingo bones
  340. Dingo bites

  341. Sunshine comin frew window is good and happy thing

  342. Ozarka is good substitute for the Miracle Waters!

  343. Havin the Mom place binky over me on cold night

  344. Special Christmas binky!

  345. Well wishes... they mean lots

  346. Lotion on Chapter One callouses

  347. Callouses what now soft

  348. Drought... not ever one happy bout it, but I am

  349. Cool cool COLD airs in the trolley

  350. The Mom right hand what stabilize me in the trolley

  351. Havin my own zeu of toys

  352. And my own generator... just in case

  353. Bein sound o sleep and hearin rustlin in kitchen

  354. Bein the household weather man. Take pride in bein better than tv.

  355. Not knowin what is door bell

  356. Good things what come out of trolley

  357. Home made cookies by the Mom

  358. Bein the Mom's inspiration for rescue...

  359. Whir of a/c condenser my favoritest of out of doors noise

  360. The Bleu's dirty ears what mean I get mine cleaned right after he's (though mine all ways clean enough to eat outta)

  361. Man tend lawn is real nice and do good job... and I don't have to be out there when he do it!
  362. Fresh cut grasses.

  363. Sick days for the Mom. I do not like the her to be sick, but I do like her to be the home!

  364. Cookin Sundays

  365. Paw rubs
  366. Advice, support and love I get from my (blog) friends... parentheses there on a counta we past just bein online pals... we true friends
  367. Big blue jug on way in door! Thank you, Uncle Tom!

  368. Poetry... I wrote some

  369. June bugs crunch crunch crunch
  370. Bully bones

  371. Ok... even like havin slippers trimmed

  372. Peanut butter cookies... the Mom's

  373. The instant I realize the Mom is gettin outta bed!

  374. Baked chicken sammich on a counta I get the last bite.

  375. The Mom tell me I good boy bout million time a day

  376. Clean toofies

  377. Rat flushin (the Mom say O no Luke no)
  378. Yogurt drops

  379. Bringin the Mom lizard carcass
  380. When big lump burst into just bobo... very good thing!
  381. Blockin the patio door so no body go in or out wifout Luke permision

  382. Lays potato chips (prefer ruffles what have ridges but regardless of texture, cannot have just one)

  383. Stay up late wif credit discounted by 25% when come to expected time of get out of bed and eat the breakfasts

  384. Smell of tamales (never tasted em but pretty sure I should)

  385. Beed seein eye dog cause I spend fair amount of time followin the Mom while she look for her glasses
  386. Pumpkin (I get some when the Bleu cannot go)

  387. Indoor bunker (what I just now discover) - Comet's blue chair
  388. Bleu calmness
  389. And also he politeness
  390. Ice cubes
  391. Explorin garage
  392. Clean comforter
  393. Stalkin
  394. Occasional peek out front window
  395. Loose lean cooked ground beef
  396. Bein paws on a shirt
  397. Furs blowin under ceilin fan
  398. The Mom foot on my back
  399. Did I say toys? I mean all of em!
  400. Shmuggles... all day all kinda way!!!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 400: Fusion Friday

Again, I think this should be "Fried Chicken Friday" but the Mom have other more healthy ideas so we call it "Fusion"...

Post Bunker Photo Op

And because the Checkers comment yesterday that he want to see my head under the library table last night, I offer you this:

Day Off, No Schedule Other Than Naps

Today was good day on a counta the Mom schedule day off to tend to me after the surgery I was posed to have yesterday but did not need to have!

And after hard thunderin week, it was nice for us to just rest and nap...

And the Bleu, he take his rest and nap seriously...

I think we can all agree I am ruggedly handsome one in family but the Bleu... he got the cute sweet face! Just sayin.

Some things happened durin day what the camera did not catch but here my ear in flop mode while I enjoy hangin wif two o my favorite stuffies!

Barker Street Bakery at the Dog Show

And then also been meanin to share wif the you, a nother good part bout the Dog Show and that is treats we get from the Barker Street Bakery!

And inside good smellin box is four cookies and two peanut butter cups for me and the Bleu!

And the Bleu wif his sniffer in high gear, he circlin the photo op!!!
The the two #1 cookies is mine, on a counta they are iced wif yogurt and the Bleu, he is allergic to dairy!!!
(And apologies to the winners of my 500f post contest on a counta Barker Street say yogurt ice treats be disaster when shipped this time of year outta Houston!)
But don't go feelin too sorry for Big Boy cause he get boaf paw print cookies what he relish!

Nobody can believe that the Mom let me eat cookie on the big bed but that is where I really enjoy my special treats and the Mom thinks I was wifout specialness so long in Chapter One, she good wif me catchin up.
She say "no need to own sumfin what the Luke cannot eat cookie on"... end quote.

I go outside after yummy treat and still... I lick my lips!

GRRH's Garner On TV!

And speakin of the deservin boys, GRRH's Star Student in Trainin... the Garner... was included in a story on KHOU, Channel 11, Houston's local CBS Affliate!!! It was a story bout hurricane preparedness and featured the Pet Paradise Hobby wif their Category 3 construction!

Here is my the Mom's most favorite Golden Mix boy wif trainer Sandy... who he love!

And here is Big Boy Garner who bust frew gate and dive in bone shape pool! (Pet Paradise is WONDERFUL resort!!!)

Mario Gomez was reporter, and he is real swell fellow who we know and love on the news. He take down lots of information, and hopefully GRRH get some kind of feature story soon!

Until then... here is to hopin that Mister G find he Forever Home... REAL SOON!
You can see more photos and read more about the Garner here and here!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day 399: Thunderous Thursday

The Mom was gonna take some happy pitchers of me for my blog today on a counta I have not posted any such in quite while... but then it happened.

Boom Boom Boom, the bottom fell out and kept fallin until bout two hours later and now it is 735 in the pm and I have not beed outside since 645 this am. And I not goin now on a counta I have my head under the library table. I just hold it.

"Well" the Mom say... "it sure hard to take happy pitcher wif Luke head under there", so she put camera down and say "but Luke you need to blog" and I say "get a paper and jot this down" and so here go...

I hate thunder. And that's all I got to say.

So for filler, I offer these fun photos of PAWS Houston boof at Dog Show... talk about your heavy pettin! And your soft furs! These kids made some serious dough for the cause!

Care for a belly shot???

And now in the interest of joggin your memory of the Luke in happier more care free times, I offer you the this... as I remind my self that this was the day I was posed to have the surgery what I did not have to have! And that make me AND the Mom REAL HAPPY!

P.S. I just love the sun what come frew the window and wash the wall!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 398: I Tried But I Can't Be Wordless On Wednesday!

This is the Jax who is real sweet boy who lookin for a foster or foster-to-adopt home. After hard life and abandonment in back yard, he has blossomed in just two weeks, and he was real ham at dog show and spittin image of doggy on blanket beyond... just sayin! Please read more about Jax!

And this is the Toby who I told you before had found good home but they return him on a counta he not perfect boy (I think... on a counta they still in bereavement over Golden they lost not so long ago)*** and so he beed back wif his lovin Foster Mom, the Chelsea... that is until this weekend!

So don't feel sorry for the Toby no more, cause he livin large in his NEW Forever Home where he was meant to be! You see... things all ways work out for the best.

Here is photo of GRRH boof before things got super busy. Behind table you will see the Jerry wif my the Aunt Madison and also my Uncle Tom way in back. ANd below table, you will see a little surprise and that is Chelsea's Wilde (who was Ashleigh).

Wilde is a Golden and Great Pyrenees mix what mean she has best of boaf personalities! Isn't she pretty???!!!

Ashleigh Wilde is a very special and lucky girl because she has wonderful Mom what love love LOVE her... and GRRH family is rich cause we love them boaf!

***Note from the Mom: It's just SO unreasonable to expect a dog, whether a rescue... or the finest pure bred puppy to be perfect from Day One, Two... or ever, really.

If you expect perfection, perhaps you're not a "dog person"... as it is more often than not, their imperfections and mischief that make them so endearing, so lovable, so fun. Many a tight bond is founded on imperfection... theirs and ours.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day 397: Best OF Show

My the Mom had me and the Bleu carry-catured at the Dog Show by renowned artist Mike McCartney! And here is Mike after he was done!


We are all very excited about the outcome what Mike conjured up and drew into fruition! I think he capture spirit of the Luke and also the Bleu, of course... and also our respective passions what are bloggin and sticks!

Neatest thing is how he weave our personality in and also add fun surprises!

Bigify the photo for more detail!


1. The beautiful Comet streaking protectively across the sky... bring tears to the Mom's eyes.
2. Nice airplane what the Wright Brothers love!
3. The Mom tole Mike that she like blue bird what was on his own t-shirt and look there, he end up on end of Bleu stick, too!
4. And last but certainly not least... Gotta love that Mike a big fan of movie what share my name of Cool Hand Luke, on a counta he pitcher me here eatin hard boiled eggs! And if you never saw the movie, you need find copy quick on a counta it reel good! Just sayin!

Mike is real nice fellow and talented beyond belief. He is takin the image back wif him to he studio to scan in so we can order some nice things for our self. He will send original back to us soon so we can hang in prominent spot in our a bode as a reeminder how we can't wait to do it again real soon!

Stay tuned for more adventures from the Dog Show in days to come!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 396: Best IN Show

Champion of Toasty's Treasure Island wins BEST IN SHOW!!!!!

Treasure parents live in Boca Raton, Florida and they are Pam and Jerry Oxemburge... and handler Clint Livingston live in Brighton, Colorado.

I not sure of logistics wif the show dogs and so when I go to bed tonight and ever night here after I will pray that Treasure beed happy where ever he live on a counta he is sure good lookin Golden not as but not quite as handsome as the Luke. Just sayin.

Day 396: Catchin Up, Big Nouncement and Also Request!!!

Catchin Up

Last week beed a busy and somewhat stressful week. I not get chance to blog and so now I present to you boaf hi and lo lites:

1. The Mom had very much work stress includin after hours client meetin on Monday evenin what on top of tiredness from out of town weddin trip was just too much. She say big comfort to just flop wif us boys.

2. Last minute Dog Show t-shirt ink color not work out so had to call audible... and just hope for best on a counta there nuffin else can do.

3. GRRH brought in firteen dogs (hard to believe 13 Golden Retrievers in dire state in one week but they are!) middle of week and the Mom had to get them in the Adoption Book and also on website before the Dog Show. She finish at midnight fifteen on Friday mornin and so my four firty snuggle request come early to the her.

4. I spend week bein good boy and followin the Mom ever step oh and also givin Pink Baby and others big workout.

5. The Bleu spend week bein silly on a counta he back to bein the Mom's "toot-toot" and feelin like he ornery self. He spend lotta time beggin the Mom to play "I got this ear. And that one. And this leg. And the tail..." He love that game and get so excited and I look on and wonder what wrong wif the him to think that fun game... Just sayin.

6. The Mom come home Friday from Dog Show and her dogs were tired and I not talkin bout me and the Bleu. She worry frewout day on a counta weather report threatnin but it not come true and so we have good chillin evenin tho it hot out of door.

7. I got big happy surprise on Saturday what the Mom, inspired by the Aunt Dav, cook up for the me and the Bleu! (Look for upcomin post!) Just sayin!!!

8. I got big unhappy surprise on Saturday what was passle of thunder and not much rain. I got real upset and I jump over the Bleu head bout thousand time tryin to find where I wanted to be... but then the Mom try her new therapy what work somewhat ok and more on that later.

9. Sunday was a lot of family time and even though the Mom had to catch up on chores, she also talked and sang and rubbed our heads and laid down so we could lay down beed side of her and it was very good day what make me remember the good ole days what not so busy. Just sayin.

10. Today was ok day until the Mom left for factory and then it was great when she sneak out from work at 320pm and get home early and it was wonderful for few short minutes until the thunder it did start. She try thunder therapy on me and I end up fallin a sleep on the Bleu's legs and ok kinda nestled up into him but don't tell no body on a counta that NOT befittin of the Luke image. I fink the Bleu leg prolly lost circulation in he legs but he so happy I not havin nervous breakdown and jumpin over he head... he lay perfectly still. Just sayin.

I sorry for beedin so wordy but just had big time gap to fill in and don't want you to miss nuffin on a counta I knowed you beed waitin wif the baited breaf... (ha)

And now if I may ask the Bleu for drum roll what really he too long toe nail in 3 point circle spin on hard wood floor...


Thanks to the vigilant and scared Mom, good doctors, good medicines and more than ANY thing else... ALL WHO HAVE PRAYED OVER ME...!!!

I will not be havin surgery this Thursday on a counta my lumps are gone and there is nuffin to remove!!!

It is miracle and nuffin less. And there is no way I could ever thank you enough for all you have wished and prayed for the Luke. You see, when I go to oncologist after the mast cell tumor surgery, he only give me 10% chance it not recur. And prediction was it would recur wifin 6 monfs.

I beed a boy wif skin problems any and all ways and as Doc Mark say, I have had bout least one of ever thing and most of them he took off of the me.

And I know I already beed too verbose but I close wif this one last of two things... Ever time the Mom tell the Aunt Karen that Luke deserve break... the Aunt Karen say, "Luke got he big break was when he found his the Mom"...


And now my second and most important of last two things... I am relieved to learn that the
Woodrow is feelin better (and that Tank still has an ear!) and that is please, please, PLEASE keep prayer goin for the Phantom on a counta we most certainly will. Miracles do happen and odds are beaten and I wish and pray for sweet Phantom a thousand miracles and then some...!

Me and the Mom and the Bleu (of course) love you all!!!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day 388: Dozen Things and Then Some

This here has beed boaf one busy and also one not so busy at all weekend on a counta the Mom beed gone too long away from the me and the here but that for super special reason and so I ok wif it.

So, here is some miss celaneous things about my weekend:

1. I have nother bobo on my elbow what is kinda like the thing on my back and also on my side and the Mom is upset. It feel full of fluid and is somewhat shrinkin and hopefully will resolve it self wif meds I am on for the other spots what are so much better! But I forsee nother trip to see the Dr Mark. Just sayin.
2. I have not had pain meds in coupla days on a counta I am not in pain, but even so am not feelin quite one hunderd per cent just yet what give me laid back tude. Might be bobos, might be aunty biotics, don't know... Just not xactly my usual robust self.
3. Add extreme free digit heat to lethargic and nonchalent tude and I give you yawn!

4. My the Mom beed gone long time this weekend on a counta my Cousin Alana Kay got married to my new Cousin Garrett and it was very very VERY special family weekend... even though I could not be there. But just wait on a counta they are gonna be livin here in the Houston and so it all beed good real soon. Just sayin.

5. The Bleu got sick right be fore the Mom had to leave town and she worried bout the him non-stop. And wif more time she would drop him off wif the Aunt Madison, but she know the Aunt Karen take care of the him real good...
7. One bright side to whole Mom beed gone thing is we beed saved by the Aunt Karen again! She take precious time away from the Cousins Zeke and Rizzo and she come care for us fully and completely and also report back to the Mom.
8. The Aunt Karen place the Bleu on limited ration and she love and pet on us (and poke on the him) and a llow us boaf to do multitude of businesses and then she love on us some more. And then she do not leave until she can do so in manner what I the Luke do not protest.
9. The Mom she do agree wif the Aunt Karen and so the Bleu continue on the limited but increasin portion of foods just to be sure... and he is hungry and beggin for most ever thing the Mom eat and we even caught him sniffin stuff on the kitchen counter. He NEVER does that and did not learn it from the me no matter what he say! I tell troof. He do not. Just sayin!
10. The heat wave it does continue and that make it most miserable no matter what time of day and it sure cut into any hope I have of goin on walk any or other special out of door activity on a counta don't wanna be much further from ass conditioner than bout back fence. Just sayin.. And just so I beed clear on circumstance, it beed 940pm at the night and it 90 degrees wif heat index of 98 degrees. How you spell M-I-S-E-R-A-B-L-E. Need definition? Refer to my backyard.
11. Must quickly say that one thing what transform state of my backyard from miserable to desirable this night is frogs, baby frogs and june bugs! I cannot get enough but the Mom has overruled so curfew in force.

12. My the Mom works too much when she beed home... but I know she beed doin and providin good things for me and the Bleu and also for other what are less fortunate than our selves and so I beed tryin real hard to put up wif the it, but I also beed doing few things what make her engage wif the Luke. (I beed real happy when the life return to the normal! Just sayin!)...

And that lead me to remember to boaf tell you and to ask...

Golden Retriever Rescue of Houston will beed havin fun boof at the Reliant Park World Series of Dog Shows. If make it out, please go by boof and ask for my the Mom... you can ask for 'Luke's Mom' or her other identity what is 'Amanda'. I know she beed there Friday and Saturday for sure and she would love to meet the you!!! You can meet some of our available dogs who need a forever home, and there will be fun stuff to buy and also a raffle and all proceeds go to help Goldens in need. Very very VERY worthy cause.

Pee Ess I know there beed things wrong wif this post... but I swear, when I try correct the them, the html get all mess up and so I leave it a lone but I not happy. Just sayin.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Day 386: DAYZED, Confused and Grateful

I am so barassed on a counta I seem to have lost most a bility to count when come to days... but rest assured the Blogger one who count the 500 posts so Winners can consider them self exempt from the Luke mathematical challenge, confusion and big booboo.

I think this Day 386 and I should stress THINK... but exact number not all that portant when come to what I have to say...


My big lump what was size and shape of pecan (in shell) has oozed and ruptured somewhat and now is flattened and even smaller than it was at the lunch time today and wif ception of the obnoxious warm compresses what the Mom put on it bout million time a day... it not botherin me no longer...!

And followin up on orders, the Mom talk to the Dr Mark this afternoon by phone to give him update and he say progress bout what he hope for and might be free (3 is long to me) weeks before I healed and then we valuate what left and whever surgery gonna be necessary to remove it.

And so here hopin ain't nuffin left and please know I think I beed here in this place wif such high hope in large part due to your prayer and SUPPORT and please continue include the me in the them. Not sure I can ever repay you adequately but you got Luke word I WILL DO MY BEST!

And please also I ask this very very VERY most important request...

Please please PLEASE remember my friends the Phantom and the Woodrow who also need prayer of recovery and healf and happiness... on a counta they SO more than deservin and also I love the them.

And if I have missed any the one else who have specific need, please know it beed crazy round here right now and I am very behind on the keepin up wif my friends... I sowwy but please know that all of the you are all ways in my prayers on a counta I love you and you just are!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 400: Wordy Wednesday, Winners, Another Trip To The V-E-T And Also Thunder...

Thank you to all who congratulated me on my 500f post! Many wonder how I post so many, not know really but guess just got lots to say after so long in backyard wifout freedom of blog...!


I am pleased to announce winners of my little contest and they are my good friends:

The Thundering Herd
Tucker, Daisy and Leo

What o what you may wonder did you win??? Well even Luke don't know just yet... but can say your prize will be hand selected for the you next weekend at
Reliant Park World Series of Dog Shows! And I truly hope it will be sumfin you (might have to shop for the Leo elsewhere!) and your family will enjoy! I also beed workin on lil graphic for you to put on your blog if you so choose to honor our Freedom to Blog!

Now... how do I get your address??? Well I gonna have to get my email put on this blog but also my the Mom will try get in touch wif the you frew your email address if she can find it... but please DO keep checkin by!


I know you know I had two lumps examined last Fursday but what you don't know is the one what I was to worry about what was on top of my mast cell tumor scar has now completely ruptured and there is nuffin there. And that is good thing.

But what you also don't know is that lump on back what was nuffin to worry bout... went from size of small mosquito bite to size of grape between time the Mom went to work and came home yesterday...

She immediately call doctor but it almost time for them to close and Doc Hamelers say it sumfin should be looked at but not emergency and so the Mom make a pointment wif the Dr. Mark for today.

And so we went. And it was not fun. Well... wif ception of my the Aunt Karen surprisin me there wif the berry crunch treats... it was not fun.

Dr. Mark closely examine spot on scar and he think it ok. But then he try aspirate lump on back and... let me take deep breaf and figure out how to tell rest of story in mixed company...

It not go well and they had to put the face mask on me and anyway, again wif the stainin of the slides and here are results:

"Swelling at location of aspirate from last week. Pus cells found today. No apparent tumor cells. Mast cell possible but much more likely cellulitis or abscess forming. Administer antibiotics and pain medications as prescribed and apply warm compresses several times daily."

That, I guess is good news, but there is still lingerin possibility bout which the Mom is frettin but not me on a counta shot and pills add to extra benadryl the Mom give me before we leave home (in case mast cell tumor)... all that on top of excitin car ride and I beed tired that is until...


Insult added to injury and me and the Mom spend last bout 45 minutes in bunker wif the her holdin warm compress to my back.

Prayers and Apologies

I humbly ask you please keep Luke in your prayers that this is infection what will be cleared up soon. I remain on surgery schedule for July 23 just in case... but prayers to God's ear and maybe just maybe it won't be necessary...

Never thought I would pray for cellulitis or abscess but am. Just sayin.

And now I must apologize on a counta preoccupation of the Mom and therefore the me. We, I mean I have not made our blog rounds on a counta boaf the frettin and exhaustion.

Please know I love you, miss you, will be back in routine and catch up real soon!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day 399: My 500f Post Celebration and Contest!

I am on brink of 400f day and this beed by 500f post and this cause for the celebration!

And so to first five who post comments, there will come a surprise what I will make every attempt to select for the you! Don't get hope up too high... will not solve world peace but might be some small sumfin you like, I hope.

Thanks to the Mom my 399 most special...and to you my dear friends who comment so devotedly, you make my 500f post effortless!

wif very much love for you ALL!

The Golden Boy Lucky... Cool Hand Luke

Monday, July 6, 2009

Day 398: My Super Secret SBTAK Photo Shoot... aka What I Did Last Wednesday!

The secret is out...!!!

When the Mom out of town last Wednesday, me and the Bleu and the Aunt Karen not just have fun and lovin and dinners and businesses and not necessarily in that order... but we also have super secret photo shoot what the Aunt Karen put into this swell smilebox!!!

Click to play this Smilebox scrapbook: Luke & Bleu, SBTAK!
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Make a Smilebox scrapbook

Me and and also the Bleu (of course) love us some Aunt Karen! She give sweet lovin, prepare the tasty dinners, is very very clever and can keep very very VERY good secret!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Day 380: Happy 4f of July!

Want to wish a Happy Independence Day to you all and also share some of my day wif the you!

It is too hot to enjoy much of nuffin outside but I did engage in a little stalkin...

I also take moment to reflect on how good it feel to have someone I can DEPEND on even on INdependence Day!

And the Bleu, he enjoy the out of doors more than the me but that on a counta he never beed stuck out there (like I was first 9 years of life!)!
That boy even find small amount of shade and fill it wif he self! And just look at that great big smile o his!
And to tell troof, most of what I did when I was out of doors was circle back and ask please to let me go back in where the airs are cool!
And on the inside I did do a lot of the followin the Mom and helpin her wif the chores and the whatnot that she did do.
And o how I took a sweet nap!
So... No fire work. No parade. No backyard BBQ. No party. No real fan fair what so the ever. But what I did was real special...

I spent my day my favorite way and that is wif my the Mom who love me and also wif the Bleu who is real sweet brother and also source of great amusement.

I hope your day was special as well! Happy 4f of July, ya'all!!!