Friday, September 26, 2008

Day 99: Ups and Downs

The Mom ran off to work early this morning, and when she got home... she fired up the stinkmaker and we took us a reasonably comfortable nap.

I say she stayed out and up too late last night, she said the heat is getting to her but it's prolly a little of both.

Buzz is that the trucks is swarmin round here, but we seen none on this street... so the two of us wandered down to Mrs. M's house to wait and watch wif her. I love Mrs. M., and I laid sweetly by her chair!

We was both excited and disappointed as we had a few lone trucks stop by and seen way lots more haul butt outta here, in spite of Mrs. M and the Mom wavin mournfully!

They'll be back in the morning... I

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