Saturday, September 20, 2008

Things That Annoy A Golden Retriever When The Power Is Out for Eight Days

Even a golden retriever gets annoyed from time to time... and especially when he's hot!
  1. grumpy Mom.
  2. black cat in front yard.
  3. barking squirrel in window sill.
  4. gas fired engines... generators, mowers, blowers, chainsaws and helicopters... ever thing but a CenterPoint bucket truck.
  5. long grasses.
  6. laundry hangin in the middle of the yard.
  7. dogs aren't old enough to drink beer, wine or margaritas.
  8. if only I could sweat...
  9. static on the talking box.
  10. power cords ever where.
  11. obstacles... mostly ice boxes. indoors and out.
  12. not bein able to predict what the Mom is doin next.
  13. dirt on the floors.
  14. the Mom sometimes smells bad (but i ain't gonna tell her).
  15. too hot for the Mom to eat (bad for LuLu).
  16. nay-bors gone other places.
  17. all the meat's been cooked, et or thrown out.

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