Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day 226: And While On Subject of Bleu Bowl

While the Mom at factory, I been helpin the Bleu set up his own blog (stay tune for launch), so I been tryin not reveal too many Bleuisms from Luke perspective... I think it good for quiet boy speak up those for hisself. Just sayin.

But will take just one quick moment to say how he grown comfortable here in his new and believe me when I say his forever home... He dance like no tomorrow for his food bowl and he eat faster now not on a counta he think the Luke gonna nudge him outta it but on a counta he know he not just guest he live here.

And do anybody but me think it funny that the Bleu eat only and I do mean only outta green bowl... and the Luke who born on Ide of March what is green by sociation eat outta bleu bowl?

Funny. Just sayin.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Day 225: One Giant Leap

One small step for the Mom, one giant leap for the Luke... is one thing I keep forget to tell you. Well, not so much I forget but it sometime unbecomin to pat self on back but in this case I will...

For first month of Bleu tenure here, I rush through meal for opportunity at his (he slow eater so can you blame me?)... and the Mom she detain me after my meal by makin me sit and shake and other and down and sit and shake and... you get picture till the Bleu finish his bowl.

Well... last week or so, the Mom not detain me no more. And I been respectin Bleu's right to his bowl. I either stay wif the Mom in the kitchen or I walk right past him wifout pokin my nose toward it.

And the Bleu, who used to walk away from food in his bowl to try keep peace... he just keep eatin when I walk by on a counta he trust me now too.

Might not seem like much to you but that on a counta you don't know how much the Luke love to eat! I never meant to be mean about it, I just all ways figured I hungrier than the Bleu!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 223: On Top O My Remorseful Head...

The Mom she still not feel good but she went to factory and I stay home and clean bobo. I not hurt it, I just clean it like Doc say I should.

And the Mom she saw blog of yesterday and she say for me to tell you...

On top o my remorseful head... you see light spot? Well, the Mom say tell you "that's where the angel kissed me"!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 222: My Remorseful Head

The Mom she still sick and in bed not move but she still alive. I know on a counta I put mirror under her nose and it fog up. Just kiddin, I know on a counta my loud sigh make her get up and let me out. And Bleu know on a counta his big wet burp got her up to put more waters in the bowl on a counta she knew if he drank... bowl now empty.

I feelin bit better but hip not look nor feel so good. I got bunch o shots and takin aunty-biotics. And doc tell the Mom let the Luke pick the scab off it on a counta he couldn't get it off... but I leave it alone for today!

The Aunt Dav call last night to check on the sick Mom who whisper to her what happen today wif the Luke. The Aunt Dav beg the Mom not let me put picture of my owwwwwy on web on a counta it hurt her heart the last time.

So, for you Aunt Dav... here photo of my remoreseful head(!):

Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 221: Shock And Awe... Dismay, Anger and OUCH!

It very traumatic afternoon, we home now and I try forget... but not so easy...

1. We not go see the Mom doc we go see the Luke doc.

2. No waitin room big enough for pit bull mama + 10 puppies + 2 weimeraners + 2 bird dogs + 1 cat... + the Luke. Bit traumatizin and way too much to protect the Mom from when not feelin so good in general and then got big sore bobo on hiney.
3. It just horrible experience. The Luke scared and hurt. The doc try heal bobo but kinda upset wif the Luke for he growlin and screamin. The tech kinda scared and tired of holdin me down. And the Mom... she not just sick wif sickness but also half barassed half heart torn to shred from witness my pain.

4. All that and then pay big money for the sperience. The Mom say it all her fault on a counta she thought she could heal bobo... but guess it kinda the Luke fault mostly on a counta it not bear what bit me this time... it was me and my lickin.

We get back in car and we spress love (after I drink bout quart of water) like two what been separated by world war and it felt like one. Horrific day what I hope never repeat. Guess I need to stop lickin bobos on myself.

Just glad be home wif the Bleu where we boaf belong!!!

Day 221: The Mom Need Doctor

The Mom get up late this mornin, cough, snort, blow, spit... then call factory and whisper she stay home today. She manage outs and ins and breakfast needs of me and the Bleu and then we all go back to settle in lazily for day.

But then the Mom grab phone dial number make pointment wif doctor for late afternoon and I glad on a counta worry me some when ole gal park self in bed utter no sound... .

But then we go all go back sweep.

And then late afternoon come round and the Mom drag herself up from deafbed and much to Luke surprise, she grab leash and load me in the trolley.

Bleu wanna go but he well behaved and got good self esteem and he ok wif bein left home. I on other hand know the Mom way too sick she not go see doc alone no way no how.

For good measure, my good boy behavior return when in car by self wif the Mom. I quiet. After all... she need me.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 220: I Not Feel So Good Either

Been fightin hot spot on hip. And today tummy not good, head feel bit warm and I pretty much listless as the Mom.

Don't know how she notice but she do. She worry and fret and say we go see doc tomorrow.

Hope doc can fix boaf us on a counta the Mom really not feel so good either.

On side note, when the Luke and the Mom not feel good... it so quiet in here make taptaptaptaptaptaptap of the Bleu seem almost pierce ear.

But the Mom say that the way quiet boy tell the Mom when he have issue, want or need somefin.

Guess it equivalent to the famous Luke sigh what serve my needs pretty good round here might need honin just sayin.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day 219: Silence Is Golden?

The Mom sick and lost her voice. Wif ception of whispery rasp... she got nuffin.

And she been in bed all day wif very little ception. It not so bad on a counta me and the Bleu been up there for head rubs and undivided tention and she been a tentive to our in-n-out needs, well as our meal times.

She sleep lot but still pretty much putty in our paws.

And big plus for me is when I on outside and she wanna call me in I can't hear her.

Big plus for the Bleu is he can't hear the Mom say 'drop it drop it drop it drop it drop it drop it drop it'...

Really strange thing... I CAN STILL HERE HER TELLIN HIM THAT. Or... maybe that just voice in my head what grown so accustom to hear it said, that it bein re-peated in my brain where Bleu he cannot hear!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Day 218: Bleu Afternoon Trolley Ride

Just look at the Bleu! He don't look a feared of nuffin!

But try get him take ride in trolley and he all mooshy wif the fear!

And how we found out is this... the Mom rush home from factory eat quick bit o lunch and take us out like we goin for walk...

But then she open door of trolley and in swift second, I in backseat! I think I deserve Golden star on a counta I do somefin the Mom don't expect... I go to other side of seat and make myself small as possible on a counta the Bleu he so big and he comin next.

Or at least I think he comin next. I say think on a counta he stop not budge, he not hoppin in wif the glee shown by me! So the Mom commence to cajolin... and she got the front of him in and have to lift up the back before he go ahead and hop in.

So now we in, the Mom gotta go back lock house etc and I take opportunity to tell the Bleu it gonna be ok, you big, I give you 2/3 backseat... but o by the way, my 1/3 in the middle.

And the Mom come back and I make sure right quick she rectify this 60 degree temperature by turnin on ass conditioner right quick like. And then we off.

And as co-driver, I pretty sure route in alignment wif visit to
'the herd' and I'm down wif it on a counta I think one, I like it there... good senses and the Aunt Madison and Uncle Tom, and two... maybe we takin the Bleu home? Ok, I not so sure how I feel bout that but think I ask can he stay just one more night?...

And then the trolley pass the exit. And then we ride round what seem like aimlessly and the Bleu start whimperin real quiet but real high pitch... and then we stop in front of place I never seen...

And then lo and behole outta no where the Aunt Madison and Uncle Tom appear and we deboard the trolley and the Uncle Tom he take the Bleu inside the place! I not know what to think bout where he goin but I like bein on the outside wif the women folk. We three decide go in and we sit and I suddenly got lots to say real loud... on a counta now I know this place is doctor office!

The Mom she leave go in other room wif the Bleu and the Uncle Tom and I stay wif the Aunt Madison and get petted and rubbed. I not know what the Bleu doin but pretty sure it ain't good as this as he prolly getting poked and prodded and shot and stuff up the nose! So I become all about the waitin room experience and waller in it!

And then they all come out and we go for short walk cross street and then I not real sure who goin where but I know where I goin and that's back in the trolley and home. No time to ask questions or say goodbye, but answer come when the Mom lift the Bleu back end into the trolley to go to our home!

I always know I real special to the Aunt Madison and Uncle Tom on a counta all many wonderful and special things they done for me... and the Bleu was foster but same as their son for over 8 months so I know he uber special too... but still blow my mind how they go so far outta they way to help situations. And today was one... on a counta so many reasons.

It growin experience. The Mom say Wright Brothers and she gotta learn stand on our own 10 feet, gotta be in control over our own lives and be responsible. Luke hear what she sayin but still think my 4 inseparable from her 2... and we have to negotiate bout the Bleu!

Day 218: Happy Birfday Dear The Aunt Karen!

It's a very special day today on a counta it my Aunt Karen's Birfday!

I love her for
SO MANY REASONS not least of which she love and check on me and she talk the Mom off ledge of fear and o how I love sound of laughter when them two on phone together.

My Aunt Karen real smart and she know how to think through problems wif boaf logic and emotion and find answer, and that been big help to me and the Mom.

And on a counta her, I got
AK BABY and my favoritest of my favorites... KONGY!

But she special too on a counta she best Adoption Expert ever! I just one boy outta hunnerds what she found good and special and forever home.

Why... she did for me in few short days what noone could do for me in Waco in 10 long months! And when the Mom say she want young dog not more than 2 year old or maybe the Luke, the Aunt Karen not drop jaw or nuffin... she just say to the Mom the Luke run circles round dogs fraction of his age at Pet Paradise... And the rest shall we say is

So my wish for the Aunt Karen this day is... love, laughter, peace and comfort in a bun dunts. Add up all the rewards she seen to each of us Goldens havin... and that would be my gift!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 214: Two Good Things Bout Bleu

One: He come wif comfy bed and soft frog!

Two: He don't mind sharin either of em!*

*Specially when he in MY big bed!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 212: Breakin Habits

The Mom worry a ton about the Bleu who put most anything in his mouf outside and think it funny... and she worry he put wrong thing in mouf and make him sick... or he swallow wrong thing and it be real trouble, no jokin.

And so she think bout how she broke the Comet's habit of chewin stuff not hers... and decide bring toys outside and frow em, exchange toys for sticks and pecans.

And whattaya know it long shot but it work!

The Bleu love to play the fetch till I put end to game by beatin him to toy and takin it back frew open back door into house and onto the big bed!

The Mom now got two toys out there what she try to focus us on individually.

She such idealist. Gotta preciate that bout her... not to extent to humor her, but enough to think she sweet for thinkin she can equalize life and make it fair for us.

And seriously gotta love the Mom not just for all encouragements but also for rebukes... on a counta at the heart of each reprimand (and I think the Bleu will agree)... lies an unconditional love and concern for our happiness and well bein. Just sayin.

So we all win and somewhat feel good about today:
The Mom feel good she found what the Bleu like to search for and find.

The Bleu feel good on a counta he feel challenged to chase and retrieve object of value.

And the Luke feel good on a counta he recognize the value and emotion of event, retrieve object and bring experience to end on what he consider good note.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Nights 210, 211... GRRH Rules Compy

The Mom now host GRRH website on her own personal account and she spend hours and hours transferrin bout 45 million files over and tryin fix problems what rear ugly head on switch... on a counta what seem so simple really big bunch of jumbled up mess.

And while I very frankly tired and bored wif all (the Mom's) means and manner of tryin fix multitude of problem...

I also try be patient on a counta plight of Golden boys and girls like me hang in balance of love fallin and adoption contracts... and website one way my deservin cousins got to connect wif their forevers...

Look you see on my face just now is me huggin the ground o my own personal forever! Ain't gonna give it up for nuffin!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Nights 208 and 209: American Idle

Time wif the Mom is my favorite thing and next to lazy weekends and vacation days, gotta say my favorite is idle weeknights!

And lo and behole last two nights come premiere of American Idle and in theory I like concept!

It real good to have the Mom not doing nuffin but rubbin heads and ok textin the Uncle Stevey... but my ears o how do they sometime suffer!

Ain't heard such shreakin since Fuzzy Friends
... so I get on little bed and seek comfort of the Bleu's ducky.

Don't worry. I get back on big bed for news at 9 and night sleep wif the Mom.

Recap: Idle good just need watch pitchiness.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Day 207: My Cousin Lovey

Loyal readers you know my Cousin Lovey who I love just one small octopus more than a ton!

And I just receive her holiday photos what show that sweet girl wif some her bounty!

Lovey real pretty girl and she got her a new tree this year and this is a picture of her underneaf it.
She lucky and loved girl what eat foods I only dream of and she got golf cart what she ride in and other neat stuff...

She lucky too she have her Mom the Aunt Dav who is not just good but most excellent photographer who capture her moment in the snow unlike the Mom's photograph of
the Luke on the porch in the dark!
And one day soon Lovey might also have golden retriever pet what she call the Luke who live in the Uncle Benjy's barn (along wif the Mom and the Bleu, of course)! Just sayin. Could happen!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day 206: Dogs Wif Blogs

I am truly honored to be welcomed into and included wif elite group of Dogs Wif Blogs!

Golden Boy Luke gone global and best part is I make more friends all round the world!

You know how I love
my buddy Dino in Taipei... and now I make friends wif pretty Golden girl Amber-Mae who live in Selangor, Malaysia... and also a fun family called The Four Musketeers what are two mini Shnowzers and two Goldens who live in Singapore.

I say it over and over... but it good to be Luke.

And not many times do I have urge to ring up Chapter One and just let em know how I rise above in spite of how long I was held down.

I try not to but sometime imagine they probably think I either been put to eternal nap or aggrivatin someone else right now like they think I did them.
Sometime I don't want em to know how ultra-uber-utterly-over-the-top wonderful life is for me now, and sometime I do.

Sometime I want em to feel good bout finally makin right decision to let me be all I posed to be but still feel bad on a counta all they missed by stiflin me... and sometime I just want em to continue their life what was so easy to reject my needs for eight plus years and not look back... on a counta I try not to.

And that make me reflect on all that make Luke... Luke. And I sometime wish I been here all my life so I could be here longer cause I love this life and this Mom wif all fiber of my bein and just wish forever was longer... ya know?

But if not for all that stuff, I might not truly appreciate all it mean to be
Dog Wif Blog!

(I'm listed on
Page 6 and am #1093... and that means there's almost 1100 friends for me to make and blogs for you to check out!)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Night 205: Dog Sense Mystery

The harried Mom say she honored to be vited to the Aunt Melanie's house for dinners tonight and so she fed us left us here and it dark and me and the Bleu hunker down... him for a nap, me for some good chickin leg suckin.

Not sure she tole us the troof bout her night out on a counta she come back wif dog sense, 8 to be exact.

Me and the Bleu can confirm 5 senses to be 'the herd' but 3 others are as yet unidentified.

We are all over it though and this mystery WILL be solved!

Day 205: Tricity Problems, Day 5

We still got em, so we have nother trician come out and do work but he say it still a problem wif Mr. Point so here we are... waitin again... wif hope for change a dwindlin.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Day 204: Got Me GRRHdana!

The Uncle Tom and the Aunt Madison present me wif my own GRRHdana... and now I got no reason what I can think of to be jealous of the Bleu... other than his height what don't come in handy to him but would come in handy to me on a counta he don't counter surf.

It late and the Mom she been out for rooster tails and dinners wif the golden retrievers or else she say she would take picture of me and the Bleu in our GRRH apparel. You can bet one day soon such photo grace this page!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day 202: Tricity Problems, Day 2

It mornin now of Day 2. Been waitin on Mr. Point bout 21 hours now.

The Mom just call him again and say 'what bout word emergency do you not understand?' and don't know what they say back but I afraid of what could be next...


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day 201: Tricity Problems Too

We got em and we been waitin on this person and that all day today. Tricity problems ain't good not one bit at all, but golden linin to the black cloud is that the Mom been here all day.

Bad part is it been rainy out of doors and me and the Bleu went out of doors few times but mostly been in bedroom wif doors shut so trician could do his checkin. And phhhhew... it smell like wet dog in here on a counta Bleu. Just sayin.

Shoulda seen when the trician open bedroom door to work in here! I sprang into action ready to help! The Mom say no, though... she say if I know how to fix problem, I shoulda done it yesterday.

Ok, point taken.

So now after much ado about somefin, seem like it problem wif
Mr. Point and we been waitin on him bout 8 hours now. Not surprised. Could be 17 days based on past experience!

Day 201: Internet Been Out On A Counta Bleu A Fuse

Nice young CommyCast man come and fix my internet and my cable tvs today. He say problem was Bleu a fuse. Think that man make up story on a counta Bleu never near a fuse nor my compy nor even clicker cept when it get lost underneaf him in the big bed.

This how he look while I blog:

He big boy what take up lotta bed but he bout gentle as boy can be. I not say nuffin tho on a counta I don't want the Mom to think Luke a fuse!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Day 200: Luke A Naturalist... But Bleu GQ

Wif just me and the Bleu here by ourselves, I had chance to take look at his impressive collection of cloves...

Gee... I come here just lucky to have had baff! And Bleu come wif complete full ever season wardrobe...

I stop short of callin him 'sissy' on a counta I have lovin Mom now too, and she dress me in all manner of unflatterin and ok sissy things. I even sometime gotta wear hand-me-down what used to belong to a girl! But I always tell the Mom in protest... Luke a naturalist!

Bleu on other paw... he kinda GQ.

Day 200: BeepBeepBeepBeepBeep

Woke up this mornin and guess what... Bleu still here.

What a difference one day and a baff make, cause I ok wif it today... maybe cause it so funny to see that boy do double back flip when alarm go beepbeepbeepbeepbeep this mornin. Don't know if he never heard such thing but it was funny still.

It been while since I heard such racket, and I have mix feelins. On the one paw, the Mom gettin up puttin the breakfasts out early like I like it... on the other, she goin to factory what I don't like.

Gonna be good to have Bleu company while she gone, and if my timin just right...

O yeah...

I hog bed fore Bleu get chance!

Day 200: Happy Two Hunderdth Day!

200 short and happy days I been right here where I not just wanna be but where I posed to be... in this home wif this Mama!

And we shmuggle extra special and long this mornin on a counta the Mom count days and find joy in moments just like the Luke!

(I got special Buddy biscuits wif breakfast shhhhhh... don't tell the Bleu on a counta he can't have none on a counta he got al-urgies... and the Mom she say don't let him smell your breaf so I didn't...).

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day 199: Baffitude Adjustment

I just overall grumpy today, and the Mom she perplex to point she say only one thing change my tude...


And she right, on a counta I love baff for many reasons includin as follows:

1. Hop in tub see brother disappear.

2. Good a lone time wif the Mom.

3. Wet small price to pay for towel dry rubbin!

4. Hairs and skins feel good after baff!

5. Rippin & rompin frew backyard good way to style hairs.

6. Have Aunt Karen call as diversion while I put on my grass cologne!

Day 199: More About Bleu

Ever big brother once in great or even little while bound to wake up and think... oh no little brother still here and not goin back to stork or the Uncle Tom from which he come. And I think that this mornin today.

And no matter the Mom take us for walk and the Bleu so congenial I just grumpy and that just the way it is.

Make matters worse, the Mom go have breakfast wif the Aunt Madison and Uncle Tom and come back wif more stuff for the precious most special alebeit laid back and unassumin Bleu!

Big box got doctor records, more clothes, groomin stuff and brushes, three bags o tasty Bleu food and pretty much like the proverbial partridge in a pear tree...

Bleu now proud owner of GRRH bandana.

He great boy what come from lovin family to lovin family to our lovin family... and I happy for him, I welcome him, and I live up to all I promised the Mom...

I get over he still here and not goin back to stork or the Uncle Tom from which he come.

But now he got GRRH bandana and I don't!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day 198: Internet Out

Either I hate CommyCast or Commycast hate me and I forget which but my internet and cable tv down and I sad and mad.

I bored till lucky for me I stick head way up under bed find little ducky what was the Comet's. It got little hole and stuffin come out when I suck.

The Bleu not bored on a counta he just like a walk like what we had this mornin and then he like some yard where he can look for the sticks and then he like just loll a bout on the big bed...

But me, I need musements and the Mom doin chores mostly and beside avoidin the Dyson not much to do wifout blog and animal planet. Just sayin.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Day 197: I Love Holidays!

One thing what I learn lately is that I love holidays! And I guess I been so busy enjoyin em I begun to take em for granted... till today when the Mom got up early wifout alarm goin off but got dressed still and went to factory.

I guess I knew this day was a comin on a counta life could not ever keep bein so good as it been this last coupla weeks... but kinda came as surprise, too.

The Mom only work half day but felt like whole and me and the Bleu met her at door wif dancin and partyin when she come home!

We settlin in for first family weekend what include the Luke and the Mom and her other son... the Bleu!

And now she ask me please sign off so she can work on GRRH updates and so I will...

I keep journal by paw ever day and can post at my will and whim... but GRRH got sweet boys and girls what need immediate attention and posting on a counta they need new life what the Luke got some 197 days ago!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Day 196: Chill Wif My Bro On New Year Day

I spend first day that I'm Bleu's brother (got nice ring to it) just snoofin round yard and chillin wif him and the Mom.

No excitement really ceptin the Mom make both me and the Bleu eat a single black eye pea for luck she say.

Taste pretty good to me and I could eat whole bowl full but ole Bleu he funny, he slosh it round his mouf and I lay in wait case he spit it out but he swaller it, and the Mom say good thing on a counta we all need it.

Day 196: Nite Nite At Midnight

It too hot for the Luke to be on big bed, not care if it special occasion or not, but the Mom... and it just like her... she lay down on floor wif me once more to sure me I always be her special boy Luke.

I real sweepy but I tell her she always be the Mom...

Day 196: Bleu Reaction To News

Bleu, he funny, easy goin and happy boy. He never say much what leave me to watch what he do and guess what he think...

And wif big and happy news he stretch and he sprawl and lay head on toy. He thinkin...

"Life good. Bed big and comfy. Hope nobody make me move till mornin".

Day 196: Big News... I'm A Bleu's Brother!

Big B.H. Bleu also get New Year kiss from MY the Mom and then I hear her whisper in his ear...

She say she hope he happy and he here to stay forever... on a counta he her son and Luke's brother now!

And if not so late or early dependin on how you view stroke of midnight I might have hopped up and call family meetin but stead I lay here and think back on past week...

It been pretty good, only once maybe twice has the Mom pulled me to the side to say be better host.. and say if I not like havin the Bleu round just say word and she take him home... And I not say so much as wooh, I just stop wif the growlin and barkin and start sharin my toys.

Guess I trust the Mom wif the decision on a counta I know she love the Luke and nuffin ever gonna change her devotion to me on a counta she already prove so and I step up to plate and not be so a loof.

While too groggy to commit right here right now, I think it not so bad to be Bleu's brother...

Day 196: Happy 2009 And First NY Kiss!

Happy New Year!

2009 off to great start on a counta I got first kiss at stroke of midnight!

I guess I should be barassed on a counta it a kiss from the Mom... but I guess if she's not, I not!