Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day 346: Workin The Spot!

Last night... I get mad at the Mom for goin out to dinner wifout the me and so I chew hole in my tail. Seemed appropriate to me at the time. Just sayin.

Tonight she go out to dinner and leave me (and the Bleu, of course... boaf) in the cone. She back now and monitorin my tail (and the Bleu hiney-bo)... so I workin on the Spot!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day 345: One Year Ago Today...

Re: Luke the Golden‏
Sent:Fri 5/30/08 2:05 PM

I believe our transport will be making the trip with Luke on Tuesday. I will firm up those plans and email you a final. Thanks so much!

Day 345: Truly Honored!!!

I deeply honored to have received this International Bloggers Community Award from my good friends Feather, Darla, Pappy and LizzaBella, known internationally as the TN Bull Terrors !!!

And in graciously acceptin this award, I do also hereby comply wif the very fun and rewardin rules... and so as I paw it forward, please do too!

1. Link to the person who tagged you
2. Copy the image, rules and questionnaire
3. Post in your blog.
4. Answer the four questions.
5. Pick SEVEN friends to share with.
6. Come back to BLoGGiSTaiNFoCoRNeR at and leave the URL of your post in order for your blog to be added to the master list.
7. Have fun.

Your Questions and My Answers!:

A. The person who tagged you? ... "Persons" what go by name of my good friends Feather, Darla, Pappy and LizzaBella... those
TN Bull Terrors wif the clever blog "Kids In Dog Suits"!!!

B. His or her (or their) site title and URL? ... Kids In Dog Suits

C. Date you were tagged? ... May 27, 2009

D. "Persons" you tag? ... This great big world feels real small and comfy when you get to know wonderful dogs (and their peoples) who blog from all parts of globe! My life fits me just perfectly, but I also love livin vicariously frew the tails of my blog friends!

And so hard it is to limit self to seven deservin recipients, and so I make giant list of all my heroes... and I spin the Bleu seven times (seven circles each what make the Bleu still tryin to figure out how many Lukes there are in this room!), where he land each time... I pass award. If you not chosen, please do not take offense. The Bleu is big and bit clumsy and when he spin no tellin where he stop...!

1. Bumpass Hounds

2. Dino!!!

3. Mona & The Mommy Too!

4. Ludo Van Doggy!

5. Suzuki

6. Bijou

7. Scout & Freyja

Friday, May 29, 2009

Day 344: One Year Ago Today... Reply

Re: Luke the Golden‏
Sent:Thu 5/29/08 9:37 PM

Wonderful! I am glad the transport helps. Yes, he is neutered. He is
heartworm negative and is currently on prevention. He is also current on
vaccinations. When he came in he was matted to the skin and so we had him
groomed very very short, as you can see in the picture. He does not have
any skin irritations. His teeth could use a cleaning since he is nine.
Luke does not love cats, but the very few dogs he has been around he has
loved. Let me talk to my transport and I will let you know when would be
the best.

Thank you!

Day 344: One Year Ago Today... Response

In a message dated 5/29/2008 4:09:39 P.M. Central Standard Time, writes:
We will take him - wonderful that you have transport!! This really
helps us. It won't make a difference on whether or not we take him,
but if you know any of the following, it will help us know more
about what he will need and what type of foster home will work best
for him.

Is he neutered?
Did the owners leave records? -
Is he hw pos or neg?
Has he been on hw prevention or is he on any meds (such as
Is he current on vaccinations?
Does he have any obvious physical issues - hotspots, lick
granulomas ,problems with eyes or teeth?

Does he do well with other dogs? cats?

When would be a good time for you guys to bring him? Feel free to
call to make arrangements. Or, give me a good
number where I can call you.

Thanks, In-take Coordinator

Day 344: One Year Ago Today...

Date: Thu, 29 May 2008 13:57:39 -0400
Subject: Luke the Golden


Hi, my name is Becki and I am from Fuzzy Friends Rescue, in Waco,
Texas. We have a Golden Retriever that we would like to place in
your organization. His name is Luke and he was an owner surrender.
We make every effort to place purebreds in their appropriate
rescues. We feel that they are given a better chance because
people tend to over look us for purebreds and come straight to the
source, Golden Retriever Rescue. We already have transport for
Luke and are just waiting to place him. He is very active for a
nine year old. He came from a home with older children. He is
very friendly and eager to please. Please let me know ASAP if you
will be able to take Luke. He is a great dog and needs a great

For the Animals,


Day 344: First Day of 50f Week

Yesterday mark end of 49f week here in MY forever home and really is still just the beginnin of the Book of Luke, Chapter Two!

But I take paws anyhow to revel in moment, sniff breezes and be grateful for sunshine and just in general appreciate all that is mine.

And it all is, includin the Bleu. He is mine and he is one thousand percent ok wif it on a counta he like bein mine. Really, he do. I just wish you could watch him bein mine in real time... on a counta it pretty funny!

We share the Mom but still I like to think of her as MY the Mom on a counta she was mine before she was his and if wifout the me there might not be the him but then again maybe so. I don't know but still... He owe me. Just sayin.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day 343: Thinkin of Friends Thursday... Checkers & Khyra

And today I think of my good buddy, the Checkers... who place prayer for me in Saint Francis Prayer Jar... and tempt to relieve my guilt over my previous indiscretion...

And I offer this updated photo to prove he beed still in one peace and many thanks for your prayer, on a counta from your heart to Francis' ear... I got most excellent B-9 results!!!

And for my wonderful furriend Khyra, let me just say... inspired by you, my dokhumentation is in progress. I get so excited to watch pitchers on your website as I am novice but enthusiast and learn so much from the you!

And so please forgive amateur hour as I offer this furry blurry photo of my dove nest! I have already caught dove baby in mouf and let him loose and don't worry he is fine.
I also have beautiful pair of khardinals and at least one owl nestin somewhere very close by and I beed workhin on gettin photos and while I know my birds are most khommon I know you understand they are furry special to the me!

Stay tuned and I will tell story of my flyin skhwirrels!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 342: Mid Week Chore Day

Wednesday is mid week chore day, and the Mom all ways come home from factory on a mission!

First she come home and clean the Bleu bobo and then she chase him frew house wif the anti-by-otic spray.

Second and I ack-knowledge this from the category of TMI... she scour yard for any poop what might have beed missed durin daily scoopin. She also collect from yard any single thing what she don't want there for next week. And she bag it and drop it over top of fence.

(Somefin bout this activity make me very sad, scared and a little nervous. Bleu don't mind helpin her... but I make myself in visible as possible, and I lie by door).

And then the Mom run Mr Dyson and empty his canister and then she go frew frige and frow perfectly good (imho) foods in bag and then also she go frew house and tump all little baskets and floor containers into other bags and then she take all bags out frew the front door. And then she put them bags as well as bags she frew over fence into big cart and she roll it out to curb.

And all this make me and the Bleu very tired mostly on a counta we watch the Mom wash her hands bout million times and this what take bulk of time but I digress...

And then we wonder... can we all settle down in the room wif the sound and movin pitcher box???
Or is it GRRH and/or moonlight time...

And answer this day is yes it in fact is.

Now I don't want you go away and think we didn't get good lovin and sweet songs and lotsa chatter from the Mom on Mid Week Chore Day (why you think she kept washin hands??? She wash on a counta she don't want give us the germs or allergies!)... on a counta we did.

Did we get as much as ever other day? No. We did not. And that is why we go on record just now to say we do not like Mid Week Chore Day... but then neither does the Mom! In fact this night she get bit whiney bout how hard it beed to be ever thing from the Mom to the maid to the garbage man to the doctor to... you get pitcher.

But you know... it all cool and ok... on a counta we all real happy together. We are. We got what's important and that is ever thing we really need and top of the that we got love and humor abundant!
And so it not such big thing to just chill and wait on time for goin to bed lovin.

Tomorrow will be better day... oops no, o shoot. Tomorrow beed day lawn dude do lawn. (Thank Dog it the one chore the Mom delegate to some the one else!!!)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 341: Drowsy From Storm That Did Not Happen

The Mom have to go back to work at factory today wif 70% chance of thunder boomers and I couldn't help but notice I got one extra pill pocket today and next thing I know the Mom is back home!

Go figure I nap frew storm that did not happen! And the Mom, she very apologetic but she just worry bout me gettin so worked up specially when she cannot be here for and with the me.

It all good though, and I enjoy the dry weather and I run frew yard but also enjoy just lay down on patio by the Mom's feet on a counta I love them when they are home and in the "not goin anywhere" attire!!!

(And don't my furs look soft and supple? They are!!!)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Day 340: What I Did On Memorial Day

Tasty breakfasts in belly, and the Mom call to make sure the
Mister T Day Spa open for business and as it turn out...
Mister T got breakfast in progress and so we hurry.

And there is blueberry pancakes and fresh fruit and bacon and fresh juice and lattes
and they are served on deck,
and I miss all manner of delicacies
on a counta my extreme curiosity wif the gorgeous landscapin
and wif any boundaries so associated!

And on a counta based on previous personal experience,
I figure this all gonna eventually lead to the baff...!

And I right... the Bleu name called first!
(after all, it first in alphabet!)

And he got 20 minutes to wait wif the shampoo conditioner!

And then Name of Luke is called...
And I pretend for minute maybe minute and half
That I don't know noone by such name...
But then I give in on a counta baff not such bad thing...

On a counta Mr T, who own and operate Day Spa,
is also my Uncle Tom who I love and who love the me!
And his baffs are really quite enjoyable!

And then I down for 20 minute conditionin...
And hey... Don't want deck left out of refreshin feelin...
It need conditionin, too!

And so I rub...
And I rub...
And I rub some more...
on a counta it feel good to rub...
And what not pitchered here is my run frew yard
on way to mulch pile...
wif the Mom hollerin at me "O Luke don't you dare!"
So I make my way back to deck and wait...
And then I think...
Hey, why Cousin Dylan baskin in he dryness???
Dylan and the Cousin Cane lollin on deck
gazin upon my sudsiness!
As is Cousin Dakota who is in boaf WPP and also GRRH bandana...

And then there's Buddy!!!

And then finally I wait patiently while the Bleu get rinsed off...
And then so did I!
And this is what I did on my Memorial Day!
There is more to the story, includin the incident...
But I not in mood to barass myself,
so I sign off by sayin...

I loved my house slippers.
Don't understand why they had to be trimmed off!
They never hurt nobody.

Pee-Ess I DO however understand
that the Uncle Tom and the Aunt Madison love me...
and I now happy wif my cute feets!

Day 340: Happy Memorial Day!

Memorial Day is day of thought and gratitude...

This photo of me was taken on my Day 15 what was
July 4, 2008...
and lot has happened since then
(+4 pounds and my nose is now pink from less sun exposure... yes!)
but I still grateful for the same things!

Wifout gettin all soapbox on you,
I think what matter to most all folks is love and security.
And for me, I have grown comfortable wif boaf...!

Wow... What a difference 340 days makes!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day 339: Thunder Boomer x 2 =Need a Break!

Two bouts of the thunder storm... and I in no mood fore the socializain...

Wish could paint prettier picture but can't. Maye tomorrow... just sayin.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Day 338: Coupla More Things Bout Zeke & Rizzo

Wish I could give you full depf of understandin bout why my cousins are boaf so funny and special... I will just say for now they need they own blog!!!

Zeke and Rizzi are siblins, blood brothers and have real distinct personalities and likes and dislikes.

My Cousin Rizzi loves to watch the tv. And "Bolt" is his new favorite movie!

But he also like to learn things by watchin the cable stations, and here he is watchin "Breed All About It"...

He Mama (and my the Aunt Karen) worried bout whether he need glasses on a counta he sit so close... I think personally he bout to climb up and get that other doggy!

And then there's the Zeke who know tv is just box what convert stuff floatin in air or frew wire into images what only the Rizzi can see... and SO like nuffin to miss good nap over!!!

Day 338 (Lookin Back to Day 332): Happy Birfday to the Zeke and Rizzo!!!

I beed be lated in sendin shout out and special Birfday wishes to my good cousins, the Zeke and the Rizzi!

They turn the big number TWO on May 7f, and I was otherwise indisposed on that day but my heart was wif the them! These sweet boys are boaf blood brothers and GRRH rescues wif large and funny personalities! They are really characters and only seem serious in photo on a counta they Mom put treat on her head and they worried bout her state of mental healf... Just sayin.

Many special thanks to they Mom who is also MY Aunt Karen, on a counta she take time from Zeke and Rizzi's big day... and not just meet the Mom and me at the doctor office this mornin... but she also bring white bread and the sharp cheddar cheese (my favorite!)!!!

I can't wait till they (belated) birfday party and my the mom gonna bring the cake!!!

Day 338: Dark Day After Thunder

Spent some quite some time in boaf my jammies and diggin in the bunker this afternoon and also some time under the Mom's feet while she tried the old "act like it not thunderin" routine...

And at point of my near nervous breakdown, she offer me tasty treat what she say she hate to give me but it taste real good so I don't know why she hesitant... And besides, I soon feel not so scared and instead of diggin, I sweep in the bunker!

And skies are much better now and I beed alternatin time in the yard wif sweet naps... and the Bleu is all ways up and down, in and out, wif the me.

Poor the Bleu in the cone. He don't seem to mind wearin it, but he also taken to standin in middle of yard and act like he don't hear the Mom callin... on a counta he not wear it out of doors.

I bit conflicted bout this whole Bleu bobo thing, on a counta I don't wanna wear the cone but he gettin lots a tension from the Mom. Ever time she go to doctor him, I flop down at her feet. She always doctor me first, but she not foolin me... I know she pretendin. And the Bleu, he don't mind me goin first on a counta he know he gettin real treatment!

Crazy times in the House of Bleu's!

P.S. to the Aunt Karen, yep we still got Minnie Pearl beds wif the tags still hangin! Gonna have to whip out my blunt nose scissors! Just sayin...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Day 337: Hangin Wif BBB

Laid back Friday evenin... and I just hanging wif the BBB's...

(Center: Blind Brown Baby; Right: Big Boy Bleu).

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 336: Cosmetic Surgery

By now you know I receive from my friend, the Checkers... perfect package wif perfect timin... and that was the yester day.

And so first thing I do is shnoof and xamine it all...

And second thing I do is haul as much "patients" (aka loot) to the big bed (what I also consider my aesthtician office) as the Mom would let me!

Once there, I take stock in facial features and the what not and then I decide what need stay and what need go.

In case of Brown Baby, I quickly deem that eyes and shnoofer (sometimes and commonly referred to as nose)... need to go!

Spot just simply need eye extraction... quite simple procedure really. He got good shnoofer and that good, on a counta removin it would be quite feat... might take days.

Just sayin.

Won't get mushy but just gotta say... my friend the Checkers really know how to make a boy feel good!!!

Me and the Bleu been goin frew some serious down time and nuffin lift spirits like thoughtful gift of toys and treats, cept for one thing... The thought and the care and the love and the joy behind the delivery makes it the most special one ever!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 334: IDLE

America is idle, the finale... and so is I and also the Bleu and the Mom. Just sayin.

(The Bleu got giant and horrific hot spot, and he livin life in the cone, which he don't seem to mind whatsoever but still make the Mom feel awful).

Also... just sayin. It sad. I feel bad... and in fact, was caught lickin his bobo this afternoon...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 333: Stitchless

I am...!

And tiny bit tired from big trolley ride and removal experience...

Once we arrived at the doctor's office, I was whisked away from the Mom (did not like that and barked to let them know)...

Did not like the process and howled so the Mom could hear in the waitin room...!

Once finished, charged outta there like bolt of lightnin and ever one involved goin back doin maff on a counta noone believe I ten years old!

Only thing was on my mind was get me in the trolley and get me back to my home!

And the Mom did and I am.

And I am very happy now, specially since I'm also stitchless.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day 332: Belize Bandana

I love my Aunt Dav, on a counta so many reasons not to mention how much she love and care for the Mom, and then there's all ways she thinks about me (and the Bleu, of course).

And the Aunt Dav is world traveler and when she last in Belize bout few weeks ago, she got me this sporty bandana wif sea turtle on it!!! That special in itself, but what make it even more so is that she got it for the me in exchange for donation to dog rescue organization!!!

That make me feel double good on a counta... dog who need rescue know no borders.

Aunt Dav also make donation for the Bleu and get him dana what is his favorite color and as you guess... that is bleu!

(Mine is green on a counta I Ide of March Saint Patrick kinda boy, not to mention I just look strikingly handsome in the green!)!

It funny how once you rescued, you get boaf spoilt for what you been given and then too you exposed to so much that you grateful for things bout million-fold, on a counta you had no idea before what out there to be grateful for, just sayin...

I just know I can't wait to be grateful for the Mom not workin so incredibly much. She tired of it... and so am I.

Bridge not that bad... is it? Just sayin.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Day 331: 23 Things

1. Slept late wif the Mom.
2. Ate tasty breakfasts.
3. The Mom took a shower quickly. (This is never good).
4. Chased two birds and a squirrel.
5. Brought the Mom a nut / seed / pit of some sort.
6. The Mom gave me a pill pocket and berry treats what I had to sit, shake and down for...
7. The Mom left but said she beed "right back".
8. The Mom NOT beed "right back".
9. The Mom come home and smell like the DIBS. (This is what she call GRRH puppy).
10. DIBS did not come home wif the Mom (and that VERY GOOD THING).
11. The Mom brought home Grand Lux fried chicken in what called "DOGGY BAG". ("LUKE BAG" would be better name!).
12. We lay down, cool off, I take nap while the Mom rub my head.
13. Ate tasty dinner foods.
14. Went outside to do the businesses... took one look at sky and said "o hell to the no I won't go"!
15. Made B line back frew open door and the Mom swoop me up, put me in my jammies.
16. Just like I predict... O POOP... THUNDER!!!
17. Bunker 1 scratchscratchscratch...Bunker 2 scratchscratchscratch...Bunker 3 scratchscratchscratch...Bunker 1 scratchscratchscratch...Bunker 2 scratchscratchscratch...Bunker 3 scratchscratchscratch... you get pitcher...
18. Fried chicken. Forget thunder one quick minute. And pill pocket...
19. Repeat 17.
20. Still loud, but it more tolerable. And I shove my head up under the Bleu's back.
21. And now it seem over.
22. And all good but the Mom back workin on the compy... (should take poll.. is livin under bridge so bad??? I think the Mom be ok there, and she could always come over and visit me and the Bleu at the Aunt Madison's or the Aunt Karen's...! Two of them not mind me havin day company not one bit whatsoever, I sure.)

23. I lay in study wif her, but just to be safe... I keep head under library table aka next best thing to bunker.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Day 330: Numbers-ology

Day 330 mean Week 47 has come to close. Wow. 47... that both beed lots and not many, when think how accustomed to new life I become...

And too, today is Day 135 since the Bleu and I beed officially adopted brothers... and wifout ception of MY trips to the vet, me and the him beed together all ways.

Never gave it TOO much thought but just assumed that he not ever go anywhere wifout the me. Just sayin.

And then came today what seem like ever other day, cept is different on a counta I feel teeny bit woozy but still under orders gotta pay no a tension to the stitches...

And then there was the... KONGY!
Kongy distract me to point where I shock when the Bleu not care one way or nother but just want peace.

(Fundamental and so many other differences what make the Luke so speical!(

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day 328: Bubble Burst

Was just thinkin yesterday... will trade 3, read em free... sets o stitches for the Mom who stay home ever day wif the me.

But then here came today when ole gal go back to factory.

She left me here coneless, and I beed a good boy while she gone (though she come home at 1pm to check on and stay wif the me)... but I swear, she slip me sumfin different from the usual benny-drill. I mean, she slip me sumfin make me not even think bout itchy stitchies, for sure.

I gonna watch treats in the mornin... but then, I don't know who I tryin to fool. She put bout any thing in chicken flavor pill pocket and it down hatch before I think to ask question.

It ok.. nap is good thing. Cone is not.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day 327: Back To The Doc

The ow-wee on my knee not look so good today.

So I had to go back to the Doc. They say it not infected but the Mom should watch it and I should not lick it and I don't know why they infer that I have on a counta... I have not.

That's not to say that the Bleu hasn't licked it a time or two...

Just sayin.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 326: Did You Hear What I Hear???

This beed my last day on the pain pills and so I just be chillin today while the Mom beed workin from home so I don't have to wear cone on a counta I already prove I can't be trusted, just sayin.

And then amid the shine of the sun, and my complete and utter drowsiness... the rumble did occur!!! And I hop up and give the Mom look, "Did you hear what I just heard???"???!!!

She may or may not have heard it, but she comfort me regardless. And maybe that's all I need today.

Good day to have vacation day wif the Mom. Just sayin.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Day 325: Happy Mom Day

... to the Mom what receive this special card and wish from me, and the Bleu... of course...

We wish for the Mom extreme magnitude of all ways and manner of emotion that she expends upon us, wifout regard for return.

And I would not be loyal brother if I did not say the Bleu play large part in pickin card, comin forf wif allowance money and hoistin me to counter to buy stamp to send...but also we owe big thanks and gas money to the Aunt Dav who chaperone us round town!

Me and the Bleu, we wait on cable to go out again (and it will) and then we settle in for heavy pettin and treats what go long wif theme of movie... and specially since our forever home is somewhat fantasy as to how life might be lived! It some time borin here, but gotta say... emotion heavily invested on the 'can't get no better than this' side!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Day 324: Out and About

Spent most of this day on the inside nappin and waitin on cable and power company (on a counta our cable and internets problem was really a lectric company problem) dudes and other such in-of-doors activities like steppin over the Bleu, followin the Mom a round, suckin on toys and frankly beggin for snacks (still tryin to make up for day of lost calories).

But I also spent some time clearin yard of birds and squirrels what takin a vantage of Luke bein somewhat on the disable list.

O and I also ran out and scare the lectric company man what had jump fence on a counta he did not think we were home since trolley in garage.

Much to the Mom's boaf relief and dismay, I did not bark or bite or do much any thing ceptin wag my tail and sniff his boots. The Mom dismayed just tiny bit on a counta she wish I would be just little bit guard dog... but to my credit, I do more than the Bleu!

You see, the Bleu right behind me when we beggin go out... but when he see lectric man, the Bleu stop cold and not cross threshold... instead he back up!

Bleu big 100 pound boy but he meek and mild when come to even mildly scary and manner challengin stuff, and that make for many ways I have great fun by layin down in doorways and blockin him in and/or out of rooms.

Me and the him, we never squabble... and the Mom all ways make me move and then she pat pat pat on the Bleu and make him feel good and happy, but it worf it for me... on a counta it funny to see him pace and worry bout crossin me makin me mad, if even for just few short seconds!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Day 323: Thanks and Credits

Many thanks to all my wonderful friends for calls and emails and comments and for thoughts and prayers!!! I am truly blessed to have you pullin for me, and it great comfort for the Mom... like you have NO idea!

Since I am prone to lumps and bumps and dermatitis and since I had grade 2 mast cell tumor removed last fall and met wif oncologist (that funny word for man wif really not funny job) and got not such great prognostication (nother word what sound funny and yet make the Mom cry)... my the Mom is cautious to nnnnnnnnnnth degree.

I got new doctor since then... what got absolutely nuffin to do wif not bein pleased bout treatment at old vet on a counta they really great peoples!

Matter of just plain fact is whichever clinic I frequent, I there often enough to establish The Luke Wing... on a counta the cautious Mom, my here-to-fore mentioned lumps and bumps and hotspots and general standin a pointment status... just sayin.

Switchin docs was as much about electin to do business wif a GRRH supportive vet, as much as proximity, same or higher quality of care, and a really good fit... personality-wise wif the Mom and me.

Doctor Mark Rieger is four paws belly up wif me. And here's why:

He's calm. He's quiet. He's tender. He's patient. He's a thinker. He believes in resolvin issues in the most efficient manner possible, and he views medical issues from all angles, includin the Mom's.

Toppin that, nother vet the Mom respect wif whole heart told her Doctor Mark is one of best surgeons in town, so she really trust him... to the extent MOMly possible and that she could ever trust ANYone who cuttin on the me!

Doctor Mark got me frew yesterday wif really good results (and wif much gratitude to God and all you who care bout me)! What better thing could I say???!!!

The Mom got great, unabashed shout-it-from-the-rooftop love for him. I... ahem... also love him, but in the manly manner where I would like to "stick" a sit for him... and offer him my paw to shake... no treat required.

You... and Doctor Mark... got us frew the anxiety of the yester day... THANK YOU FROM BOTTOM OF BOAF OUR HEARTS (and ok... the Bleu's... just sayin)!!!