Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day 285: What????!, Part Three

GRRH diggin bigger deeper hole wif the me! Now I find out that the Buddy on the other side of the chip!


...But the Mom have long talk wif me and I know she right on two counts:

First, there are so many very special boys and girls out there who had their lives turn round by GRRH. And pity is there are so many more who need it.

This fund raiser not bout those who out playin poker till wee hour of night... nor not bout those who home in jammies wif full belly, soft bed, a/c crankin and... animal planet.

No, this bout all those who still need help. Those what still need home like what me and the Buddy have... So Luke check he ego at bedroom door. And I sorry for what I say before.

And two, the Buddy congenial all the time, day and night. And the Mom say when he got tired playin the poker, he sprawl out and take nap... She also point out she know what the Luke woulda done... and I gotta admit, that woman know me and she right.

I woulda stare at her till burn hole in her retina... make ever gesture and take ever opportunity to lead her to door and to trolley and to way home.

You see... I spend 8 plus years livin mostly out of doors, then all most 10 months in kennel just hopin for home of dreams. Well, now I got it! And while I like goin places and doin things... when I ready go home, I ready go home!

Can blame me?

Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 284: What????!, Part Two

First I learn that the Buddy go to big GRRH fund raiser event, while I home alone... ok, alone wif the Bleu.

And now I find out the Aunt Karen make Buddy debby...debo..debinare... not know how to spell that word, so... swell casino jacket!

Buddy look handsome and bet he was hit wif the women folk...

I not wear my jammies out in the public, but if I did... Ladies, watch out!

Day 284: What????!

You mean tell me the Buddy got to play poker wif the Mom last night???

Not noone think to invite the Luke???
Guessin they was scared I'd rack up... might look like set up.

They don't call me 'Cool Hand' for nuffin!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day 283: Go For The Golden Texas Hold'Em

I glad event day finally here on a counta I just want it over and the Mom back home. She and the Aunt Karen been workin hard on graffix and logistix and talkin lots on phone, and I like that part on a counta I like laughter...

But I got somewhat upset when the printer run out of yeller ink last night and the Mom had to go the Depot to get more.

Well, I mad till she come back wif good smellin (and can't tell lie... tasty) Luby's tilapia and taters and green beans!!!

This good fun fund raisin event will help lots o boys and girls like me bout 286 days ago... who need place hang leash and find home of dreams...

You might ask why I say 286 when this Day 283???

Well, the Mom who unbeknownst to me already fell in love wif the me... meet me on Day -02! And while my life wif the Aunt Melinda HUGE M-provement of personal situation (and frankly was life I would be happy to be livin today)... I had no pre-concieve notion what might be like to live as the true son to the true Mom who love me as much as the Mom love the Luke... Just sayin!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 279: Love the Jammies!

I love my new jammy what the Aunt Karen make me... but not sure why the Mom hustle me into them as bad weather close in!

Scratch just once in bafroom... but so comfy in my jammy, feel safe settlin in for good night sweep right here on bafroom floor (till the Mom wake me up for some shmugglin...)!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Night 269: Nite Nite Wif The Birfday Bed!

I tired. Can't lie. Love my people. Love my treats. Love my toys.

And I love my birfday bed...

what is most special on a counta it on top of my crate pads what I treasure scent and am just otherwise drawn and it on cool side of air conditionin and just in good place not get step on when the Mom rise to call in middle of night.... not that she would step on me but then there's the Bleu in the mix... and he not prone to sleep on he bed but a wanderer...

just sayin...

It nice to have bed to claim and curl up in and shmuggle even if it don't have my name embroidered!

Day 269: Got More Gratitude Than Shamrocks!

Settle in at home and thought birfday surprise behind me... but then the Mom lay out gifts from her and the Bleu...

And I got monkey and giraffe and dinosaur!

And it hard to choose what suck on when tired as I am, but I choose giraffe!

How could I be so lucky to have so much... and I not talkin bout toys!!!

Day 269: Presence Is My Loot!

Scratchin my head on a counta cannot believe peoples would come out on rainy day, to just be wif me to celebrate my birfday...

I feel little like I stole this day... from all who did so much to make it special. I just so... honored. And I feel so loved.

I reflect on the day... and lean into the Mom. And she get a bit teary... on a counta we boaf so grateful, so amazed by love and support...

So sincere thanks and not necessarily in this order on a counta I grateful to my core, and the Mom to that place in her heart that can't help but think bout where she was... let alone where I was on ninf birfday... (and that subject for nother blog entry or psychologist... I forget which)

To Uncles Michael and Josh for making the wonderful facilities of Pet Paradise (where I spent some happy days... pre-the-Mom!) available for my birfday gatherin!

To Aunt Karen for makin all the arrangements, calmin the Mom and for the most fabulous cake! And also to the Uncle Craig and Bishop Boys for good sense of humor and fine display of boaf swimmin and appetite!

To Aunt Madison and Uncle Tom... what can I say when you cancel retreat... what you need... in order to be wif the Luke??? Me and the Mom (and ok, the Bleu) got no words wifout gettin choke up on counta we come to think no day special wifout you in it!!! And boy o boy did you make this day special!!! And it would be no celebration atall wifout the Herd and gotta say, I miss the Porter today... she and I get off on somewhat rocky start but we get long just great now... and I count on Herd to make sure she get party favor what belong to her!

And to the Aunt Lisa and the Cousin Sidney... I ever so grateful you come to my birfday party!!! I honored you read my blog, think it funny and care enough to leave comment... but makin special effort to come out on rainy (and lets face it...) miserable day to help me celebrate birfday... that just mean more to me than can xpress...! It fun to plot wif the Aunt Karen, and it fun to the see surprise on the Aunt Madison's face! GRRH, to me... like I'm sure for the Sidney... means salvation, but it also means FAMILY! And I happy happy HAPPY to meet my Aunt Lisa and Cousin Sidney!!!

To the Aunt Dav... From me to you, case you forgot... I need thank you again for tellin the Mom you think... "Luke the one"... And for drivin all way from other side of world on my birfday in storm and froo closed freeway and for embracin big dawgs and holdin leashes and bringin GRRH donations and comfortin me when you knew all I wanted to do was get in trolley and go home... I have but two things to say... I love you for ever bit of support you been to me and love you given me... and that been lots. And two, I love that (and how) you love the my Mom!

And to Aunt Diana and Cousin Collin... I so happy you join me in my birfday celebration! You not just great fun... but also remind me of first memories of Pet Paradise... when a handsome and funny and caring "little man"... pet me and and play and run wif me! That time was almost as special as this... and I thank you for sharin this day wif me!

And to the Cousin Shiner... who still under bed right now... I so sorry you miss play yard and pool and mostly... cake! If any body understand last minute cancellation due to imminate threat and retreat to bunker... trust me... it ME! You did right thing bout shelterin in place! Me and you don't need special occasion to hang leashes!

Just sayin...

Day 269: Greetin From Herd!

Just like Birfday Card from the Herd...
Luke have Birfday Cake!

But unlike card, Luke never turn back!

It make the Mom smile when the Herd call me "Pup" on a counta in her eye I (and my now 10 year old self) meet criteria of less than 2 year old pup what she say outside limit of adoption...

To test my "pup"ness, I say put me and dog of any age at open door or gate or even gap in fence and let see who you find and gain custody of first! In advance, I must say nice knowin you and it not my intention to flee for good but Luke love good challenge and adventure call!

[P.S. I love me the Herd but sad on a counta wonna my favorite the Cousin Porter was home chewin on bone and not at party on a counta me and she get long real well and understand one nother now so no need for nervousness. Just sayin.

Day 269:

The Aunt Karen and Uncle Craig, Zeke and Rizzo give me Happy Hips!!!
And my Aunt Dav celebrate wif me and the Mom!

And they also give me green fire hydrant what make funny noise!!!
Hope the Mom don't never push this off bed in middle of night,
on a counta it hysterical when it shake!!!

Oooooohhhh... ahhhhhhh...
and the Aunt Karen make me some jammies!!!
(what they say bout storm??? why I thought storm gone!!!)

I feel like such special boy all ways,
and never made secret bout how much I love the Aunt Karen...
but now she gone and done this(???)... not to mention my cake.


Aunt Dav give me Grinny what I can tell you right now... good suckin! And just so the Bleu don't feel the left out, she also give me (ok, we share...) the rolly polly piggy!

Good suckin boaf em... in spite of sharin. Just sayin.

Day 269: The Rizzo And The Zeke... Are Cards!

Love when the Mom read my birfday card to me...
and it make me smile!

My Birfday wet and wild... from start to finish!
And on a counta the Cousins Rizzo and Zeke,

Love them Cousin Bishop Boys like love my card!
And boaf make me smile!

Day 269: Cake In My Belly... Now What???!

Me and the Mom leave my brother Bleu and my friends behind in the cake room and I not know why... but NEXT SURPRISE...


You see, for me, best birfday gift is presence... not presents. That said... I love my presents, too!
I such happy boy, all ways have been... but you got no idea how much more in last 269 days!!!

Fittin I spend first days wif GRRH at the Pet Paradise... and now I celebratin boaf my first and tenf birfday here!

Day 269: Let ME Eat Cake!

It's my Birfday and the Aunt Karen got me a cake!

Pretty sure she got it for me to eat... not take pitcher wif... but we got take all these pitchers! (Hard to know who reactions best... the Mom wif her hands on the me... or the Uncle Tom wif the hands on the my cake!)
Note how I make sure the Bleu and the Uncle Tom not swipe lick of cake!!! Love em boaf but keep watchful eye on em still...
Not quite sure how eat hunk o cake on a counta the Mom not ususally serve it that way...

Errrrr... I mean, she not serve nor let me eat hunk o cake but if she did she would offer it one bite at time. I confused brief moment but figure it out quick!

And the Bleu, he dainty eater... but not daintier than me!

Troof is, I like savor my tasty foods... but when I see the Bleu swaller my cake whole... I know must get busy!
And get serious!

Day 269: My Birthday Also Bleu Day

My brother the Bleu might look lonely but trust me he not on a counta he make the rounds!!!

Just sayin!

Day 269: Meet The Sidney and His Mom!

One real good thing happen to me by way of bein blog celebrity, and that is I found out I got a Cousin Sidney and Aunt Lisa!

And one real good thing bout my Birfday is I got to meet em boaf!

Cousin Sidney sweet and handsome fellow and he real good bout lettin me get good lovin from his the Mom and my Aunt Lisa what is one and same!

One other thing bout Sid... boy do he find out he love to swim!!! He got buddin career in freestyle but need work on synchronization! Maybe Bishop Boys take him into they tooty-ledge.

And the Bleu, he not let me get all attention. He happy to meet the Aunt Lisa, too... so much so he kinda sink into her like wanna give her pony ride!

(And look at the Buddy in the background!!! He makin rounds!!!)

Day 269: More Posted Soon!

But for now... I happy!
And cake good!

Day 269: Lotta Action! I love it!

May be my birfday, but that small taters...


(And I not talkin bout of GRRH, I talkin bout US of A).
I gladly share attention and spotlight wif our Cousin Collin... on a counta he funny and silly and energetic and smart as whip, sharp as tack and he teach the Mom how play the Texas Hold Em!

Some say all Golden look like when wet, but here Dilly lookin after Bishop Boys in pool!

And then Dilly in... while Bishop Boys practice they synchrnonized swimmin routine! (note to the Aunt Karen and the Uncle Craig... they need own pool to truly develop to full potential... not shamin, just sayin).

And all the while pandamonium ring free and it all fun cept for the Uncle Tom who cleanin up on Aisle Four.
And don't blame me on a counta I lookin into suite what just short minute ago hold huge great dane...

And I just wonderin where big boy went! Must cake time!

Day 269: Surprise!

And it written all over my face!

For me??? My best buddies and relations in all world frow big party for me???

It wonderful to be loved, and this is happiest way ever to celebrate 10f birfday!!!

(No comment on teef please. The Mom is makin dental pointment... dammit).

Day 269: You Call This A Birfday???

I welcome this day wif my head on the Mom's pillow... as she smooch my cheeks and whisper sweet nuffins and birfday song ever so softly so as not to wake the Bleu (as if she could!)...

I enthusiastically greet the day wif a quick run frew backyard pond, a hearty breakfast, and a lotta attention from the Mom!

And then much to my dismay, sky come crashin down. And the Mom went go the kitchen to bleach the surfaces like a microbiologist wif a test kit is on the way over... and I bunker in bafroom wif thought of
Dino and Amber-Mae on mind... and I dig!!!!

But in quick flash, the Mom in bafroom wif me, holdin my tremblin self. She say sweet thing maybe even more than one can't remember and she even sing.

And I say "Really, Mom... NOT NOW!"

And the Bleu, he curled up on end of bed and he say (well not so much he say as I read bubble over he head)... "You two mind holdin it down? I tryin to doze."

All while... BOOM BOOM BOOM go thunder.

Ain't heard the boomin in so long I almost forgot how bad I hate it. So if this what mean by celebrate birfday... I respectfully decline!

And then bad sound die down as sound of telephone increase... and then jingle of leash and next thing I know...

Gotta sign off now to board trolley!!! Bye!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 267: Havin Me A Birfday!

And got proof by first Birfday Card I ever receive... ever!

It from my Aunt Dav, Uncle Benj and Cousin Lovey...
who all ways think of the Luke on boaf ordinary
AND special occasion like the Birfday...
and who I love love LOVE!

(Always talkin bout them but want you to know
Uncle Benj save hot soul on day 8
after the Ike took my cool airs a way off to a distant memory...
Not sure say it often enough, but I love me some Uncle Benjy!)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Day 263: DST Aside, Life Good!

I not real big fan of losin hour of life don't care when it happen... but if mandate by law would prefer it be one when the Mom at the factory. Just sayin.

So try make back hour today wif great big smile!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Day 262: Aunt Karen Surprise Too!

Great thing bout the Aunt Karen is she not kind of aunt what just give clothes to the boy(s)... on a counta she got the Zeke and the Rizzo and she understand what make us boys not just jump for joy happy but also make us pose(!)... delicious treats, what on this special occasion are shamrock shape cookies!!!!!
And the Bleu, he off on side just tap tap tappin... but these cookies all mine! Shamrock! Birfday boy! Shared clothes can't spect me share cookies, too!

The Mom she say "no, one cookie Bleu's" and that not fair on a counta he not even at the table tusslin wif me over it... no, he instead over by the Mom wif the camera bumpin her elbow...

That how he roll.

Day 262: Aunt Karen Surprise One!

It no secret I love the Aunt Karen for more reasons than can count and now she send me (and ok, the Bleu) dapper shamrock clothing what I (ok, we) sport in this very GQ (Golden Quarterly) photo shoot!

If the Mom better photographer and the Bleu head not so tall, we need not sit for second photo! But all that bein the case, we most certainly do!

And big props to the me on a counta I don't ordinarily feel the photo op... but I love my shamrock bandana, on a counta I a dopt St Patrick Day as my Lucky Luke holiday.

You see, I born on Ides of March what mean people wrong who think it day of doom... on a counta boaf day of my remarkable birf and also it day of one of best thing ever happen to the Mom!

We handsome boys and I think you will agree, and we hope you will keep eye open for buddin future clothin (and greetin card) designer extra-ordinary-air... the Aunt Karen wif much help from the Zeke and the Rizzo! Just sayin!