Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day 499: GRRH Howl-Oween Party

Happy Howl-Oween, ya'all!

Today was quite eventful for me and also the Bleu... as we arrived at the Pet Paradise Hobby location for the GRRH Costume party, and our photos were snapped very much like a red carpet event! (Very many more and professional photos later... these are just a few the Mom captured!)!

You are wonderin now... how did the Luke dress? Well, I went as a cop in charge of two convicts!

Here is me fully knowin how good I look and knowin this gentleman has got a camera... I am tryin to point fact out to the him!

Afraid exact point is lost on him, but I got pettin and attention from him any way!
And speakin of pettin and attention... well, you all know the Bleu is King of Love... so let me introduce you to Aunt Ada... who was like the substrate to the Bleu gleu teuday!
Me and the Mom love Aunt Ada on a counta she has heart of gold and is strong woman who really get fings done! But the Bleu... he love her on a counta she got that furry special sumfin. I ask him what and he cannot say... he just smile and tap tap tap. (By way, you can see my other convict... what is my the Mom... in window reflection (below)!)
And holiday would not be complete wifout photo of the Bleu wif my, ok our... the Aunt Madison, who we love love LOVE! She was Mom to the Bleu for nine monfs before he got mine... and troof be tole, the Bleu got teu Moms!
We could fight over theory of relativity, Mom or Aunt... but my the Aunt Madison conspire wif the me, later in day, as judges are deliberatin... to get some more pitchers taken! And for her, I agree to put my hat back on!
Then not too long thereafter... Me and the Bleu, aka The Cop and the Convict... are named one of four winners!!!
We are furry excited to see our prize, but the Mom say she need to photograph it and we will have to be patient and excited tomorrow! It's ok. Me, the Bleu and also the Mom... we are tired. After all, our collective age is 67.5 so it is understandable that we might need to go to bed early!

Stay tuned for more terrific photos!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day 492: Fleu Beusters

Canine fleu is very bad and lingerin disease, so teuday me and the Bleu... we go get part teu what is the beauster to first shot we got several weeks ago.

And now we feel kinda icky, kinda gimpy, kinda puney, and we go to little bed(s)... kinda early.
And here is me in mine.
And here is the Bleu in his.
And here is look on my sweet face.
And here the Bleu is tryin to bury his sweet face...
It is sometimes very hard to try to stay healfy! Just sayin.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 490: Things You Might Not Know About the Me Thursday

Wif lotsa time on my paws lately, I made list of fings about the me what you may or may not know... and they are this:

1. I wake up at 4:30am ever single mornin. Always have. Always will. When first came here to live, I came to side of bed for bedtime story and then settled back down on floor for more sleep. I still come to side of bed for bedtime story, but now I jump on the bed for the spoonin and cuddlin till time to get up!

2. I have COWLICKS. Lots em. And my the Mom loves em! Some of her very most favorites are on back of my neck. She all ways rubbin on em and sayin she gonna take real good pitcher... Stay tuned!

3. Was kissed by Angel on top of my head and you can see the spot!

4. I call my style... SCRUFFY. I'm about slippers, bell bottoms and lettin it all hang out. I love love LOVE a brushin (will even come outta the bunker for some!), but just say NO to all other implements of the groomin!

5. I work very hard NOT to be the boy who is in trouble. Can say just the opposite a bout the Bleu! He work hard to be in trouble on a counta he is treuly freu-n-freu goody 2 sheu... so he amp up he orneriness in order to get called down! Just sayin.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Daze 472 - 484: Fleu Time

If I was the kind of boy who keep score on such fings,
here is what the board would say about the last two weeks:


And by "lost" I mean I ain't never seen a woman as sick as my the Mom was (not that I have a lotta experience at bein wif sick women)... Me and the Bleu, we was very very VERY worried... mostly bout whether she was gonna have the strengf to feed us and fill our water bowl, but still... we was worried!

Now I do not want you all worryin bout the "what ifs" on a counta my family did many "welfare checks" on the Mom (wink wink) and therefore also (and mostly) the me and also the Bleu... And it also did take quite some hour or two of educatin from the Aunt Karen, Micro-Biologist to convince the Mom that it was ok to have the Nurse Luke and the Nurse Bleu up in her face.

(To this day neither she nor I can understand how it jump from pig to her but cannot jump to the Luke... but for that, I am grateful!).

Now... havin her home captive wif the us for so many days was pretty good fing, but she was not very fun. She was not playful and she did not sing or really be very chatty wif us at all. And so it was really kinda borin, and besides all the times we was puttin a mirror under her nose... we all just pretty much laid around, listened to tv and sighed a lot.

Of course, there were also lotsa storms, and ole gal raise herself up from dead to put calmin music on and also to sit in the bunker wif the me. I tried my hardest to be brave boy, but meltdowns some time got better of the me. Besides... it was good to see that at least one fing could get her up outta that bed!

Now on the bright side, I am happy to report... my the Mom is gonna live! I would say she is about 85% her old self, and gainin strengf ever day. And now I will close wif some advice from the her:

If you are eligible to take the H1N1 flu shot or nasal mist, take it... particularly, if you have asthma! I urge you to please take this disease very seriously. Take every precaution, and avoid handshakes, hugs and crowds. I'm not typically an alarmist, but there were a couple of nights I was afraid to go to sleep, for fear I wouldn't wake... and on Day 6, when I thought I was finally feeling so much better and free of fever, I took my temperature... It was 102.2!

Please... Please... take VERY good care of yourselves! I love you all!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Day 470: Hard Day's Night

O boy it was, on a counta we was up doin GRRH work and did not go to bed until 130am this mornin... and at 245am the thunder it did start boomin! And it boomed all way until time for us to get up and get day under way!

And how we got it under way was big surprise on a counta boaf me and the Bleu board the trolley to go to see Doctor Mark! Our the Aunt Madison was there!!! She was there mostly to see the me, but she also wrangle and help calm the Bleu!!!

Here is the lowdown on the showdown:

Bleu: Gained 5 pounds and needs to go on diet (more foods for me). Bump checked and burst and cannot again be found. Received fleu shot.

Luke: Weight stable. Heartworm check (negative). Fecal check attempt (I don't think so). Lump and bump check (Are primarly of no concern, but keep watch on lump on paw. If it does not significantly improve, should be removed). Received three shots, includin fleu shot.

It has been very long day for all of the us! The Mom had more GRRH work to do when we got home from our big adventure... but we're all settlin into bed early tonight!