Monday, September 15, 2008

Day 88: The Mom and LuLu Have Each Other

Woke to mostly clear skies and cool airs this mornin... well, that and a ringin phone. The factry called to tell the Mom not to come in. Hate to tell em, but I wasn't lettin her leave anyway.

The Mom missed the nay-bor-hood ice run, and she had what she sobbed to me was "a moment". She sat down in the back yard and cried. Never saw that before... thought the woman was a pillow of strength.

I leaned into her and put my head into her lap to let her know she's not alone. I know she feels it cause all the other peoples got other peoples... and wasn't long ago I had not one and she had not LuLu.

So we reminded each other of that and ole gal resolutely picked herself up by her tennis shoe strings and led me back into the house.

Now she's out there hammerin and cajolin the side fence into a standin position, and Mr. G came out to help.

Looks like before long ole LuLu gonna have free range again!

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