Saturday, September 27, 2008

Day 100: And The Celebration Continues!

The Mom had dinners wif Aunt Madison, Uncle Tom, Aunt Karen and Uncle Craig... to celebrate with them our joyful 100 days! I don't kid myself. I wouldn't be here, and we wouldn't be together wifout those most special peoples!

Sneaky Uncle Tom both treated and seen us home and Aunt Karen sent cookies home I'm sure to me, but the Mom says no but I think she's just hoggin em.

More special and lovin folks, me and the Mom have never known.

Perceive a need and fill it should be their motto... from pickin up a grumpy (yet cool) ole Waco dude to calmin the perfect Mom to all the many and perfectly timed huge and tiny acts of kindnesses and words... I get choked up just thinkin bout how they've changed my life not to mention hers.

And me and the Mom is scratchin our respective nob and noggin and rackin our respective large and small brains to figure out how we can ever truly express our gratitudes in the magnitudinous way we feel...

Ain't gonna be easy cause we can't think of any single simple or complicated group of things that could ever mount up to returnin emotions in kind that we been so graciously granted time and time again.

The mom says I could start by becoming more of a steward and ambassador and stop growlin and barkin at the other golden retrievers. And I said yeah, well... she could start by writin a check for a million dollars and personally footin a payroll of peoples to help Aunts Karen and Madison in their salvation and adoption efforts.

She responded by sayin yeah well the cookies are all mine, and she snapped the lid back on em.

100 days... and we're as much an old married couple as the Mom and her witty son.

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