Sunday, November 30, 2008

Day 164: My Stockin Hung... Wif Care

Like my new stockin! Not sure what to do wif it on a counta it hung on iron thing, but know what I would like to do wif it!

Would like more'n anything to suck on it. It soft and furry and bet feel good in mouf.

Somethin tell me though, call it Luke in tuition, call it survival savvy... I not posed to have my way wif it.

So it hang there. I look at it ever time I walk by, and I sniff it real good. The Mom says good things pear there Christmas mornin. Hope it stuff to eat and suck on!

Day 164: My First Second Ornament

Here my first second ornament what the Mom give me.

It look like me wif tree on tree!

I startin to really like Christmas!

Day 164: My First Ornament

Christmas... I just can't get over all these new things happnin. Take this, my first ornament, given me by cousin Lovey!

It got gold doggy like me huggin bone, and I like it... but why it hangin high up on tree?

LoveLove gave it to me! Don't hardly seem fair and I text her and thank her and then tell her what the Mom done...

And you won't believe what she text me back... she say "It MEANT to go on tree, silly! You posed to put things what you like and what honor you and yours, sometime even funny things. It what make tree yours!".

Well, well, well... Lovey one smart cousin... it DO look good up there!

Day 164: Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree

The Mom real protective over all things her Comet. And when she strain to find the bright side of heart break, she look to me.

And today, the Mom was moved to share
Comet's tree... with me. She told me her sweetest girl in the world... would want me to enjoy the traditions and love she'd known.

I confused cause I never saw tree with tricity and glowin like on fire. But wif the Mom half cryin and half smoochin me on nose and finally resurrected from deafbed... I play long like portant celebration I think it might just turn out to be...

Sometime I talk bout how much me and the Mom the same... we love and boaf lost, life chip way at spirit and trust and faith. But we look in each other eyes, and we find ourselves. It feel good. It feel like home.

It feel like Christmas.

And we start our own traditions. I, bein the Luke, don't wholly understand... but I play long.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Day 163: In Sickness And In Health

The Mom real sick and I aint' lyin. Not never do I lie, but ticularly not now... not bout this.

Sides feedin me and lettin me take quick jaunt outside... I vited on big bed for head rub and cuddlin, but I play least bit coy... too bad so sad cause she ain't gonna beg nor cajole not now.

Luke worried bout the Mom cause her sick so far from health. I try be good nurse but not sure how. No bedside experience, ya know? Ain't like her not be oohin ahhin and dotin over Luke.

She real quiet and still. And so am I... well, feel like it to me and I tryin but she say my loud breathin and sighin in corner of bedroom baseboard almost deafnin...

Prolly her guilt talkin.

I try be good nurse but don't know how. Tips anyone?

Friday, November 28, 2008

Day 162: Satisfied?

Happy to go on trolley ride early this mornin. Trip good then stop in new place call Fairbanks which not so much fair nor banks just sayin. It good and busy place tho, happy to be there and can't help but bark at goins on even after the Mom told me stop. We move to small room and things much more calm as we waited for Doctor Mark. Sweet tech even come in and woo me!

Doc Mark real calm and real laid back.

Can just tell he smart and thoughtful by how quiet and kind he is. He ask questions and look me over. He poke and prod and I try to disappear neath the Mom. That not timidate him cause he got on floor and went one on one. I give. I fold. He good.

Doc Mark did his deal and then I got a treat and and then we wait. The Mom was scared but that nothin new cause she always fearful on a counta her luck not so good but she gotta remember... I her good Luke charm!

And that bein so, all my results come back "nuffin to worry bout". That said, yeah yeah yeah..needle mighta missed bad tissue and she gotta keep rubbin and checkin on me which aint altogether bad just sayin.

Good to celebrate. Good times. Good feelin. Good health.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Day 161: My First Thanksgivin Holiday (But Ever Day Thanksgivin To Me)

Livin with the Mom means bein big part of ever day and she make me feel real special on holiday like this what she call Luke's First Thanksgivin.

Had some time today to flect bout life. Don't think of myself one bit as 'rescue'. Luke strong minded and willed. Luke outwit Chapter One and make break for bigger better things of his hopes and dreams. Got way-layed long way but hitch ride with Uncle Tom to Promise Land which is here and now.

But thing bout bein where I been and for so long fore now is had lotta time to think bout where wanna be and dream who wanna be and all perks and luxuries wanna waller in...

So when me and the Mom sat round tv tray tonight and list things we thankful for, she go first and she say me. She say other good stuff but this my blog not hers, so here some stuff I say in no ticular but somewhat chronological order (so the Mom don't get fended!):

  1. The Mom. (Noone call Luke fool. Know gotta say the Mom first!).
  2. The Uncle Tom. (For the lift, man talk, strong support, miracle waters and ok... baffs).
  3. Pet Paradise. (Wasn't there long and don't take this the wrong way but thank dog cause Luke was on BIG move to nother kinda paradise... but Michael and folks was real good to me and I grateful).
  4. The Aunt Melinda and Uncle Jason. (For takin me in and treatin me just right. Kinda thought your place was place of dream but name of Aunt and Uncle confuse me as knew I was lookin for the Mom).
  5. The Aunt Karen. (For not lettin jaw hit ground loudly when the Mom say she want young pup only no ceptions but askin can meet Luke cause maybe he the one, for couragin and calmin the Mom, for idea of Kongy and for laughter).
  6. The Aunt Madison. (For bein first and always voice of compassion when Luke have bad day, whether thunderstorm, surgery or evil disease, for good brushin and sweetness, and for carin bout the Mom like care bout me!).
  7. GRRH. (For lookin for and findin me, for good cookies, fun things to do... and for helpin fulfill dreams of other kids like me).
  8. Love. Gluttonous and never endin. Don't have to give it to get it. It just slathered on you.
  9. Option of Side of Door. Most specially good to be never left on out side of door. Grateful to be left inside of door only when by Luke choosin or for own good... and still tryin to learn when that own good thing is, but gettin better at gagin length of good nap while the Mom at factory, et al.
  10. Companionship. Ever been lonely then find someone super comfortable to hang hat wif like best friend? That's how I feel. Shrink might say unhealthy when best friend is also the Mom, but Shrink never been where I been. Nice to have the Mom who prefer Luke's company to all others, the Mom who drag feet when leavin and haul patooty home.
  11. Security. Took while but now gettin hang of it. The Mom leave but she come back... mostly shortly, when longly only cause she have to pay for roof. She do things outta love and Luke learnin to cept that.
  12. Walks. Wish could call em runs but the Mom's slow. Love all the same.
  13. Yard. Yeah, most always had one but this one different cause don't have to live there. Like it most cause it optional.
  14. Beds. Big Bed where I called all time, get head rubbed, can bring toys and can stay on Luke terms. Little Beds in and out of draft. Even fluffy bed I won't step nor lie nor sleep on not matter where located. Don't hold ticular grudge but might have somewhat hard head. Just sayin. But Luke livin large.
  15. Treats. Good and regular. Sometime gotta sit and shake sometime not. Favorite is GRRH cookie chaser but also love molasses madnesses.
  16. Trolley Rides. Love most all of em but much prefer go and come back wif the Mom not drop off cause only one been that way. Hated it, frew up on the Mom after she pick me up, don't wanna do it again.
  17. Health. Thing bout health is you got it less you check into it. But then, you only got it if you check into it, find out you don't got it and fix it. Called "pair o ducks"... not sure why but all things considered rather have just the one duck.
  18. Baffs... yeah, even!
  19. Toys. Stuff that all mine and they come regular. Dance for em, dance wif em. Tear tags off em. Suck on em. Carry em round, sometime two at time. And put em to bed. Got my own basket and got my own toys. Luke live large. Just sayin.
  20. Bedtime Stories. Luke never get too old for one... or two or free or more. Comfortin knowin Luke come to side of bed and get story. Get rub. Get vitation to big bed. Get re-surin. Get love. Sometime wake up, think maybe new life is just dream... good to have light sleepin Mom to always rub head, say love you and tell bedtime story.

Just sayin. Luke and the Mom lucky. Luke and the Mom grateful. Luke and the Mom got each other!

Happy Thanksgivin All My Peoples! Hope your life mean as much to you as mine does to me!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Day 158: Ah Oh Gotta Go

It's funny but not really how you feel good and then you overhear the Mom consprin with the Aunt Karen bout goin to doctor. I love and trust the Aunt Karen, not meanin that I don't love and trust the Mom too, but she worry too much. Just sayin.

But if I gotta go I gotta go. Ain't like I got much say and sides, it IS goin and I like goin much as the Mom like rubbin and feelin on me. She know my body like back of her hand maybe better.

And you won't catch me complainin bout the rubbin cause it come wif sweet talk and kisses likes of which I have never known. Kinda mushy kinda overdone but won't trade it for nothin.

I handsome healthy lookin fellow, no?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Day 157: The Great Escape

Nice relaxin mornin tho the Mom was busy workin, kinda borin and then we was invited to Mister Uncle T's Day Spa and we went.

Mixed feelins bout bein wif the herd. Way happy to see my Aunt Madison and Uncle Tom, and happy to see the herd and enjoy their home and yard, but got big feelins of timidation. Few step in the door and I'm lookin for the trolley keys. Gets better tho. Just gotta be patient.

Things much smoother this time and I all lovin them, they all lovin me and then I'm next for baff and I find hole in fence.

The Mom don't find this too much funny, but when I took off I thought I was still at Aunt Madison's and Uncle Tom's... and when I circled round, I thought I was headed back to the baff area...

Good neighbors helped me back to my Uncle Tom... and yeah, well, then who was lost!!! The MOM! Thought she was responsible and then she run way... make great escape. So Aunt Madison stay wif me, help calm my nerves... while Uncle Tom try to find the Mom.

Thinkin she not so accustomed to runnin street alone, might get hit by car. Got no tags no chip, might have to call volunteers, put out posters.

And then my Uncle Tom come back wif her! I all happy, and she all sorta mad but mostly happy. She call me word what rhyme with "you little bird", tell me she love me and kiss me on the nose.

All good and then I find that I next for baff, but that ok cause baff good and then the rubbin and brushin even better.

Had good day minglin wif herd on short leash thereafter. They all trustworthy, I not so much. But we gave the Mom many golden retriever samwiches which she love.

And my Bleu brother took great joy in many pine cones and sticks which made the Mom worry bout our quantity of those great treasures not sure why on a counta he never been and don't live here.

Clean, handsome, tired and the Mom is safe at home. I goin bed now. Good run relax you. Just ask the Mom.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Day 156: Random Thoughts

Saturdays are confusin for me. Go to bed same time Friday night as all others but not posed to wake up same time Saturday mornin?

Guess not by way of hearin the adjective the Mom used when she announced the time of my complete impatience... "six duckin fifteen", she said. Hey, I gave her an hour reprieve... our normal time is five duckin fifteen!

1. Breakfast on Saturday mornin might be bit later than usual. One hour late is bout my maximum.

2. Feel it my job to make sure the Mom know it daylight. Just sayin.

3. When the Mom go back to sleep after mornin routine... good idea upon her risin, to dance to food bowl. Never know. She might forget she already served breakfasts.

4. Watchin her work never fun but some time sighin and always scratchin make her stop. Note to self.

5. Imperative to point out workers in yard next door just in case they not posed to be there. Never know. Some time random electricians try fix problem neighbor don't really have. Good to have a Luke to try make their job miserable.

6. Fun too, to have the Mom chase you cross yard in jammies... though it also kinda barassin. Just sayin.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Day 155: I Like To Dance!

I love to dance! And I spired to do so on way to food bowl ever mornin ever night. Also do a mean two step when got tuition I goin for walk or ride. And casionally wif toy as partner, dance to big bed...

But wif reality tv and thanks to the Mom gettin pitchers on her phone of other chill-ren showin off...

I now know I gettin few points for style!

I printin this photo life size. Pawprint step look easy to follow but hip action not so much. Need practice.

And video.

Just sayin.

Funny stuff and genius idea
these goggies have... on iphone as LOLdogs, on web as Check out cause ever one I know right now can use big laff and this is one!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Day 153: Consequence

Overly drowsy lump of boy got reprieve due to the Mom's heart break and all who lobbied for quality of life.

Revelled in five days of raucous bliss wifout drug.

And then the Mom came home from work yesterday and moral of story...

Lick, chew butt while the Mom at work.

Pay consequence.


Monday, November 17, 2008

Day 151: Sweet Boy Need Help Wif Thoughts Sometime

I sweet but sometime grumpy... got feelins but not know how to press em.

Fortunately got Aunt Silvia who help me say
what I mean!

Images, composition and music by the Aunt Silvia.
Thoughts and emotions by the Luke.

Day 151: Thanks To The Mom

Thanks to my Aunt Silvia for helpin me capture moment what special for bofe me and the Mom.

Thank you, the Mom, for making me your son... for not just treatin me like new son but groundin me in ways make me think I was always your son just waitin to get here...

And thanks to GRRH for not thinkin me ole 'who want him has-been' based on prior record but then also gettin me from there to here and then lettin nature take course wif the Mom who guard her heart till she see the me on web then toast.

Eyes did it. Still do. Just look.

Love and thanks show in my eyes... well and in my smile and all over my face!

Day 151: I Heart My Mom!

Wif thanks most specially to My Aunt Silvia... I give my heart to the Mom, firstest and mostest!!!

And to my GRRH family, I not just give heart but owe all that's mine.

Who woulda thunk one year ago when I (bout this time gettin fixed) in Waco kennel that I missin all I got now.

Strong spirit I got and held on cause I just knew all Heaven gonna break loose one day.

Got hellish stuff to fight still but didn't struggle (survive or waste that near year) for life... to roll over wifout big fight. Just sayin.

Good thing is now got the Mom who fight ever bit hard as I do. Bad things got big foe in two of us...

She get teary sometime and it new for Luke to have someone in his bizness (hair and skin, nose to patooty) most all time but put up wif it on a counta it feel so good to be center of world.

Put aside the Mom's pair of noids and she bout best thing ever happened to me! Just sayin.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day 150: Sesqui Hundred Days And Still No Bone Shaped Pool

I love my hunderd fifty days here I do!

But woke up to realization this morning that thank dog ain't no herd o dogs out back but sad ain't no bone shaped pool nor more peoples than just the Mom who's nough but more's good sometimes ain't complainin just sayin.

Been peaceful day wif the Mom. Sun settin and I can't help but reflect on all GRRH give me.

They give me yesterday what was real good.

More portantly, they give me all this... what is my comfort, what is things I now not just take for granted but get pissed bout when not xactly way i want em...

What is ever thing Luke love and deserve some of which over the top but I learn quick to go wif flow don't rock boat and love nuttiness of the Mom.

What is silly names and sissy collars.

What is fun life of song and chatter and sometime smoochin till it annoyin.

What is my name bein called all the live long day into night.

What is the sound patpatpat "Luke get on big bed"...

What is the Mom...MY Mom.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Day 149: GRRH Family Reunion, Check On Mom

One thing any good boy does when he at family reunion (besides run big circles and do big businesses which pretty much go wifout sayin) is check back wif the Mom.

First gotta make sure she ain't taken up wif nobody else and second gotta make sure she ain't slipped off just sayin.

Wasn't really worried bout either but since we had conversation on way there went like this:

The Mom: "Luke, please don't forget who your Mom is."

Luke: "Aww, Mom... please don't barass me!"

Nother great xample of genius photography. That me, checkin in... bottom right corner.

The Mom been rackin brain on what kinda job she might get when we livin under what she call the bridge (don't know why she call aunt and uncle guest room the bridge, but whatever)... guess we can rule out anything require camera just sayin.

Day 149: GRRH Family Reunion, The Mom's Favorite Part

... Luke on outside of Time Out pen!

Guess I ain't as fast as I used to be, because I was always a few steps too late to get involved in a brawl... but I was quick to investigate and to try to slip the offending cousin a file!

And that leads me to nother my favorite things bout this day.

In this photo, I stand at my Aunt Sandy's knee! She work wif me and teach me lie down, give me good salmon, I love her.

Day 149: GRRH Family Reunion, My Favorite Part

Lots of my cousins were there to be with other cousins. But I was there for my peoples!

These folks gave super good fection and tention. Coulda stood here all day!
And this little boy... why, I woulda liked him to come home with me. His hugs were right down on my shoulder level. Told the Mom we need one of those but she said said too late ain't gonna happen in the two legged variety...

Day 149: GRRH Family Reunion, Missed-Elaneous Photos

The Mom is pretty much a photographic genius which is why my back end is so much hi-lited while Luke facin where the sun don't shine...

Sometime confusin too what end point toward camera... she genius just sayin and don't quote me otherwise.

But good thing other folk there wif cameras cause you know how the Mom love 'moments'.

Day 149: GRRH Family Reunion, Luke Considers Swim

Sportin my best 'tude', bolted into Pet Paradise which next to my own home it is... and quickly did businesses of all kinds and numbers much to shhhh-grin of the Mom but personally love goin far away from home as possible. So there.

Then made joyous rounds and rounds round pool.

Me is by the man in black way beyond (to left center of photo), watchin cousins in pool and thinkin maybe...

Me is circlin and thinkin bout (1) fresh brushed dry fur vs. wet fur on way home, (2) ready ability to get love from dry folks wif dry v. wet fur and (3) wow gee it feel cold dry v. how cold it feel wet!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Day 148: Why Need Baff Today?

Missed traditional Friday communal nap today and asked the Mom why baff took place of nap just askin...

And she say "glad you asked you're goin to
GRRH famly reunion tomorrow and we need to talk bout tude".

Don't know what she talkin bout "tude" less maybe she ferrin to great Orvis debacle of September 2008 for which I had my reasons...

But I listen... and she say this:

"Have fun. Feel safe. Enjoy kin of all legged kinds. And most portant don't worry bout bein left be-hind cause you comin right back to our home. You're my Luke and I'm your (the) Mom and that's the way it will always be."

Then she said...

"Pull an Orvis and trip short we comin back home". Said it sweetly, figure she just givin me my ceptable out!

So I just thinkin... wow, my life way more better than ever before just sayin.

I not just got the Mom who love me, give me baff, towel dry me, talk sweetly, beg me to big bed, rub my head till fall asleep...

But also got aunts and uncles who saved me,
H O O K E D M E U P , love and look out for me and support the Mom in all ways I can't on a counta I'm just the son and she love me too much not to worry bout ever little and big thing.

All that and got this extended
GRRH family too what has reunions wif love and swimmin (call this a draw?) and foods (now talkin)!

Heard what the Mom had to say, so Lucky
736, gonna wake up tomorrow mornin, put on sissy collar wrap (cause real men wear what women who love em buy em), sport good 'tude', board trolley and have good time at reunion!

Less I decide otherwise what might be the case. Check back tomorrow.

Day 148: Gettin Gussied Up!

Had me my first baff tub baff today cause gettin kinda coolish outside. Was not gonna do it when the Mom put my front feets on the edge of the tub, cause my hind end just melted into the floors... but when she put the leash on me and got in the tub her ownself decided to go wif her!

So had luxurious spa baff in just right warm waters and the Mom told me all kinds of things bout well, you know... mushy Mom stuff. And when baff over I had to be coaxed out of tub... but knew best part was yet to be, so finally thought best to hop out and did.

Now ya'all know I don't take to no air gun styling devices, just ain't manly... but I not so manly that I don't enjoy wearin the swaddlin cloves!

Troof is I just love bein dried off, but wiff a towel and a brush. Favorite position is flopped cross the Mom's lap but can't when 'moment' needs capturin. Put up wif it cause the Mom sentimental and when all said and done means Luke gets more love so worf it.

Nuffin spell contentment like baff over, fresh smellin towels, lots o rubbin and brushin, tons o compliments and the Mom's undivided attention!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Day 144: A Riddle

What do Luke and the weather have in common?

We both feel dreary.

(And the Mom is worried about bofe us).

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Day 140: Q: What do Luke and Congress Have In Common?

A: Gettin in bed wif the Lobby!

And while bofe Lobby is cute and soft and fun in bed... my Lobby cost me nuffin and got no self servin agenda, just semblance of real lobster who go by name of Lobby...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Day 139: Who Is This Prince?

That's what I said... Who is this Prince? And what is his pitcher doin on my compy?

Don't get me wrong. Looks like jovial fellow, all handsome wif his boyish good looks...

But what's wif his name?

Maybe he represent himself wif just a funny symbol or maybe go by first name 'Fresh'... but then maybe not and there I go datin myself.

Maybe he think he cute like William or Harry, they with their blond and reddish hairs.

Or maybe he think he royalty and spects to be treated as such and well he and all my golden brothers and sisters should... just like I've grown fond of such conditions.

But one word to the royals who thinkin bout enterin this "palace":

Remember the King...

Ain't talkin Tut nor Elvis, but the one that really counts round here!

I talkin bout Yours Truly... "King" (C.H.) Lukey Luke!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Day 138: Sleepin Wif The Lobby On Lection Day

Can't never run for lection myself, given unflatterin and other Chip-n-dale photos circlatin this web and underminin my steadfast character...

So no reason I can't sweep wif the Lobby on 'lection day... pretty much like all the other candidates... ceptin my Lobby's soft and sweet and got no genda!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Day 137: Mystery Box

The Mom's to the factory right now so I got a chance to take a look at the other mystery box she brung in from the Golden Retriever Gala...

Pears to be a baff contraption that dis-pears to practically nothin.

Now I got nothin gainst baffs ticularly when they're over wiff on a counta I like bein clean and feel frisky when the wet's gone...

But like it best when some other doggy gettin his...

... And even better when dis-peared to nothin!

I look up on internet and says "more civilized way to get cleaned up... hygienic, convenient and fun".

Don't know bout all that... specially fun part!

Day 137: Happy Birfday To My Aunt Madison!

Today is my Aunt Madison's birfday!!!

And it's most special day on a counta she's most special and I love her. And on a counta she loves me too, I'm not where I was but where I am. And she's not done wif me, she still checks up on me and in all ways supports the Mom which is hard and frustratin task I know.

And well... that alone would make her remarkable but she spread her love and make all kinds of differences in many sweet golden boys' and girls' and their moms' and dads' lives.

So my golden wish for Aunt Madison on her special day: All Play, All Day... Well, unless you get the chance to take a nap! Naps are good. I love em! Hope your day is full o love on a counta all o yours should be! Wishin you also tasty foods, comforts and no worries!

(Wishin you all that stuff for tomorrow and the next day and the next and... to forever!).

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Day 136: My New Bed... A Little Story About Last Night

How many o you like to be woke up in middle of your night by someone happy who been out partyin wif golden retrievers even when they brung you a present?

None is the answer I tally. But this is what happened to me last night round midnight and call it happiness or call it guilt, the Mom woke me up to not just go outside but to rejoice in my new floors bed what she brung home.

It's a fine bed and I sniffed and gave it my paw of approval when I was last at the Orvis... and fine folks they are cause they welcome my kind to roam and paw their merchandises and not just that but the Mom says they donated this bed what she won for me in a shhhhhhh auction.

The Mom likes it cause the cover matches our bedroom fabricks as it looks like our several sets o sheets, but I confused cause it soft like big bed but not nearly so big. So what I sposed to do wif it?

I got on it as the Mom urged late last night which was really early this morning and then she got on it wif me and I growled... not the kind of growl like I gonna bite you but the kinda growl like why you wake me up and make me do things? ... And where you been you smell like good times, good food and fine wines? You know, that kind of growl...

Still confused this mornin, so looked up bed on internet and says "Super soft, silent, and machine washable, high-lofting polyester fill retains its loft and makes an excellent option for light-sleeping pets"... which is me and so that's good.

Also says "If your dog can chew through it, we'll refund your money! No questions asked."

Food for thought since I sometime hungry in middle of night...

Day 136: (The Mom's Contribution To) My Masterpiece

End of Chapter One meant I had lots o free time to reflect and study and hone artistic nature. But had to call on the Mom to execute xacto work on a counta I got no fumbs and she's a stickler for no sharp objects round the boy who is me.

So she stepped in after many days of my worryin over whether she would or would not find the time to complete my vision of a movie mark-eeee. But she did and my top hat's off to her on a counta she came fru wif the final compy-zition, not to mention I didn't get to go to the gala and got no reason for wearin hat anyway cause Kongy don't care.

Whole compy-zition volves round the words "Now Playing" on a counta I am finally... and told the Mom to change words under wanted poster to read " Cool Hand Luke In Reward Winning Roles" and list my aliases. Left it up to her to pick her favrites cause there's too many to fit on the mark-eeee much less table!

Love sayin "A GRRH Production" cause from day one to now, rescue to adoption to all the support me and the Mom get and feel on a daily basis... it's a production. Connection coulda been terminated on June 20, but these folks care more than CHL thought was humanly possible.

And now bein a retrospective straight from my diary and blog and ok for shameless promotion... I ask the Mom to say "Now Playing On The Web"!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Day 135: Golden Retriever Gala Masterpiece, Part Four

I call this one "Luke's Fourth"... a simphony and celebration of all things Luke for my first four months of Chapter Two!

Neat stuff I included (sorta from top left to bottom right):

My first swell photo in my new forever home.

A four leaf clover on a counta I was born on 031599 Ides of March... and the Mom calls me her "Good Luke Charm"...

My very first toys to call my own... pretty much ever... and now they're, like... my OLD toys!

Fun postage stamps like postage stamps should be wif handsome boy on em.

Awesome studly profile of handsome golden what just so happens to be me.

Molasses Madnesses! (Ain't Aint Elaine's GRRH COOKIES but good! Aint E's cookies not round long enough to take pitcher!!!)

Film strip of my first baff!

First letter I wrote by way of introduction in background over me nosin my waf fru new backyard.

License plate like I would have if the Mom would sign drivers ed consent and Uncle Tom would buy me fast car cause you know the Mom would only buy tank wif low-jack device and GPS tracking device that would kill engine at edge of driveway if it started at all.

"grrh is great" fashionable dog tag jewelry on a counta they are! Just sayin.

Pet Paradise photo taken by Aunt Karen and fallen in love wif by the Mom.

Adoption day photo. Pretty much happiest day of my life till all the others came after it.

Squirrel what I love to chase out of my yard.

Me snoozin wif the Mingo on a counta he's sweet and so am I.

And who could forget Kongy???

Bar code wif my worf... Does that say "weight in gold"? Wow but not sure in this conomy it worf more or less than yesterday but still worf vestin in for long haul for sure. Look close you'll seem my birfday, day I first met the Mom and my adoption day wif dash to Forever. Also 736 on right hand side is my GRRH number what means (1) wow lots o good folks came 'fore me and (2) me and the Mom's new lucky number cause lots o good folks came for me.

Me admirin my yard and my life (as the Mom watches me and worries bout my funder problem...)

When I was all done wif my compy-zition, the Mom looked on and she asked to overlay her own sentiments. She bein the one wif who can best get the pnut butter jar open not to mention rapper off cheese, so course I said sure!

She added her words:


And my personal favrite one what makes me feel best inside:


Love my life, love my (the) Mom, got it good and know it (even when home alone cause I inside wif Kongy and other toys and tv and bed and tempered airs and know it won't be long fore I not lone no more), like thinkin on it and happy to celebrate it wif the folks who made it possible!!!

Day 135, Golden Retriever Gala Masterpiece, Part Three

I'm GRRH Class of 2008 and this here's my memory page.

We all bein orfans, (what some might call) missfits, otherwise homeless and mostly misunderstood till this great year of OH-8... was no lections for most handsome, personality plus or most likely to dig a hole through a concrete slab durin a funderstorm...

So I'm not so recognized on my memory page!

(I'm GRRH Rescue Number 736, by the way! Are
those people great... or what???!)

Day 135, Golden Retriever Gala Masterpiece, Part Two

This here poster was done by the Mom and it says WANTED on a counta I am.

Most folks whats wanted and got poster don't want to be and don't want poster, but for me is best feelin in the world

Day 135: Golden Retriever Gala Masterpiece, Part One

I been keepin the Master Centerpiece under top secret dewclaw swearin raps and now since ever one who can't know is at the Gala, I unveil it to you my loyal readers!

I go sometimes by my first given name of Cool Hand Luke, and this past year's felt to me like a major motion picture production starring me. And ever big production got a poster wif credits and the like and here's mine:

Second life supporting roles: Aunt Karen Bishop as Aunt Karen, Aunt Madison Whitson as Aunt Madison, Aunt Melinda Seckt as Aunt Melinda, Uncle Tom Whitson as Uncle Tom and Mom as Mom.

Technicolor Sequel / GRRH Production: Aunt Karen, Casting & Props; Aunt Madison, Standby, Health & Safety; Aunt Melinda, Pre-Production; Uncle Tom, Transportation & Direction; Mom, Screenplay & Dialog.

Before you go thinkin maybe I stole a idea from somefin you seen before, I say to you yes I did. You see, some years back there was a motion picture go by Cool Hand Luke by some crazy coincidence.

Got a little in common wif the character in that picture and a lot wif the actor, Paul Newman, who played me.

My eyes not as blue, but we bofe ruggedly handsome and modest too. He drove fast cars just like I do when Uncle Tom lets me (shhhh don't tell the Mom). And we bofe have soft hearts and are committed to helpin others.

We got other things in common that the Mom won't let me talk about just now but I will later. He's left this world now and is missed. He did my name proud!

Day 135: Getting Ready For The Golden Retriever Gala

The Mom's in the shower getting ready for our long awaited Golden Retriever Gala, benefitting Golden Retriever Rescue of Houston as they help other sweety boys and golden gals who might need a little or a lotta help kinda like I did at one time.

Those keeping up wif this blog know I been workin hard on my Master Centerpiece and can't wait to unveil it.

So, while the Mom's gettin ready, I took liberties of gettin ready in my finest white collar, bow tie and top hat.

Don't usually take the Mom this long to get ready but I'm gettin little drowsy as I wait.

Well, maybe just a quick nap but this hat is noyin me.

What? You mean I not goin? You mean I in bow tie and top hat, worked hard on masterpiece and not goin?

O! You mean fully loaded Kongy gonna babysit me? Well, that's a top hat of diffrent color.

Have fun! Drive careful!