Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Day 103: More Tough Times And Those Ahead?

Just when things were going good, a bad thing or two happened to me today...

First, I got tangled up in the philodendrons (which the Mom has now slaughtered to an inch of their lives) chasing a squirrel. I hit the hot tub and hurt my leg.

For the record, I never even whimpered... but it hurts, and I ain't usin it so well.

Second, while the Mom was butcherin the plants... she missed a phone call from the vet with news on my bobo aspirination.

She thinks if it was good they woulda just said it was good and instead they said call but they were gone by the time she trieved the message.

My leg hurts... but I think the Mom hurts worse, so I'm layin in the big bed wif her!!!

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