Friday, September 19, 2008

Day 92: Delirium

Musta been delirious when I wrote those lists last night! Airs is really warmin, and I'm not havin near so much fun. Nay-bors sunk back into the weariness of their own melon-colley, and Mom's gone about six hours a day... workin at the factory and shuttlin bout tryin to get the things we need like mostly frozen waters.

Back yard's loud and stinky, and now Mom's thinkin of buyin us one of those loud contraptions... generators I think they're called. I don't much want one, but if it comes with cool airs, maybe I do.

She's off to the factory now, and I've already sucked the pnut butter outta my slightly chilled Kongy. Sure like it better frozen...

Gonna take a rest by the fan before I dig the carrots out (whose idea was carrots, Aunt Karen???).

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