Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 618: Ill (and Dis-Ill) Usions

Sickness still plague the us... but it all in spite of the cuteness of me and the Bleu!

Why... the Bleu almost look like be belong all tucked up under the sheets like he is little tiny timid boy... wif the great big body!

The Bleu... he do look cute on the sweet sheets... do he not? He is the Tooty-Toot, and they ain't no substitution... He is the bleau-dot-bear-wif-the-big-fuzzy-hair... and he on the clean sheets!
I am at the foot of the bed for now... but not to worry... this position will not last long!

"Last call" will come. The Bleu will race outside. And I will hop into the prime positon in the big bed.

It is as it has always been. It is... as it should always be.
Just sayin!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 617: Friday Fings

These fings are special... but how??? What are or were they???
[Just askin...!]

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 616: Eighty-Eight Weeks... And A Huge Honor!

Today marks the completion of my first eighty-eight weeks in Forever Home (of my the Mom's dreams)! And if that isn't special enough, I am in complete disbelief... at the incredible Honor that I've been awarded...

This is a very special award, created by The Bumpass Hounds, and is another wonderful testament to their commitment and dedication to the Rescue Mission.

I am a HUGE fan of The Bumpass Hounds (and Kitties and their human folks!!!). The thoughtfulness behind this Award is incredible. The Hounds' dad tells it best, but in Navy talk... Bravo-Zulu means "well done", a commendation for somefing done "above and beyond"...

To even be mentioned in same way as first four recipients is... such an honor. I so don't feel deservin... and am kinda speechless, the Mom's got the leaky eyes and the Bleu... well, he spinnin and spinnin in he circles!

This Award is particularly special for my the Mom on a counta it come from the Homer J, Rescue Dog. And that is the ultimate in Rescue Reward... coming from a Happy Dog in he Forever Home. Seriously. Period. As TBH put it, award present itself as...

"something as simple as a muddy paw print on a white shirt or blouse or a big sloppy tongue kiss to one's cheek or a hug, a pat on the head or a strong stroke along the back of a neck. It's something that is instantaneously recognized when it happens."

And it's the inspiration to make it so... for so many other wonderful and deserving Goldens... and their future forever families. May we all ways live up to this honor!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 613: Blurry Monday

My the Mom needs to brush up on her photography skills. I am just sayin...
Is there somefing wrong wif the her... or the camera. I do not know but suspect the former, on a counta the camera real smart, and it was the her wo change the settins in order to get better pitchers.

Well, is it just me... or do you fink maybe the Mom should read the camera book again??? [Come on peeps, do not be afraid to back me up!]!
Here is real swell pitcher of me runnin toward the her!
Did you like that one???

Well, maybe you will prefer this one, where I am tryin to be as still as a... hmmm, somefing very very still.
I cannot believe it... It is still blurry! My the Mom need big help, a new camera, maybe some lessons for the old one... but troofly, all of the above!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 612: Dark and Dreary and Delightful

That's what this day was... Delightful, on a counta me and the Mom [and also the bleu.bear, of course] spent it inside and outside and bein boaf lazy and silly.
You see, my the Mom is usually away from the home on Saturdays, but not yesterday... so she got head start on the chores and worked for work from right here! And not only was it great to have her here, but also... she is too tired to do much work today, so she just lazin and playin and shmugglin wif the me slash us!
Not much better way to celebrate such auspicious occasion than wif good little tiny round pig suckin. 
O how I do love that spot just behind her ear!
Nobody here to take the pitchers of us free all piled up... nappin, watchin the tube or snackin outta the berry treat [and don't tell the Bleu, but also the peanut butter cookie] bag, but take my word for it... It was a love filled day, in the most relaxin way!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 611: Gettin Over Our Bad Selves

It hard on a boy when he Mom feel so very much unappreciated, disposable and not just unloved but also scorned. It is... and it is not fair.

Me and the Bleu make the Mom's world absolutely worf the while, and our love in betwixt us overcome one fousand fold ever bad fing any body else can interject... but it still real sad fing when people choose to hurt her, choose ego over sentiment, choose quantity over quality, choose notch in belt over humility.

And then they just choose emotional detachment on a counta it just way easier that way.

That clearly ALL hurt the Mom big time, but here is the me... showin her, please let the wind flow frew your hairs, and just let it go!
"LET... IT... GO...!!!"
To the Mom: "What you see and feel here... right now... is the only fing what matter! And that is the me and the Bleu... We love you and we share our life wif the you!!!"
And tho it may still be winter... and tho all our tropical plants are dead to world, there are lillies to be rejoiced!
And sniffed!
And then there are also the leftover pecans what were frown down by the squirrels...  And well, you know how I hate for nuts to go to waste!
So I gotta follow the pecan trail all round the tree!
That is... until the Mom shake "The Berry Treat Bag"!!! And then, suddenly... I can't wait to go inside!!!
[Gosh, I'm cute!]

Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 610: Cones, T-Shirts, Infection and Trust

Ok, so some of you have asked my the Mom, how in the world is the Luke???

Well... I have not been feelin particularly bad, mind you... but I have not felt like my usual happy, energetic, mischievous self. I mean... how good can a boy feel when he is either in a t-shirt or a cone... and all ways on BIG aunty-biotics??? Just sayin.
I grateful to get my stitches out on Day 597, on a counta I fought it meant my days ON the aunty-biotics and IN the t-shirt and cone were numbered! But then came the realization... my bobo was not gettin any better, in fact... it was gettin worse.
You see, my scar swelled up wif big lumps all along it. And just the few minutes that my the Mom would be in shower, I would go after it wif the lick, lick, lick.
So... On Day 608, what was Wordless (and also postless) Wednesday, I go back to to see the Doctor Mark. And from the Luke perspective... It was not good!

You see, he confirm that the several swollen lumps are same as the one infected tissue lump that was removed. And for icin on cake of misery, I have now created a lick granuloma at lower end of scar.

So... in recognition of my lickin efforts, Doctor Mark took me to back room... and shot my scar up and down wif the cortisone, to reduce swellin and also the itchin. This was painful for boaf the me... and also the Mom.

Me, on a counta... ouch Ouch OUCH!

The Mom, on a counta... she could hear me whinin and whimperin and SCREAMIN!

And when I was delivered back to the sweet her, we was boaf in tears and I near bout crawled right up in her the lap. I had very cute star spangled bandage, and she just as I... was a sight for sore eyes. I do love that woman, and greatly admire her ability to drive us the #@** away from there and back home! 

I will be takin aunty-biotic (only aunt who I do not love) for MANY more days and/or weeks. I will continue to be in cone when the Mom is not home... and now I have found myself outside the Circle of Trust when the Mom take a shower. I am either in t-shirt or cone. And I am sad... pathetic, really.

Now, don't get me wrong... of all the fings in world I can be sufferin from, I will take this above most all others. It just that, for record, I do not like the t-shirts and most specially not the cone!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 597: Sad-urday

This day start wif the sunshine of high hope but soon became cloudied wif the dark clouds of sadness... what build and build and build today.
So if I begin at the beginnin of my day... my the Mom, as is usual these days, did not sweep. She woke up at 230am and she fretted and she worried and she wished she was at least two separate people (her bosses prolly have the same dream)... I kinda wish she was, too... on a counta holy bjeebers, maybe they could work split shifts! Just sayin.
But anyway, we are not sleep satisfied, but we get up early, though none of our hearts are truly in it... and that is unusual, specially for me and the Mom.

You see... typically my internal time clock say 430 am is time to get on big bed for some lovin, what is hopefully followed soon thereafter by the breakfast foods! And coincidentally, this is bout time the Mom typically start shiftin her position a bit, not quite ready to get up... but startin to fink a bout it!

All that said and more...when day start before 10am, you are killin the Bleu wif the early mornin reveille... but he DOES drag he big butt up and participate, just a bit.

But Today... we get up early on a counta I have to get my sutures removed... and the Clinic did not have an available appointment, so we had to arrive early and remain on standby.
I was frilled to be goin on a early mornin venture, was pretty sure it was IHOP but was sorely disappointed. Wait time wasn't bad... and I receive a A+ for good behavior while there!

And that's kinda point where fings started goin sour... I guess doctor did not like how my bobo looks. My time on antibiotics will be extended... they say 10 days past the point it looks normal. Right now, it looks so bad... I can't imagine the day it will look normal.

And so shall be my days in the cone, and my nights in the tee...
And here is the Bleu... and he finkin and frettin bout what next for the Luke. My the Mom need to talk him frew some issues... on a counta Big Boy is sweetest boy in town... and he big on the empaffy. If I got least bit of fing goin on... Big Boy gonna take it on!
So I say all that to say this...

It is honorable to give of your MOMself on a counta love.
But when your MOMself is not good enough for the takin'... Is it dishonorable to suck your MOMself back in????? This is a sincere question, because MOMself tears... are the worst.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 593: GOOD NEWS!!!

Staph infection is rarely good news... but when compared to the BIG C, we frow big party for the STAFFF!!! Just sayin.

Big party goin on here on a counta I am out of my E-Collar cone... but I am now hindered by my t-shirt!
The Mom... she finks I am super cute in my t-shirt... And the Bleu, he is jealous!
I feel so sad in my t-shirt, and yet so very fankful that the cone is at my nose and not over my neck!
My the Mom finks I am so very cute in her very favorite t-shirt... but I fink not. And I pout. Why else would I leave my nose four inches from the cone of shame???
Ok, I rise above the shame.

I relish big bed wif the Piggy... and also the two headed reindeer who now still has boaf of he heads but only one hat. Just sayin.
'Relish' is key word.
And 'Relaxed' is what we are...
The Bleu... he is upset! He long for the ordinary ever single day! He a "don't mess wif the Egg-McMuffin or Big Mac" kinda boy! He don't like 'homey' in a t-shirt... or nuffin else. It just the way that Sweet Boy be!
But here he is a relaxin wif the Mom re-assurin him! And by way... he is such silly boy in the yard! It take seein the rake for the him to come in and chill. Just sayin. 

Life's good round here, and I leave you wif this...

Fank you all for your thoughts and prayers! I'm grateful to you and St Francis... again! I love you all!!!!!