Friday, February 27, 2009

Day 253: Mister T Spa

Me and the Bleu and the Mom board trolley in five OH clock traffic, and while I not know where we goin, I know it must be good on a counta all the cars headin there and in front of the us!

And lo and behold we wind up at Herd House, also known as Mr T Spa! And familiar wif process, I willingly get slather up wif my 20 minute conditionin soak... and in my immense gratitude, I promptly proceed to return favor to new deck upon which I stand!

Twenty minute of the Mom chasin me sayin 'no Luke no, outta flower bed, Luke back on deck' and I back to get final rinse!

I love me some Uncle Tom... errr Mister T (of the Mister T Day Spa Mister T...) attention, and so I tolerate rinse just as well as wash!

And stand patiently on bench wif smile on face, I do!

The Mom boaf love moment and also quite intrique by how skinny the Luke look wif wet hairs.

I find it funny but let you know right quick... I not skinny boy. I just right weight, just look so very much skinnier when soakin wet, but courage you all the same to tell the Mom Luke need more treats! Just sayin!

Ride home tonight much quieter than ride to spa... could hear chin drop and it did! And the Mom say Luke go from hellion to angel in few short hour.

As general rule, trolley ride to anywhere FROM home cause far more anxiety than return trip!

We back home now and we all three tired and can't wait for pillow to hold head!

More on adventure... tomorrow!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 245: Focus

The Mom been spendin lots o time on other things ok GRRH and so I can't complain not too much. But when when she leave for factory this very mornin she say tonight is "my" (meanin Luke... ok, meanin Luke and Bleu) night, so we happy and not neiver of us lick or chew hole in skin... That our way of sayin we know you love us and we wait patiently while you go try make money to pay our bills. And so we do.

All that said, this picture blurry on a counta the Mom come home and still not able to focus on the us.

Between landscaper who here when she come home... and two loose dogs on street what she got secure and find owner and safely deliver home at 915pm... she rub our heads and say sweet nuffins.

Ain't the same as havin unrestricted backyard access and the Mom in her jammies at 7pm but sometime gotta flect on back before the Mom was the Mom... and it pretty darn good lay up on big bed while the Mom deliver two cute and scared and lost doggies back to their home. Just sayin.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Day 241: Lazy Day and Sunday

It that kind of day, and me and the Bleu and the Mom like it that way!

So just quick photo to show some of the Mom's favorite things...

She real happy and gonna rearrange stuff in what she call pie safe (why she try keep pie safe from the Luke is lost on me) but for now she put on bar so she can look at and smile!

The Mom not big material girl, so it special to me she got somefin she really love!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day 240: Nite Nite to Holiday

As the Holiday of Love draw to close, I offer these last two images to display my pride in not so much peckin order of love... but more how I craftily run inside from last call and take position.. on the clean and fresh sheets (even better)!

(Dark spot you see on comforter is where the Bleu burp water before we went outside for last call... He funny that way!).

These pictures taken after the Mom brush toofies and before she get in big bed.

Don't spend no time feelin sorry for the Bleu on a counta he invited and hop on big bed after the Mom settle in and we slumber like three chocolates in Russell Stover box... well cept some candy bigger than other!

P.S. The Mom make comment when she take these pictures. Her exact words were:

"This pitiful. It lover holiday. And look here got the Luke on clean sheets. I need get the life."

To which I replied... "O, the Mom... you got the life! The best ever!"

At which point, she skwish my cheeks and kiss me on my nose... careful not to have me move outta position, even though I on her side of big bed... and it hard to maneuver cover when she get in.

She do that on a counta she know I right.

Just few more reasons I love her... cheek skwishes, nose kisses, sheet sharin, tolerance for origami when it come to sharin bed wif the Luke and the Bleu...

And for knowin when Luke right!

Day 240: Love Ya But... I'm Outta Here!

Love the Mom. Surprise good. She love mug. I tolerate bandana. Love duck suckin, but...

Holiday called on a counta weather. I been predictin it... It thunderin...

And I outta here!

Got floor to scratch and or dig to Malaysia.
Big Birfday and Valentine Celebration goin on there! They have big fun, serve yummy foods and not just that but I check radar... it ain't stormin there!

Day 240: Happy Valentine and Thank You

Deer Aunt Madison and Uncle Tom,

Happy Valentine Day on what is our first to celebrate and as you know
we owe you and by we I mean me and the Bleu of course.

The Bleu he not so good at spressin hisself
but he here spinnin in circle and tap tap tappin he feet.
Took while to figure out for me but guess you know that he way of sayin 'yes yes yes'.
Me and the Mom come to think of him sometime as exclamation mark.
Sometime word not needed on a counta "!" say it all!

Many special thanks for helpin the us make this a special Valentine Day for the Mom!
Not just anybody woulda snuck us cross town to get most special gift for the Mom. It wonderful surprise on a counta she totally not spect it... but wish you coulda see her face how it light up!

Turn out it THE VERY mug what she ask Cheddar to order for her!!!
So you see she be wantin it really bad and they call this week and tell her it in and she forget to go by and get it and then the us and the you swoop in and get it for her!
How more perfect could that be???!
...And she thinkin me and the Bleu forget bout lover holiday
(not to mention suspect we waste our a llowance on poker, cigars and baseball cards!).... but no! That such good and sneaky surprise!!!

Can't thank you nough for all you do for us and the Mom, but gotta say...
Valentine gift really bleu her away!
No way we coulda execute such thoughtful and sweet and lovin suprise... wifout you!
So thank you thank you thank you!

Gotta close now to scratch floor.
Got friends in Taipei and Malaysia. Ain't stormin there. Will send postcard.

Wif much and special love from your Nef-You Luke... and the Bleu (#6), of course (tap tap tap)

P.S. While hate to spoil thank you note, must ask why you be sneaky drive the Mom cross town to buy what she call "manly and size appropriate" bandanas...
Thought the us and the you had a greement bout sneakiness. O well.
(The Mom say she take better pitchers tomorrow when the Luke ain't so busy predictin weather... on a counta now she know I right. You see, I start freak out many hour ago
and the Bleu go to bed in simpaffy).

P.S.S. The Bleu sniff the Mom pants today & he got question for you what I loosely translate...

"!...!...!...!...!... but what !...?"

I tole him smell like bree.

Day 240: Valentine Gift (Sorta) Distraction

Me and the Bleu got Valentine gifts from the Mom what I pretty sure I seen before! But that ok, on a counta we love em just the same. I start out wif ducky duck...

And Bleu start out wif MY honkin turtle what he honk honk honk in the spite of all my dismay.

And just so you don't think Luke cranky on a counta jealousy. I not.

It just I think toy should be good for suckin and not make noise.

Just sayin. (Please tell the Bleu?).

On a counta he find joy in the skweek skweek skweek and the honk honk honk of each and ever toy in this house. And it disturb me somewhat to well frankly... a lot.

The Mom like hear he joy wif toy. That a nnoy me too.

But this not matter of jealousy. Really not.

Day 240: Happy Valentine Day to the Mom!... The Sneakiness Continues!

Part of my... ok our... elaborate Valentine surprise is send the Mom off to have breakfast wif the Aunt Madison and the Uncle Tom who deliver second part of Valentine gift to the Mom!

And the Mom she come home and open beautiful gift wrap box and I quick say it all my idea and it from me!

But then I catch look in Bleu eyes and I say well, actually it from boaf us...
And then the Bleu who not ever say much really, he say... quite slowly... he say... 'ahem... actually, special gift my idea on a counta you want give her baked chicken and that not really so much gift of love but gift of Luke all way hungry belly'...

And while I might just resemble that remark, now I got a knowlege, a gree, a cept and bow to the Bleu idea of special art gift...
Keep in mind it me who tell the Aunt Madison and the Uncle Tom... 'TURN LEFT!'.
Just sayin...

One thing me and the Bleu can agree on for sure is that wifout the special and very sneaky help of the Aunt Madison and Uncle Tom, we woulda hadda bleau our llowance on bus fair for a baked chicken.

For that reason and just a few others like for example neiver of us would be celebratin nuffin let alone Valentine Day... wifout they heroic (our word not theirs), loving and caring efforts. Me and the Bleu might sometime squabble over credit wif the Mom... but never over gratitude for the Aunt Madison and Uncle Tom!

Day 240: Cousins Rizzo and Zeke Send Love

The 'Wright Brothers' aka me and the Bleu receive first Valentine card ever and I do mean EVER in mail today, and it from our Cousins Rizzo and Zeke!

Not only are they handsome boys wif good sense of humor but also got talent for synchronized swimmin (tho trainin is spotty wifout backyard pool!!!) not to also mention greetin card design!

Me and the Bleu send our love right back to them and the Aunt Karen and Uncle Craig!

P.S. Luke confuse by who is Saint Valentine too but think somehow he link wif lovey dovey kerchief what Mamas love...

Friday, February 13, 2009

Day 239: Happy Valentine Day to the Mom!

The Mom get real surprise in mail today on a counta me and the Bleu surprise the Mom by sendin her Valentine card!

I think the sentiment just fine way it read, but the Bleu he say "Luke try hog spotlight but what bout me, should say we" and the Aunt Dav agree and she who after all is drivin us round town and well... puttin stamp in velope on a counta it stick to my fur so I say yeah it true... we.
For me and the Bleu, it our first and most special Valentine and we share ours... the Mom!

Wonderful big surprise and comfort bout our new life is the Aunt Dav who we love and wish most happiest and specialist Valentine Day! Just like the Mom got two sweethearts, she do too... what go by name of the Uncle Benjy and the Cousin Lovey!
And we three wish Happy Valentine Day to those most special and loved loved loved three!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day 237: Boo

The Mom tell me story today bout the Boo... and how this day will always be his special day in her memory... You see, this the Boo gotcha day!

This not good photo but first one she put hand on to show me (what not have your young self in it).

She adopt him from shelter in Austin in 19-ahem. She know exact date but she not want me share wif the you xactly how old and or young (just sayin) she is.

Many stories and many better pictures of the Boo, but what she want me to know is how much she love him.

He special boy wif special personality. And he bright, bright light and special angel in her life.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day 227: Post Supper Bowl Happy Endings

Me and the Mom we up late not on a counta Supper Bowl but on a counta lots to do for GRRH includin recreatin Happy Endings 2008 page (what feature me and was big pain in haunch from what I overhear) what is long time comin to fruition and relief to be done.

On happy side, it great and funny thing when have access to webmaster file upload protocol... be sure visit Happy Endings 2009 and see the Bleu, he first adoptee of 2009. That not the funny thing... funny thing is... click on he photo!

Friend of the Mom say GRRH website kinda like 'where waldo' on a counta fun to see where Luke pop his head! I not try steal thunder of deservin boys and girls... but I DO sweep wif webmaster and sometime my photo more readily available not to mention I might be most grateful alumni of GRRH in history of ever.

So I take hit for cause. Just sayin.

Day 227: Supper Bowl Sunday

There's the hype, and then there's the real action...

And Luke prevail on a counta (1) supper bowl inside, (2) too cold for cardinal make run for it even if supper bowl outside... and (3) ain't noone big and or bad enough steel supper bowl from the Luke!

Just sayin!