Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 893: Celebration!

This mornin started wif the absence of tasty breakfast foods, followed by a trip to Sugar Land Veterinary Specialists... not exactly where I hoped we were headed, but it was a good visit for a lot of different reasons:
  1. I got to see Sweet Lauren!!!
  2. I received my LAST regular Vaccine today! Woohoo!!!
  3. We had a swell visit with Dr N, and he said I look great!!!
  4. We were there less than an hour, and the Mom never left me!!!
  5. I'm goin to miss the peoples, but I'm excited that I have free monfs before I go back!!!
How... you ask... did I celebrate my return home this mornin??? Wif a good chase, of course! [The Mystery Narrator missed the chase from the back door, but picked up on the action as quickly as she could!]
Fank you all for your continued support of Team Luke and the Love Protocol!!! Your well wishes and words of encouragement help more than I could ever properly express, except to say... I treasure your Friendship!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 891: Home Sweet Home!

Let me say... If I can't be livin life large at Campo Blanco... then I want to be Home!
Me and the Bleu boaf are granted A+ for our behavior on the free hour trip home. I mostly rested, but also enjoyed some sweet attentions from my Aunt Madison...
The Bleu, he did sweep pretty peacefully in the rumble seat. And now home, we each settle into our familiar restin spots.
Please to not feel sorry for him on a counta that spot is prime for the maximum number of hours, and Big Boy hog it!
I sure love the adventure, but there is some fing comfortin bout knowin exactly what is goin to happen next...
And that is lights out on a wonderful and adventurous and sweet day!!!
I don't know where to start... I am fankful for my entire life!!!

Day 891: Few Words... &... All Aboard!!!

There is a hub-bub of a different kind in action in here right now, and I have a feelin that I should be packin my stuffs! Just sayin.
Outside Hub-bub viewed from the inside...
The Bleu, pantin...

Me, millin about...
Me, tryin to be nonchalent...
The Cane... excited!
The Herd!

The me!!!

Pretty sure the trolley is bout to board!!!

Two trolleys. Some Confusion.
But not by me... I know which trolley I board!
And I see you on the other side!!!

Day 891: Campo Blanco Commemerative Photos and Preparin For Our Final Hike

As is tradition, we all head outside to enjoy more of the fresh airs and celebrate our time together!
You might fink it is easy to gather all the Campers out of doors at one time...
But not so much... And here I am, lookin in to see what is the delay wif some our stragglers. Turns out... the holdup is due to the Counselors and not the Campers! Just sayin.
The effort to take a group pitcher was completely foiled by... ummmm... It was uhhhh... and act of God, I mean... Mother Nature. Ok... It was my fault, along wif the Bleu's... For some reason, neither of us could stop eatin dirt, acorns and deer poop long enough to face the camera.
There. I said it. Can we please move on??? I am feelin the shame all ready! Just sayin.

So... No Campo Blanco Session (nor any other gatherin, for that matter) is complete wifout a pitcher of the happy couple... The Bleu and his Sweet Porter!

The Mom made the comment that as much as they love each other, they are actin like they don't even know each other...
And then we started to suspect that they are secretly married! (hahahahahahahahaha). 
And now we prepare for Our Final Hike... Pictured here are the Buddy, Dylan and Bleu...
And Dakota, who takes great pride in walkin his own self!!!
Ain't he cute???
I am rearin to go!
Givin the Mom the wispy ear pitcher that she loves!
And an 'if it feels good, do it' shot!
The Bleu bein the Bleu...
 Me bein the Me.
 Let's roll!
 Objects on the right side of this pitcher may appear smaller than they are.
Just sayin.
 Hill Country Air is the best!
 Hill Country Sticks are the best...
 accordin to the Bleu!!!
We had a long and fun walk... on video. Stay tuned!!! I'm keepin my eye on the trolley and a paw on my boardin pass, on a counta I fink the time is drawin nigh!