Saturday, September 27, 2008

Day 100: And We Celebrate How?

Wif a trip to the vet??? Are you kidding me???

I liked the car ride just fine and was keenly excited about it... even liked sniffin and barkin at the other celebrants in the waiting room... till they called me back to the Luke wing!

It all turned ugly when the pokin and proddin and snortin began. I got a squirt up the nose, more shots than I could count, a stick up my patooty... and they aspirinated me a coupla times.

Worst part is... Doc didn't like what she saw or did not see in one of em, and she's sendin it off and now the Mom is worried.

I told her there was no reason to worry since with the very recent exception of having been stuck and poked... I never been happier or felt so good in my life! I hope that relieves her worries...

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