Monday, August 31, 2009

Day 438: Sweetness Is A Virtue

It is... and I am.
Pool a random smatterin of my bestest babies... and they will agree.

Luke is boaf sweet AND virtuous.
But please not to ask them or the Bleu if I be baby hog!

Fank you. And just sayin.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day 437: Back Porch Celebration!

Today be oddly not stiflin hot and muggy day in Houston, Texas in August... and we celebrate wif a bone on the back porch!

I serious a bout it. Just sayin.
Of course, I lay on the door mat on a counta I would really much prefer to be enjoyin this special treat on the big bed! (You will also note the Bleu's latest stick bounty... what the Mom make him drop upon comin in-of-doors).
I work it and work it. Bones is good stuff!
And by way... mat say "oh my dog" and it have big chunk missin outta corner. From what I understand, this is funny joke about the very sweet Comet who evidently have wee bit of mischief about her! Me and the Bleu fill the Mom's life. We really do. But she will all ways miss the Comet...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Day 436: Finkin

I woke up this mornin to 74 degree tempy-toors, clear skies and my blog on my mind.

And that got to finkin...

And finkin...

What fun thing can I blog about?

I am tired of bloggin a bout the weather, and since that is main fing goin on for me here lately... I have to get the Mom to scratch my noggin so I come up wif fun ideas. She is good at the noggin scratchin and I might have to take a nap while I fink!

Just few last words about the subject up on which I am tryin hard not to speak...

It is cloudy and a funny color out that window but so far I am ok... what wif the noggin scratchin and all.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 435: Mom On A Mission, The Luke Right Behind

Why in the world my the Mom would make it her personal mission to take the pitchers of me durin this time of year wif the daily freats of impendin doom... I have no idea, nor will I cooperate.

I have made it no secret that I am feelin uneasy most days here lately, and I have no interest in capturin the moment wif phot op, but just want to follow the ole gal around.

I am a big follower of the her, anyway... rain or shine, but I especially don't like her outta my sight durin the former or freat thereof.
Our house make a big circle and we go round and round it lotsa times a day, steppin or hoppin over the Bleu wif each loop.
You may fink that I have had storm over my head ever day but this is not true. And in fact, my the yard needs water bad. But problem is I can feel and hear the storm twenty-five miles away and we have been surrounded by the them.

So needless to say we are all kinda tired and stressed in this house and even though the Mom she do sing the songs to us and brush us love on us, we are all ready for a break in this awful weather.

The weather man (if you believe him) do say that next week we will get it, but come back here and I let you know for the sure.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 432: Happiness And An Ebarassin Note From The Mom

Happiness is a day when I hear no storm, feel no storm, can enjoy my out of doors... and go right back... IN OF DOORS!!! Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat... You get pitcher.

[Note from the Mom:

Huge storm cells have formed to our far northwest, travelling southeast... and many to the west and south of us. They've gotten well within Luke's storm "feeling" range, and they've dissipated.

Luke keeps wanting to go outside, and once out there... he cocks his head in all directions and sniffs the air. I can see him creating charts and graphs, in his head. I've been watching radar as well as for his panic... but it's not happened.

There's no way I can explain his keen sense of weather, nor any way you would believe me if I did. He often gives me the sign in the pre-dawn hours, that we will have afternoon storms.

That said, just as every the Mom knows... "An ounce of prevention is worf a pound of cure"...

And every morning with a threatening forecast... which is almost every single morning these days, I carefully dry the bathtub/shower and place a pillow in the tub.

I tilt the blinds in order to get light, but I leave them down in case he panics and tries to break out a window (he has never done this, but he will either attempt to squeeze himself through an opened door... or throw himself against a door I'm trying to open. Through GRRH, I've come to know a few dogs who will break out windows and doors during thunderstorms... so I'm extra cautious).

I unplug the computer and all other components under the antique drafting table that serves as my computer desk... and also his holiday / weekend bunker in the suburbs.

And because I worry about fire if the power goes out and the pump runs dry, I unplug the aquarium filter (poor fish, but I always crank it back up first thing, when I walk in the door). I always did this for Comet, so that's nothing new.

I watch radar on my second monitor at work, and I bolt home when I see there's going to be a problem. I've come to plan my life around the weather and Luke's fears... and while I sometimes grow weary of the worry... that emotion is miniscule in comparison to the depth my heart breaks when he's in his panic.

You all know, because you feel it yourself for your precious ones... I will do ANYthing and EVERYthing for my boys. I will face and fight for them,... all of their fears and neglects. I will do everything in my power to meet their every need, build their confidence and make up for past (life) indscretions.

Luke's original "owners" listed the reason for surrendering him as...

"bolts inside during thunderstorms"

Which came first? His fear... or his neglect?

The answer will always tumble around in the back of my mind, but in reality, it doesn't matter. What matters is how we handle each day now. And I work hard to build his confidence and assuage his fears.

It's hard to pretend his reasons for panic are unreal, to act as if everything is fine and life is normal... while brushing him for four hours (3:45 of which is done with the back of the brush, because he has no more hair that should possibly come out!)... or offering him cheddar cheese or berry treats!

If I could wish anything for him, I would wish longevity, no more lumps and braveness.

But the bottom line... the point of all of this is...

For all he means to me, for all the love he's brought into my life, for the tenderness he shows me when he puts me to bed and snuggles with me in the early morning hours... for all Luke deserves and the many ways he is just my Luke....

My heart will never stop breaking over his panic, but I will gladly do everything I can for him each and every day for the next thirty or forty years, maybe more (but it will certainly be from either the grave or the rest home)... I will gladly do it.

He's just that special, and so is his brother. Luke and Bleu mean EVERYthing to me!!!]

Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 431: Monday Should Start Wif An ST

I was finkin it might should start wif "F" but then it would be the followin:

Funderin Funday
Floodin Funday

Tho it has been floodin, nuffin bout this day been "fun"... so I decie Monday should start wif "ST", on a counta it definitely has been


It stunnin on a counta chance of storm just 20% and I only get usual two pill pocket in mornin. And then the Mom who watch the radar at the factory not see it at all but then she head home and get stuck in traffic, watchin radar on her phone and storm pop up over top of home and let's just say I not only one who have nervous breakdown!

By time she negotiate 7.5 mile distance (as crow fly), streets and my backyard are flooded... a Mini Cooper is floatin... and boaf me and the Bleu are elated to see the Mom pass frew the door!

It take many hour before I will go out side to do my businesses, but the Mom she is patient wif the me. She offer I reject she offer I reject she offer I reject... until conditions allow me to accept. And as I go out, I pretty sure I see the Mom doin happy P-P dance just like the me.

Could be wrong but I fink... am pretty sure. Just sayin.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Day 428: Four Hour Storm Yields Embarassin Post

Awful don't even begin to describe the thunder storm over my head. NBD in full progress, and I in bunker... this pitcher tooken post pill pocket!

Storm last many hour and when I come outa the bunker, me and the Bleu negotiate territories. He may be in front of the me, but that don't mean he braver... Just sayin.
GEEZ... I am just so not sure it is over. It just So don't feel like it is...
O My Dear Dog.. there is a nother cell headed this way (storms are headed southwest or from upper right to lower left on screen), and I am not sure I can cope...
I rooted the Bleu outta he comfort zone, on a counta he was in best feelin spot.

The Bleu, he finkin... "I get up, no problem... just make ole Luke stop jumpin over the me!"
And I try to settle down wif just the head in the bunker. Not sure of how that work for the me... will let the you know.
Storm is subsidin... and I am tired. I would not say I am still emotionally needy, just that the Bleu is layin in convenient spot.

Please I beg you... do not take giant leap in your the head to fink that proximity to the Bleu give me comfort!

No no no it ain't so!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day 427: RE-MEMBER

I was home alone all day... ok, I stand corrected... Me and the Bleu was home alone all day today and then the Mom came home and now she has left us again.

I would like to be mad really I would, but she has gone to a GRRH Membership Committee meeting... and that is one of very few reasons (a)she would leave the me and or us, and (b) we just cannot get our furs in a mat over, on a counta they are endless sweet boys and girls like us what deserve luxuries we now guaranteed. Just sayin.

And that get me to finkin what the Mom smell like when she came home to the us last Saturday.

And when extrapolate all smells one of em was the Frankie! He is Golden mix and he passed his heartworm treatment wif the flyin colors, and now he is ready for his very own forever home. Check him out, here he is wif his chicken legs hangin out!

He pose, otherwise, remind me of my own. I fink the Frankster is copyin me just little bit... don't you?

Nother distinctive smell was the Spike, who is very handsome and smart and healthy. And at just over one year old, he is also very young... if you are into the "youth thing" like the Mom was...

And then there was just this tiny hint of the Amber... who is SO not same dog I smelled many monfs ago! And I am so happy for the her, on a counta the line is formed to adopt that sweet girl!

And now here's where I get just tiny bit jealous...

The primary smell on the Mom last Saturday was... the Parker!!!

Parker is just kind o boy what the Mom fall for... he is sweet and cuddly and handsome and happy and funny and just the kinda boy you want to be a round!

And why I don't like that smell is the this: THE INN IS FULL!

Just sayin.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day 426: Almost Wordless Wednesday

[It is dark day wif the storms to the souf and the west but none are over my house so I am enjoyin sweet lovin from the Mom!]

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 425: Weather and Wallerin

In the spite of fifty percent chance of storm, just bit of barometric pressure issues and also medium to light rain over my the head, I have spent time in the bunker but all in all am none too worse for the wear... but then there was also that extra pill pocket this mornin. Just sayin.

All that said, I did also proclaim this to be "Wallerin Tuesday"! For sake of clever title, it would be much more clever if I postpone pleasure until the morrow... but I can't.

Grasses feel good under the chin and along the cheek and across the side...

I revel now in the allergens on a counta I be sneezin later!

Shake it out! Sneeze it out!
And then my favorite expression... which is my "huh? what? I've no clue of your concerns..." look.

The Mom is clearly disturbed wif the act, but I ask you... what is wrong wif the wallerin?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 424: Diatribe Redux, Silky Hairs and The MOMents

I have been cogitatin over the night and all the day today bout pitchers I want to share wif the you today... They were taken yesterday, and I save them for rainy day what I thought would be today on a counta I was told so...

And that lead me to say just this to my weatherperson audience...
as I pull excerpts from my diatribe (for another day)...

Please don't let me ever hear you wishin a tropical storm like Claudette was hittin us on a counta your memory is not so good if you do not remember T.S. Allsion. Just sayin.

And please must you be so joyous when we have huge chance of thunderstorms? I mean... it is dry, but for Dog sake and at risk of offendin environmentalist friends, just water your lawn! I know I know... farmers and crops. To that I say this... we have put man on the moon. We put Rover on Mars. We have peoples floatin round up there in the air for monfs at a time... We pipe in oil from other side of world, and natural gas from far away to close by... and we cannot come up wif way to pipe water from flooded regions to arid ones?

Oops, I accidentally launch into full blown diatribe, and I sowwy... so let me start over!

Day 424

It was beautiful day today wif the 40% chance of thunderstorms what did not happen and for that, I am grateful!

Now what follow is how I enjoy my post-baff and sunshine fill day wif 30% chance of thunderstorms what did not happen yesterday!

Day 423

Here I am surveyin my estate and ok, lookin to see what mischief the Bleu got heself into... and totally ignorin the wilted flowers in the garden (though we have ton of storm, it so scorchin hot... it not long and ever thing wilted. I know... water the garden.. but ever day they predict nother flood!)

And I move on to investigate the perimiter, keenly aware that the Mom she is followin me.
And there are distinct areas what need investigatin for reason I cannot disclose but there is one. Just sayin.

Feelin the need to do sumfin interestin for the everlovin Mom who insist on capturin my clean and silky hairs... I move on!

[It is no coincidence that "MOMENTS" begin wif the "MOM"!]

And then I pause and give photo op but secretly think... "Stop followin the me!"!

And then off a cross the yard I dart in order to not spy nor snoop but just get glimpse to see if my neighbors are outside and if they want to feel my silky hairs!

They are not, so I investigate perimeter for bread crumbs what the birds might have dropped (as this is prime region for that tasty treat).

And then suddenly, I feel urgency to photographically convey one Golden Rule:


Just sayin.

And just as I post... here come a huge roll of thunder! I'm off to the bunker to scratch!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day 423: Blooms, Breakfasts, Buddy(!), Buddies... and Baffs!

We all in this house are tired from a very long week and so we slept late and did not get out of bed until quarter till 7, and you may say that is not so late but consider this: It is two and one half hours after I hop up in big bed for lovin when my tummy say it time to get up, but I digress...

We rise to find our night sirius bloomed free very pretty blooms!

And me and the Bleu, we look at them and say "wow that is neat now feed the us" and the Mom did.

And then after tasty breakfasts and mornin businesses we all went back in of doors and watched the weather and I noted coordinates of free named storms what are Ana, Bill and Claudette. And we worry bout Claudette hittin Mobile and our loved ones there.

And then short bit later, the Mom get up and dress and say "be right back" and she mean it this time on a counta she just back trolley outta garage and come right back in.

She act all casual and I not know who she think she foolin on a counta I know that mean I goin some where!!!

And sure enough, she hitch me first to leash and then next, the Bleu... and away we go on pleasurable (for me but not so much for the Bleu) trolley ride and where we deboard is The Herd Grille what is in same center as Stanley Station (tho he was indisposed this fine day) and also Mister T Day Spa and Aunt M Gardens what I love so much!

And we begin day wif tasty breakfast foods what the Mom enjoy but I did not get one single bite and that is so wrong, but it ok on a counta then we go to the Aunt M Gardens where it was so nice to catch up wif my cousin, the Buddy!!!

Buddy is real sweet boy and also big character, and me and the Mom and also the Bleu have special place in heart for the him.

And today was fun on a counta I also meet my new cousin, the Mojo who the Mom also refer to as 'Number Seven', but I not sure why...!

Four fings I do know is that (1) the Mojo is as cool as he name imply... he is fun and laid back and sweet and cute and happier boy you will never know. (2) He is part of the GRRH family and wif the Herd on a counta he so very much deserve a new FOREVER home! (3) He is wif summer furr-do on a counta he came to GRRH very dirty and matted and wif major ear infections but is now all better! And (4) Mojo know exactly how to get along wif ever body... includin me! And that sayin quite bit!

[Read more about the Mojo!]

And after greetins and salutations, I ran off into the gardens to sniff all I could sniff and run and romp and have fun... and then I return to deck to chuckle at the Cousin Dylan who had a baff and was rubbin his shampoo into the deck!

I laugh real hard until... name of Luke called... and then I realized I had passed the freshhold to Mister T Day Spa...

And Uncle... I mean, Mister T... he lather me up real good. And though I never try to escape once baff commence, I would like to state for the record that this time I hop up on bench on own accord.

And really it feel gooooooood....

That is until I notice the Bleu, he is laughin at the me and cavortin all round the deck and the gardens and he is just revellin in he ornary cuteness!

And I think to self... "O the Bleu, just you wait... on a counta your gigglin patooty is next!"

And it was! Who is laughin now? Heh heh heh heh heh heh... well, I guess... the me! Heh heh heh!

And the Bleu, he did stop makin fun but did get into some serious enjoyment of the dryin off and brushin processes!

And meanwhile I tolerate those same processes, after bein called in from mulch pile, mud puddle and gate breachment evaluations...

And when I try to privately discuss these allurin locales and possible security weakness wif the Buddy, the Mom snap pitcher, document moment.

And sometime I fink I never have privacy to just have Buddy chat...

And pretty soon we all go inside and the Bleu get he toe nails and slippers adjusted and I do not on a counta my the Mom promise me not... and though this pitcher is fuzzy, I fink you get idea... I just chill.

And then me and the Bleu we board the trolley to go home and now we are here and we look goooooooood!

There have been many pitchers taken but there near bout one hunnerd percent chance of storms all week this week, so the Mom she say "Luke save some o your happy pitchers to post later" and I say ok on a counta baff make me kinda tired any way for today...!