Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Day 195: Bleu Bed

Next thing I know the Mom bringin in somefin else from trolley what Bleu know is his!

I think mine till I see his name on it... and I not know what to think.

I mean... he got big basket o toys and now own bed here... I think maybe he move in for good and I gonna have get in touch wif my feelins on that...

Day 195: Bleu Basket O Toys

Just like the Bleu tole me she would, the Mom come home after not too long and she lay out the tasty foods for us and we ate em heartily...

And I all thinkin life good again and like nuffin could be better than the Mom comin home... then she she go back to trolley and bring back BIG basket full o really neat toys what smell like the Bleu!

Then the Bleu he sniff toys real gentle and slow and you could see he thinkin...

He boy of few words but think he know and have fond memories of his toys and smells he's smellin... but we boaf bit wonderin what it all means...

And me... I boy o many words and keen excitement over toys comin in house so I rush in try lay claim right quick but the Mom say no they Bleu's.

The Bleu let me root frew his basket and pick out toy and he not raise not any bit o fuss.

Me and the Bleu make good buds or bros I forget which on a counta...

I hog o toys, he not so much so... and he hog o bed, and I not so much so!

Day 195: Out and In and Out and In and Out

The Mom went to factory today and then she came home. And then she load big stuff in trolley and leave for delivery to cherry-tee. And then she come home wif stuff still in trolley take cloves off, wash face and put different cloves on... I suspicious of such behavior and check shoes. O no... the goin shoes!

And I dance and I beg and I plead and she say too early for dinner foods on a counta it 315. And I little pithed as she leave on a counta bout to starve to deaf no matter what little hand say.

She say she be right back and love you and she off to NYE lupper (what I say is most close to supper on a counta it just the lonely "L" from lunch but the rest from what we all know Luke should be eatin right now) wif my GRRH aunts and uncles, and it not fair on a counta nef-yous like enchiladas too. Just sayin.

So, me and the Bleu and the reindeer skater and the reindeer wif the candies for the feets, we just hang wif our hunger pang...

Yeah you read that right been six days and a coupla hours and Bleu still here.. not that I really countin... He been here closin in on bout a week what feel like short time when we runnin round yard and feel pretty much like bout 147 hours when he squeakin my toys and layin in my spot on bed.

But Bleu good company on afternoon like this when the Mom gone and it way good not to starve to deaf alone. Just sayin.

Never much know what that big boy thinkin, but when the Mom left and the quiet settled in, Bleu turn to me and say “it just been short while since breakfast and we be eatin dinners soon you'll see on a counta she your Mom what worry too much to be gone too long”.

Bleu say that like I don’t already know it. He just ain’t never hungry as I am.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Day 194: Guess What Bleu Say

The Mom got GRRH website, I got Golden Boy and now what I hear Bleu say???... He might want blog of his own? Oh my dear dog...

The Mom install WI-FI over Christmas... but we might need nother computer. This startin sound crazy wif demands on the one Dell.. it hard nuff me and the Mom try be courteous and share the time...

The Bleu quiet dude, prolly only wanna log few word and share lot o stick collection so we try share but still...

Heh heh heh... might worth time given up on a counta me and the Mom wanna know what quiet boy thinkin! Just sayin...

Day 194: A Nalogy Of Life

The Mom tell many mostly bedtime stories bout my Grandpa who I so wish long wif my Grandma was here this day to pat me on head spoil me and tell me things first hand...

One favorite story bout life and somefin Grandpa like do what is call "golf". He say in life like "golf " spend most time on fair way aimin for green... but spend lots o time worryin over ruff. He say sometime when reflectin over real good round, the ruff most vivid memory... and lesson in life is to think green, remember and practice the good.

She say he groom and concentrate on green in ever thing he did. Guess it work on a counta he got hole in one ball on our wall long wif other championship flight trophies but most portantly he got the Mom who still spired by his love and pass it long to the Luke and ok well... to the Bleu, too.

The Mom say life never easy for the Grandpa like life never so easy for the Luke. But she say I got Grandpa's spirit and I like thinkin bout that...

Day 194: Big Brother

I startin to get sense that me and the Bleu not so much friends as we are brothers on a counta he settled in pretty deep and I sharin real good and I don't see no not one single sign he goin home any time soon.

And that fine by me on a counta ever body need big brother.

The Bleu got his on a counta the Luke more experienced got broader perspective on life and can teach him.

And I got big brother on a counta conservatively he bout 50% more boy than me. He kinda skinny but put it this way... Luke can reach bout half way cross bottom counter in kitchen; Bleu can reach casserole dish the Mom rarely but sometime use what on top shelf of upper cabinet. Take her tippy toe to get dish down, so the Bleu gonna not just be loved here but come in real handy!

And I say over and over... he mild mannered boy, but look! He get his hairs up when my friend Sammy next door try welcome him to neighborhood!

Bleu so tall, the Mom gonna have hang hummingbird feeder way higher next year so he don't bump his head!

Poor the Mom... she keep sayin next weekend she gonna pack way feeders and all remnants of Ike... but then she spend weekend wif the me... the us... doin stuff she actually love.

Maybe me and the Bleu help her or even better surprise her and take care of list of todos... or then again maybe we go in and take nap. Not sure, one or other though...

Monday, December 29, 2008

Day 193: Ahhh... It Good To Be Luke

Yep, it good to be Luke for so many reasons... not least of which I handsome boy wif high self esteem.

Self esteem one of most portant things to have in this life. It elevate you past unfair circumstances of all kinds.

Self esteem, along wif hope, is mainstay of survival. And I don't think you truly have hope if you don't know you deserve it.

And see look on my face? That me thinkin... ahhhhh. I got life I deserve what is rich and full, secure and excitin... a life where it seem somefin really good, really full fillin and unexpected is all ways right round corner.

I love the Mom. And I have loved my first Christmas! I come to understand and almost expect bein loved by the Mom... but love been poured on me right and left by my extended family.

Thing a bout where I come from... make Luke grateful for ever gift bag what I can sniff, for ever tin I can poke my nose in, for ever morsel, for ever toy, for ever thought and for ever pat on head.

I feel like I in dream land of fantasy come true. The Mom has been home and wif me almost 24x7 and you might think I spoiled wif all these new toys and treats... but if only you could see me dance when introduced to somefin new... or layin wif toy contentedly suckin... if only you could see me run to kitchen in hopes of scrumptious treat... see my proud sit and my strong shake, high five and down... you would know how much I love my Christmas and all the ways you've made it special.

This been hard Christmas on the Mom for all kinda reasons but she had me who not let her feel one moment lonely or forget joy in little things or quiet times. Luke not try fill anybody shoes cause I got big feet what yearn for shoes of their own. And that somehow big comfort to the Mom.

And long come the Bleu for few days, four now but who countin, and he not try fill shoes neither. He just Bleu. Polite, laid back, go long get long Bleu... who like my toys and get me in trouble for makin him drop em and give em back.

View from Luke perspective... I give of the Mom. I give of the bed. I choose not give of the toys. Does that make me bad boy? The Mom say no, I not bad boy... but I a boy who need learn share toys not be greedy and calculatin.

I try... we see.

Day 193: Who Copy Who

One thing bout bein older friend or bother (I forget which)... youngun all way copy you.

... wif ception of smellin and businesses in which case elder got validate exact nature of smell and in circumstance of business, imperative to neutralize.

Part of job description. Just sayin.

P.S. Why I like this picture is Bleu look same size maybe smaller than the me!

Day 193: Sell Phone

The Mom turn her head and I post this from her sell phone. Shhhhhh... You can keep secret???

Morning 193: Good Day After Rough Yesterday

Yesterday rough day for all involved so the Mom last night ask Aunt Madison and Uncle Tom can Bleu spend night just one more night? They say yes well ok one more night. And then we each do our businesses and come in and the Mom start household shutdown...

So she set security larm for Day 192 and brush her toofies and turn round and what she see???

Me and the Bleu in harmony, not competin not worryin not frettin...
This last not too many seconds longer and I say no matter how cold it is I not sleep like sardine so I jump down get on little bed.

The Mom get in bed negotiate wif the Bleu... I get up for bedtime story and the Mom patpatpat Luke get on big bed and so I did.

Somehow in mix, we reverse things and Bleu sleep on right... Mom in middle... Luke on left.

Here how night went, graphically... in sequence... chronologically:

) I [ : Luke Mom Bleu

o I O: Luke Mom Bleu

% : Luke Mom Bleu

'/n : Luke Mom Bleu

And by mornin the Mom's / turn into somefin like: &

She bit gimpy but happy wif her lovin. She and I have funny conversation bout how quarter acre real estate on other side of the Bleu but he stretch to middle in his joy. All well and it really feel good to be in bed of love, but the Mom tell us she be alfy one day soon not sure what that mean... I just hope alfy don't sleep in guest bed cause me and the Bleu like the I and the /! Just sayin.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Night 192: Rough Day Peaceful Evenin

The Mom talkin on phone wif the Aunt Dav and they yappin and I just happen hop in the bed wif the Bleu and then before I know the Mom break out camera like prom night and she take pictures!

I pretty barassed cause you know... me and the Bleu we tight but not like that, you know?
The Bleu wif binky tryin to adapt to change in temperature as it go from humid hot to quite chilly cold today!

And me well I find Comet's reindeer wif the candies for the feet and I settle in just chill for good suckin after long hard weather day.

Day 192: Bleu Got No Clue

Just so you know... this what the Bleu look like at height of storm...

Poor Bleu he got no clue!

Day 192: Not Good, Definitely Not Good

The Mom say I like the "rainman" of weather on a counta keen intuition and ok compulsion...

And she woke up thinkin this be good weather day on a counta weatherman say it so but I tell her right quick it not no way. Me and the Bleu go through mornin routine wif the breakfast and the outside but no joy in this soul cause I gettin my panic on...

It dark and dreary and we all come in and the Mom try goin back to the bed to calm me down and the Bleu he do too but I pace no matter what they say or do cause two of them got no weather savvy. Just sayin.

And then thunder start way off then on top us and the Mom believin me now while I in bunker try dig to the Dino, bet good weather in Taipei ... all while the Bleu, he lay on bed and watch.

That boy gonna need teachin. I take him under proverbial wing and teach him me-teorology bout weather and stuff. Won't do it today on a counta distracted by impending dooms but one day soon.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Night 191: What Wrong Wif This Pitcher?

Don't rub eyes you are seein it right.

Bleu settlin in to one position then second... on big bed.

I curl up on little bed... Don't seem right, do it? But I not upset cause it too hot to sweep on big bed!
And big spensive fluffy bed lay there all by it lonely cause me and the Bleu agree not give it time of day or night!

Day 191: Boo... Bloo... Bleu!

Bleu not scaredy-cat of darkness like well some otherwise manly boys two third his size, just sayin... And he stalk in the darkness of the last call...

Where Luke you ask? I at door wantin in cause my motto... nuffin good happen past dark!

Day 191: You Say He Sleep Where???

Weather still gloomy but not stormin and we goin bout ever day business when the Bleu go missin again... and look where we find him!

He in big bed wifout care in world...

Least he seem like he got no care... wif ception of the crazy Mom what gotta capture moment!
Bleu sweet and I share big bed wif him... for time bein anyway, just sayin.

Day 191: Bleu Just Hangin

It mostly dreary gloomy day wif thunder and drizzle and rain. I not stay all day in bunker but I not such good host either...

The Bleu not feelin the outside so much either, so he hang on the inside and follow the Mom round wif me.

One time we in kitchen and lose Bleu... we go callin him and goin round the circle. I near frantic when the Mom turn round suddenly and find Bleu goin round circle bout quarter way behind us!
He near bout handsome as me and he got sweet face mean he up for whatever we up to... and that what I like bout hangin wif the Bleu. He up to chase round yard but not seem unhappy if I need bunker.

Day 191: Boom Boom Boom

Ok... this bad. Weather turn from blowin in to... in. It thunder not so loud but it thunder still. I pant and pace and nudge the Mom and pant and pace some more, all while the Bleu just lay on rug.

I try best to warn him and the Mom it gonna be bad I know it. But they just small minded don't see big picture and finally I give up and lie down. Well... what know but Big Bleu get up turn round and lay wif head by mine.

Poor Bleu... he got no idea bout perilous warning I try to give him and he seem blivious to sound boom boom boom...
So I lie still wif him ready to protect him from act of God... or else hop cross him to bunker as circumstance might warrant!

Day 191: Short Break in Weather

Never camera round when pitcher really need takin... on a counta you woulda really like to have seen me chasin Bleu round yard!

Then I lower front end wif vitation him to chase me! He not know what to think but he get frisky too!

We funny and the Mom got great joy. She go to get camera and we boaf follow her. Guess that not what she want and then we wait and not do it again.

And we go in cause cloudin up again. We none like this gloomy weather!

Day 191: Lazy Mornin Wif Bleu

We get up right early on a counta I lert the Mom to fact weather blowin in... and me and the Bleu go out and come in and I try pin eagerness for breakfast on him and tell him play long like starvin... he don't but the Mom prepare tasty foods anyway.

I scarf. Bleu enjoy leisurely. And then we go back to the outside whereby I make quick work of big business on a counta wind blowin fierce. We do little businesses one right after other for neutralization purposes.

Bleu more interested in sticks what fallin from trees than big business, and he bring the Mom a few. I follow him round and marvel at his collections. The Mom keep askin him bout businesses but he just keep lookin for sticks, and I growin nervous bout weather so we all go back to the inside.

I pace for while before chillin wif the Bleu on cool floors... and then the Mom barass me by standin on end of bed take aerial photo.

Then she take photo from Luke vantage point...

And that not good enough she take photo from Bleu end.

Pretty much think you ask him, Bleu say the Mom crazy.

Wish I had good comeback but at loss for words.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Day 190: Goin Nite Nite

Bleu kinda mused that I got blog and publish on web. He say it kinda funny, kinda strange and he prefer gatherin sticks but he guess if he got real bored one day he might try paw at it...

So he kinda watch, kinda doze... while I try dazzle him wif my skills.

Then it bedtime and he take rug and I take bed. He smart Bleu cause it too hot to sleep on bed. I only do it tonight cause well, I got my reasons...
Can believe the Mom would take photo of sweet boy curled up for night??? It barassin, specially when havin sleepover!
OMG she take pitcher of my Bleu too! I never live this down!

I have to sneak off have talk wif him tomorrow... apologize and need make sure he understand my predicament wif the Mom who love moments. Bleu kinda strong silent type. Hope he don't go tellin...

Day 190: My First Sleep-Over

It gettin dark and heard the Mom tellin the Aunt Karen feedin time was success on a counta I didn't eat Bleu's food. I eat fast as I could in hopes... but foiled. They laugh lot and guess they decide Luke bein good host after all... but the Aunt Karen on stand-by still. Just sayin.

So we settlin in, not for night just yet... but for evenin just tryin decide what the Mom doin and where we should roost for short haul.

Bleu smile on a counta he prolly shock how good a host I bein, cause Luke reputation sometime preceed him and I sometime get bad wrap. Not sure why but just sayin...

Think he like the Mom, too, on a counta she love on him lot and yeah I let her... and she say really funny things to him what seem to make him relax and make his self at home.

The Aunt Madison only call once since Bleu been here and we surprised. Pretty much know she dyin to call but tryin not. We think we might call but we not sure we should...

I happy cause I get good company of the Bleu and he polite, mine his p's and q's and I not feel jealous or threaten in any way, least not which I will reveal here! I only say this patpatpat and Luke hop on bed right quick! Bleu here sharpen Luke sense of hearin... not jelousy mine you... just hearin!

I watch the Bleu get lovin from the Mom and he happily lay down in bedroom... and then I follow the Mom into the study to watch her check her email

I give her big LuLu smile let her know I happy, and I get the Mom lovin on my head, too!

I lay down by door make sure she don't forget nor I miss "last call"!

And I thinkin I might just suprise the Mom wif bedtime on a counta I might just sleep on the bed all night for first time. Just thinkin...

This my first sleep-over, and so far... gotta say I super happy and all goin real good.

The Mom say I get A+++ on a counta I such good host which fly in face of reputation, and I refer you to the great Orvis Debacle of September 2008.
Bleu get A+++ too on a counta he well mannered boy and real good house guest.

We gettin long real well! Don't ack so surprised!

Day 190: Red Rover Red Rover... Bleu Come Over!

Knowed not one iota that somefin up today. The mom... she cool some time. Was sound a sleep when she quick put choke chain and leash on me! We run to front door and wow-wee, what there but my Uncle Tom and Cousin Bleu!

We do greetin outside and we do greetin inside and then poof the Uncle Tom left... and... we... three... still... here... and... what... this... mean...

Not sure, but the Mom all cool and she let Bleu sniff out the place inside and then on the outside...

It not best weather and somewhat dark day and you know how I feel bout that...

But have Bleu out in yard wif me and gotta be good host!

Gotta run see what he smell!

Bleu smell things what ole hat to me, but I glad to share wif him! He good boy and real nice friend or cousin or... not sure, stay tuned... what don't get in my business... so I return favor!

But when he out sniffin round, I hide behind tree and keep eye on him... just sayin.

Ever body need good friend/cousin or somefin... what keep eye out for you!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Day 189: Christmas Afternoon... Open Gifts!

Hate to leave herd but happy get home cause somefin been on my mine for week now! We settle in just bit and rest some and then we put on Christmas music and open gifts from my Aunts Kristi and Susan, canine and kitty cousins!

The Mom let me open my gifts first on a counta thats what the Mom does... and I take instant lovin to reindeer and I need me some cookies now! Them cookies special what look like from bakery. Ooooo... taste good in my mouf!!!

The Mom back me up and take pitcher for posterity. Next time you see gift... Deery in mouf and cookies in tummy!

Day 189: Christmas Brunch Wif Herd!

Imagine my surprise imagine my joy...
My daydream come true and I realize my folly...
When jingle I heard I quick laid down toy..
Cause goin for holiday ride in the trolley!

Christmas wif Aunt Madison, Uncle Tom, Cousin Katie and herd was just best way to spend day!

Brunch was served and we was like golden retriever rug round table. I snuck patpatrubrub from the Uncle Tom when he finished. And I love herd and bein there. And I try my best to find kitty cats but tempts were foiled. The Mom brought me home quicker than I was ready on a counta I kep stickin my head where it not posed to go.

But on way home, the Mom say she gave me good solid 'B' which not bad considerin I barely pass wif 'D' last time I there.

She say I good cause I not knock over tree nor run way (not given chance) but I need stop bein so nosey and not search house like live there.

So good boy get open gift from the herd! And I got bones (real ones!) and other tasty treats! Herd know way to Luke heart right frew his belly! Just sayin!