Monday, September 15, 2008

Day 87 / Day 88 Night Blends With Morning

Uncle James brought the Mom some Meskin beer, and since I'm her drinkin partner, she set me up with a stainless steel bowl and Ozarka waters... and we parked ourselves in the driveway to enjoy the cool airs.

Uncle Oscar came over to join us and later my various nay-bor-hood kin (including Aunts Michelle and Monica and Uncles Jeff and Chuy, Aunt Veronica and Cousin Gabby). I was quite sociable ceptin canine competition.

Fact one is... Luke likes all the peoples to himself.

Fact two is... Uncle Oscar rocks. He is way good to me, and I like him for myself, thank you.

Simple formula: Pork rinds (didn't know what they were till tonight) + Pecans = Love.

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