Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 798: Happy Day & Special Requests

It is a very Special and Happy Day... wif the wonderful reasons to celebrate!!!

It is the Gotcha Day of the Be-woo-tiful Miss Khyra,
my friend, khompadre and khohort!!!
And by wonderful and lovin khoincidence, we also wish
Happy Birfday to the Aunt Phyllis, aka The Khyra's Mom!!!
Now it has also been a bit of a pins-n-needles 24+ hours on a counta...
You remember the Atlas, nephew of The Herd and also my river hiking buddy!

Well, Sweet Boy has pneumonia and has not been feelin well at all...
but his temperature is down from 105 to 102, and he's breathin 100% better!!!
Atty Boy gets to come home and spend the night each night wif his the Mom who he adores....
He is on the big aunty-biotics and is still dehydrated,
so he goes back to the doctor for iv fluids each day includin tomorrow.

Please to keep the Atlas in your foughts and prayers.

Now I must also come to you wif another Big Prayer Request.

Meet my friend, Cammie.
Cammie is a Beauty! No??? Me and her are have a lot in common:

We are boaf GRRH Class of 2008.
We are boaf loved loved LOVED...
And we boaf fought cancer in the last quarter of 2008.

Sadly, Cammie has been diagnosed once again wif soft tissue sarcoma. 
This is so unfair. For Sweet Girl. For Her Lovin Family.
And I just hate it. 
But I can't spend any time finkin those fings, for...
It's time to shift into overdrive for Paws of Prayer!

Please to raise up and keep my Friends and their Families in your Prayers!!!
The Power of the Paw has been proven!
Please to let the Love, the Prayer, the Paw... Prevail!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 794: Various And Sundry Sunday [And Two Days Precedin]

It is fun to sit for a portrait,
but it is even funner when the original artwork arrives!
You all know that I am a big fan of Mike McCartney.
He understands me. He really understands me!
Of course I was curious what the Mom was photographin in the gift chair.
And while she was tryin to frame a shot of me respectfully admirin...
I zoomed in for a sniff!

The Mom screeched... 
"Don't touch art wif your snooter!"
I backed off and then I pouted.
The Luke is a very sensitive boy.
And I do not like it when I guess the wrong fing to do.
I take criticism to heart, and 
I like that the Mom will all ways redirect my pout in a positive way.

That way I can shake it off!
Yesterday, the Mom took some time away from The Bleu Infirmary
and also from the Factory Work, and she headed to the

GRRH Meet N Greet at Orvis Westheimer!
Allow me to introduce these Special Girls and Boy!

5 year old red-headed Beauty wif the soft furs
Gorgeous blonde wif the soft silky furs, about 3 years old
This Sweet Boy met his Forever Family!!!
Recovering from a horrible case of mange, this Sweet Girl met her Forever Family!!!
A very successful day for the GRRH!!!
Now, I do not have pitchers of our snow cone eatin extravaganza last night... 
but it was definitely worfy of the photographic documentation!

Guess I'll have to send the Mom off wif the Aunt Susan and Uncle Mike
again real soon to fetch me, Bleu and the Sammy 
some more shaved ice wif the tasty flavor!!!
The Bleu, by the way, is Bleu again today!
Big Boy's hair ball has come to pass,
and the bounce in his step has returned!
He is not 100% in the digestive department.
But Big Boy is not green any longer,
but more like a shade of aqua.

I will close wif a Mutant Leaf update!
And as an aside...

The Mom has been sittin here by me sayin 
"You gotta tell your friends about all your mischievous antics this weekend.
You are goin to be the end of me, Luke!"

Then I flash her this smile.
And the Mom say
"O The Luke, I love you. 
I do not know what I would do wifout the you. 
You give my life purpose and make me complete. 
You are my most favoritest of sons."

I fink that's what I hear her say, but
I might have made some of that up. 
I forget. Just sayin.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 793: The Saturday Situation aka The Bleu Is Green

It's a gorgeous and sunny Saturday,
and I've got a big bounce in my step!
But life is just not the same
when the Bleu do not feel good.
And he do not.
I fink he has another fur ball.
He is showin all the signs...
He's a major self/rug/toy licker and also he's blowin his coat...
and for other reasons the Mom will not let me disclose on a counta... ewww.

He had a wonderful week of fun and silliness and sticks.
And he helped me wif my weather calculations!
Please to say a little prayer for him.

The Mom is happier and life is funner and more excitin when the Bleu feel good.
I mean, I can't prank him of nuffin.
And it's no fun tryin to beat him to his berry treat, 
on a counta he don't want it any way.
Please to feel better soon, Big Boy Bleu!

Meanwhile, the Luke is off to the Saturday Pet Blogger Hop!

I hope you'll join me on a counta I fink you will find some very interestin tails
 told by some swell Pet Bloggers. 
And for details and rules on how to join the fun, please head over to 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 791: Anticipation, Anlaysis, Prognostication

Technically it is Day 790, but meteorological conditions are a changin, and I am on the brink of a prognostication about the morrow... so I will share a little about my analysis...
Heat is stiflin, breaf takin really.
Terra is crispy.
Sun is bright overhead.
Norf and Norfeast skies are DARK.
I pause to feel...
Winds are steamy but blowin briskly.
I engage my inner barometer / anomometer...
[i.e. put my snooter to the air]
And my prognostication results are formulated:

Storms Tomorrow.
Am I right? Or am I wrong?

All I ever hear is the peoples to say we need the rain!
And to that, I retort...
Turn on your sprinkler!
The City needs the funds!
Just sayin.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 788: Monday Wif The Pink Spot

It has been a funderin Monday, but I did not want to talk about it... 
so I fought I would share my pink spot!
It is healin nicely...
And the Mom finks its kinda cute!
[She's mushy that way.]

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 787: Sunday Stills

Somebody has been shootin another Work Out Video...
Choreography is every fing.
Tirin work calls for a nap.
Just sayin.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 786: Squirrel Saturday

I fink it is kinda squirrely that I am trapped inside on this beautiful Saturday wif the clear and quiet skies... but the lawn dude is here, makin lots of the noise and leavin the gate open.

So any way, that made me fink of the squirrel huntin I have been preoccupied wif this week.
When the back door opens I run out like a bull out of a chute and send those little pecan fiefs scurryin!
My "little" oak tree is one of their favorite escapes. They also like to take the good stuff up there and eat in the tree house. I have found peach pits, plum seeds, walnut shells and of course bushels of pecan shells underneaf  this tree!
This side, too.
And down here.
You see all these dark fings around the base of the tree? 
Last year's pecan crop that they have dug up and eaten.
Of course, they have also started robbin this year's crop.
I offer you Exhibit A. 
Toof marks identified.
There's also a few of these layin around. 
Will log into my Investigations Log for when I come across the naked bird.
Oh. And there is also this.
Bleu fur.
If only there was a market for this crop, me and the Mom would be rich!
 And the Bleu would never miss what we sold! Just sayin.

And now let's join the Saturday Pet Blogger Hop!

I fink you will find some very interestin tails told by some swell Pet Bloggers. And for details and rules on how to join the fun, please head over to Nigel's place at Life With Dogs!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 785: Lucky Friday the Firteenf

Indeed this day has been just tops in most ever single way, startin wif "half day Friday" at the Factory, followed by my favoritest of traditions... the Friday shared lunch and Family Nap.
And Good Ole The Mom Nature add proverbial cherry on top wif the clear and very quiet skies!

If I may borrow expression from my bestest Siberian friends... "WOOOOOOO!!!" Just sayin.
Of course, along wif the sunny skies did come the heatitude of 100F temperature wif the 106F heat index, but in short spurts, me and the Bleu enjoyed the out of doors!
August is time when the squirrels start robbin the pecan tree and frowin unripened treasures to the ground. There is lotsa investigations to be done. And I am on top of it.
But then I remember...
Cool Airs!
And Berry Treats!!!
You may not fink I'm the most photogenic boy... 
But I'm well up the ranks of the HAPPIEST!
Just sayin.

Wishin you MY HAPPIES
For This Friday the 13F...
And All The Days To Follow!!!