Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 378: Reflections

On very very VERY happy note... WELCOME HOME TO THE LASKA!!! I am so glad Sweet Boy back home but I also can't wait to hear where he been.

To understand how and why the Mom got real emotional bout the Laska disappearance, you just have to read my second day post what was titled:

Day Two: 'See Luke Run', 'Good Boys Do Bad Things'... and Other Tails of Horror

Fun to me then, not so fun for the Mom. She can laugh now, only on a counta she catch up to me then... and I settle in real deep now!

And now on somber note, we have not but fifteen drops of the rain but horrendous thunder here last night, and I cannot tell a lie... I try to have nervous breakdown but the Mom try new things to distract the me.

Someone tell her that frowin ball durin storm help the Jasmine, but I don't like fetch... so the Mom scratch head and come up wif sumfin what make me weak in knees and that is the brushin and so she do...

And when my bunker instinct take me over and I walk out from under the brush... the Mom switch over and start brushin the Bleu... what I am sorry but is just plain wrong and so I have to come back in spite of boom boom boom... to restore order in universe. Just sayin.

Other thing what she try keep my mind off panic is the berry treats what I love!

The Mom not let me have too many but she do this thing where when I in bunker she have the Bleu show off boaf his skills and bravado and of course I cannot let him show me up. Just sayin.

So bad as it was and believe me it was bad, I did pretty good and got bout grade of B- what is grade truly special for the me!

And speakin of the special... on Saturday, the Mom was at Different Strokes Pet Boutique lookin for sumfin special for the Bleu and some treats for us boaf...

And what to her wonderin eyes do appear... but this photo of me, displayed in her special treat case!

Not just that but she be told that my sweet face very well might be featured in some future advertisin... on a counta I love my tasty birfday cake almost as much as I love my the Aunt Karen who order it from the Different Strokes!

If you ever in area and no matter what size you are but specially if you are size of my best pal the Checkers, you gotta check this place out! Tasty treats, stylish freads (spell that threads) and neat stuff your Mom might want for her self... galore, you will find there!

And then also speakin of reflections, I reflect on my first 4f of July upon which I celebrated my dependence on the Mom!

And you can check out my sweet face* on GRRH home page for limited time only... on a counta it be changed on or bout end of monf...

*When sweep wif GRRH webmaster, must share compy time but also there are benefits...

Just sayin.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day 376: Dozen Things

It was a very very VERY hot and busy weekend and I did not have time to post until the now.

I call this pitcher "Under and In Between Summa My Favorite Things" what means under cool airs vent and surrounded by my fun toys...

For sake of time I offer you this sin-opsis of my favorite days of this week what are Friday Saturday Sunday as you might guess:

1. I took a wonderful afternoon nap Friday afternoon wif the Mom and also the Bleu of course.
2. The Mom went to dinners Friday night wif my the Aunts Karen and Madison and Uncle Tom. I pouted of course.
3. The Mom went wif the Aunt Karen to broker a wonderful deal for the Toby and he is now in a wonderful new home wif a really really really wonderful family! And after that they eat the shrimps at Crabby Daddy (not mine I don't have one).
4. She bring me and the Bleu home tasty (I assume) bones what she has not let us have for reasons I am not allowed to divulge. And she also bring the Bleu a certain item of clothing what you will see him wearin soon. You can tell me then if you think he look like professor!
5. I made the Aunt Dav a birfday card bearin mine and the Bleu's likeness and maybe I post it one day soon on a counta I only burn frew bout 15 sheet of paper figurin out how to make the inside be right wif the outside so I pretty proud it finally came out right side up left side down.
6. We have dress rehearsal and photo shoot for upcomin occasion what shall remain hush hush for the now. I will say boy I am handsome!
7. We sweep real good Saturday night on the clean sheets wif the cool airs just a blowin. And we all get good cuddlin time and loved it!
8. The Mom left and had breakfasts this mornin wif the Aunt Madison and Uncle Tom and I pouted of course.
9. All chores done yesterday so we got to mostly relax this afternoon and play (in of doors of course) and get some lovin. The Mom she do some frettin over sum fings what happenin this week but she not tell me the what.
10. Then lo and behole the Mom go to Fogo Do Chow this afternoon wif the Aunt Dav and Uncle Benjy to celebrate Aunt Dav's Birfday and give her my card and she did not let me go so I pouted of course.
11. The Mom ate like a big fat pig this weekend and she may never eat again... not really.
12. We headin to bed early tonight to say sweet nuffins and tell bedtime stories on a counta... we can!

I close by wishin for good upcomin week for ever one of you... full o safety and happiness and love. And for the Laska, I wish you please come home...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 374: A Little Help Please...

To turn the out of doors thermostat down?

Gonna be triple digits again today and that make bout thousand days in row.

I hate to complain (on a counta we also have no rain in ten thousands days and I ok wif it) but would be nice to spend more than ten seconds out of doors on a counta they are frogs and june bugs and birds and squirrels (some even what fly) out there and I need tend to my yards.

Just sayin.

Startin to think they call this place H-Town for nother reason...!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day 373: Thinkin Thursday

My the Mom is worried you might think my post is flippant, self serving or insincere... but please hear me out...

The Mom woke up at 230am this Thursday mornin wif one thing on her mind... and that was Laska. I only known the Mom but for one year and one week, but I can tell you that she was puttin the where abouts of Laska dillemma frew the proverbial ringer. She did not go back to sleep but capped her thoughts wif prayer for Laska's safe return upon her risin.

And then tonight the Mom read Khyra's Early Friday post... and her early mornin thoughts came back to the her.

You see... she first imagined Laska out there alone. And then she imagined the escaped GRRH Goldens she's known to be lost for days and weeks and more... out there alone. And then she imagined me, the Luke, out there alone. And then she imagined the Laska, once more... out there alone. And it came to be a circular argument in her head... Laska, surrounded by the Goldens... out there. For her, there was no panic as to whether the Laska is safe and will be found... but her anxiety was how soon.

Because of the images my the Mom conjured in her head... the animal communicator's directions have so much meanin!! So, the Bleu and I have chosen, just like in the Mom's mental images, to surround the Laska in the Golden. Peoples are rarely frightened of Goldens... and Goldens, for the most part, bring calm and security to the other breeds... and hopefully most of all to the Laska, for sure.
We don't know Laska's whole story, but the thing about rescue dogs is we are for most part very smart and independent. Think about it... we almost always had only our self and our spirit to thank for our survival!

Me and the Mom got strong hopes for the rescue once more of the Laska... but she want me to mention just one more thing what she say might mean sumfin, might mean nuffin... but sumfin she think bout in early mornin hour...

long body of water.

She know nuffin bout area, but boaf sides of long body of water just keep repeatin in early mornin thoughts.

We go to bed tonight wif prayer, and we surround the Laska in all manner of gold.

I think, frankly, the Mom still shook up on a counta I make BIG run for it on my very second day. If I not stop and get preoccupied wif the cat I chase up tree... she might still be lookin for the me!

Goin to bed prayin...

Day 372: Heavy Heart

To have, To love, and then to part, is the greatest sorrow of the heart.

Sweet, Beautiful Dakota
Passed from This Life and Soared to the Heights of Heaven
June 24, 2009

Our hearts are heavy, and we send our love to her Mom and Dad, and the OP Pack.
True and boundless love is defined, in part, by selfless acts and decisions.
We know that your hearts feel empty tonight... and yet so incredibly full.

Not so long ago, someone very wise told my the Mom...

Dogs live for today, rejoice in it and give today everything they have.
They have no fear of tomorrow, nor their eventual passing.
It is their people who have the fears and the sorrows.
What is important to the dog is love.
And every moment of love in today.
And after that... nothing else.

These words were little comfort to the Mom at the time,
but she often reflects back on them...
and thinks to her self that she could learn lots from us dogs.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 371: (Not Quite) Wordless Wednesday

My friend, the Checkers taught me that Saint Francis really can deliver good outcomes...

So I go to him today wif the real HUGE needs of some of my friends:

Laska: Missing and Lost. A gorgeous Siberian lost near Point Breeze Drive in West Milford, New Jersey.
Please see his beautiful photos and read more on my good friend, Khrya's blog! Please tell anyone you know in the area. Laska needs help!

Bear: Needs your prayers! JB is Bear's (kitty kat) brother. Please take a look at JB's Small World blog for photos of the handsome Bear.

And I want to take this opportunity to thank Khyra and her the Mom for their many selfless acts of kindess and the depth of care and concern they have for ALL the animals and their peoples, too. Wifout them, I would be in the dark about the needs of Laska and Bear. And thanks to them, the Power of the Paws is in action!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 370: Sugarific Contest!

Before Paradise, I never beed inside... much less have opportunity to get on stuff! Took quite a bit of time for me to even hop on big bed wif the Mom's beggin and couragement! But let me set stage for my entry...

Early mornin hours of Saturday, September 13f, 2008. Hurricane Ike come right up frew my back yard and hit us wif his vengance (thus sayef the Lord). I just thought thunder storm was baddest thing in world but was WRONG! And it was A DARK LOUD NIGHT and or mornin and I welcome you to read my archives on a counta they are kinda funny (now). But I digress...

Two weeks after fact on September 27f, 2008... we still had no tricity... but we WERE celebratin my 100f day in what I was beginnin to think of as "captivity" rather than paradise... Just sayin.

Anyway, the Aunt Karen made some cookies for the Mom... but I am pretty darn certain they were intended for the me.

What I wish I could add to the still photo is the audio of the generators of Day 14 what were growin so old most includin me could no longer hear whever they had run out of the gas but could only tell cause what little cool airs had croaked.

Our inside life was minimized to life in bedroom wif very tiny bit of cool airs and fan and sometime snowy local tv.

It was miserable by my brief standard of life in between landin in Paradise and the Ike landin in my back yard... but was still just short of Heaven, in comparison to all what came be the fore!

I hope you enjoy the photo... I say before, and I say now... No way I can beat the Sugar in funny photo contest!!!! I not in it to win it. I here to play!!! Hands down, I laugh hard when I see the photos of my bully friends most specially!!! She and they are funny to the extreme!!!...

Maybe I have chance in the "Funny while endurin the wrath of nature / act of God" category! Only hope I have, really...! ;-)

Day 369: One Year Ago Today

From: goldens @grrh.org (grrhouston@hotmail.com)
Sent: Mon 6/23/08 2:08 PM

... Luke went to a great home last week.

Thanks for your interest in GRRH,

(Aunt) Karen

Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 369: Pink Baby Bird and Mmmm Monday

I love adventures of Pink Baby and now I got my own Pink Baby Bird...

What I love to suck on, just sayin.
And turn my back on the her just few short minutes and I find the Bleu sweepin wif her!
When ask self, self what better than pink bird... well, self say pink burger better than bird. And so I lucky on this Gotcha Day to have pink burger cooked in my honor!
Of course, pink burger cooked for the Bleu teu! Wanna make sure you know he not the left out!!!

More pitchers real soon!

Day 368: One Year Ago Today

Date: Sunday, June, 22, 2008, 11:24 AM

Tom, Madison, Karen and Melinda (Uncle and Three Aunts!),

Karen and Melinda both called, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate ALL of you! Your words are full of good advice and so reassuring. One thing is for sure, Luke has a LOT of good people who are loving and supporting him. And I feel your tremendous support, as well. Thank you!

Luke did much better during the thunder last night. When it first started, I laid down on the floor with him and started telling him about how our life is going to be together. Toward the end of our conversation, I was telling him how he would have to get used to a mother that talks to him a lot, because that's what I do with my baby. He stood up, ever so slowly, gently stepped over my head... and went to lay down on the other side of the room. It was right on cue... and a hoot! I guess he's a teenager!

He seems to be picking up on my habits and patterns, and beginning to trust me in earnest, in terms of going outside and knowing he's going to get to come back in when he's ready. I haven't taken my eyes off of him outside, but I never did with my other golden either. I have a 16'x20' back porch with a ceiling fan, so I sit and watch!

I thought you might like to see some pictures of my Luke, who even after just two and half days, has so many love muffin nicknames, he's probably confused... I'll have to work on that! :-)

Thanks again for everything!

Amanda with Sweet Golden Boy at her Feet

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Day 367: Gotcha Day Celebration Part Two

It has been a wonderful weekend full of the quality time wif the Mom (and ok, wif the Bleu) and that mean long naps and special foods and yes, a bunch of new toys!

I need pace myself wif the posts, but for now here is the me makin decison between (right to left) jerry-affe, effylant, pink bird and z-bra.

Very hard to make decision, but in upcomin days I will be enjoyin each of the toy herd...

And many thanks and much love to all who have sent me good wishes for this special holiday!!! I love all of the you!

Day 367: One Year Ago Today

Sent: Sat 6/21/08 1:26 PM

I sure wished things had worked out with Luke.. He just decided cats and my Lab were not his thing. I'm sure he will find a forever home soon.


Thank you,

FIP (Formerly Interested Party)

Note from me and the Mom: Fate is everything! FIP was NOT my destination... but I've found it now! Were it not for my desire to chase cats, however, the Mom might STILL be chasin me!

Day 367: One Year Ago Today

From: goldens@grrh.org
Date: Saturday, June 21, 2008, 7:26 AM


We are not sure if Karen has gotten back to you yet; however, it sounds like the storm was not well timed - Luke's only real issue from his records and what I was told when I picked him up was his fear of thunder. He spent his entire life (before the nine months at the shelter) outside and, as a result, likely had some traumatic experiences during storms. One of our rescues was severely thunder phobic and I took him to the behaviorist at TAMU. He is now much better - the bottom line is exactly what you know - treat them as normal as possible, be with them if possible ( I find being on the floor with them is the fastest way to bond or reassure during a trauma), do anything and everything that is comforting. We actually played a tape of thunder sometimes and over time, the problem has become no big deal. Dakota will occasionally with a really big storm want to get in my closet; however, it is no longer a panic situation.

We are here to help and I have a special attachment to Luke, so please contact us if you need help or want to give us an update. Rescue dogs are seldom easy at the outset; however, as you know, they are even better companions as they bond etc.. Cool Hand Luke is a really good guy and he is intelligent, so I am confident he will get over this issue before long and then he will get on to writing blogs for you! Call if you need anything at all.

(Uncle) Tom and (Aunt) Madison

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day 366: Great Gotcha Day!

There is much more to Gotcha Day what I have not told... and more planned for the tomorrow on a counta, this Holiday so special it spread over to weekend status!

But for now I tell you it scorcher hot today, but I still love my night bloomin cereus...
And when it finally cool down some little bit in the evenin, I take a portunity to wallow...
And wollow...
And wallow.
Pitchers are bad on a counta when I wallowin, the good camera still in the car from the GRRH Meet and Greet Event...

And it very lucky day also for three special Goldens what go to their forever homes today... and also for the Buster who go to very special foster home!

I am so very happy to share my Special Day of Celebration wif the Jerri, Sam, Izzy2Gracy... and the Buster!
More happy moments from Gotcha Day Celebration to come! Stay tuned!

Day 366 ( Six hours into Day One): One Year Ago Today

Date: Friday, June 20, 2008, 6:06 pm
To: Aunt Melinda
CC: Aunt Karen

Karen and Melinda,

Luke made it home just fine (a good, good rider!), and we had a wonderful afternoon... until it started thundering. He went into my half bath and laid down. I needed to get my car into the garage, and he raced out and WOULD NOT let me get out either door without him.

I finally put him on the leash and took him out with me, but I had to open the front door first and he jumped onto the floor board of the front seat and wiggled his way to the passenger seat. I then pulled the car in the garage... he went back in the half bath, and won't come out.

I keep talking to him and trying to act like normal, like there's nothing unusual... but I'm scared. He will hardly respond to me right now, and I'm worried. He's been through so much, and I want to help him. I want to be what he needs, I just can't figure out what it is right now.

Are these first day jitters... depression? What can I do? What should I do?

I've never been in this position before, and I will appreciate any advice you can give me!


Day 366: GOTCHA DAY!!!!!

It's here! And since it special day, I got up on the big bed at 430am and stretch myself cross pillows and rest my head next to the Mom! What a way to welcome in this wonderful Day of the Celebration!

And after hearty breakfast and few routine businesses, let the party begin and I got me a pink monkey!
And I do love him... so I run him right into and onto big bed for some lovin!
And do not worry, the Bleu he not left out on a counta he got a pink pig what honk!
And he love it and he honk honk honk it! And then he so please wif he self he give the Mom big smile!
And then I go to secret place where the Mom hide her stash of the toys on a counta she don't like us get too much all at once and so she put some back for rainy day or day like this one what is sunshine in the sky and in my heart...!

And I rummage and come out wif a present what I got for my birfday and I take it to the big bed to be wif the pink monkey!
And I real pleased wif how this day shakin out so far so I give the Mom a big smile!
And do not worry, the Mom not let the Bleu beed leaved out, so she gave him ducky wif the ducky baby what he quickly carry round and round and frew out the house!
And in honor of this wonderful day and in gratitude to the GRRH and all the love in my life, I wear my GRRH bandana!
And the Bleu not left out (well, technically he was on a counta he was not ready to come in) and he wear his bandana too!
The Mom is gonna leave me and the Bleu to nap alone for short while today... And while normally that would make the me mad, I can't be on a counta she is helpin wif Adoption Day and Meet and Greet for the GRRH... and if even just one lucky boy or girl finds happy home today...

Well... sniffle sniffle... it worf few hours home alone wif the Bleu. And besides, I know bout the fresh ground beef just waitin to be a LukeBurger in the frige!

In meantime, if you got nuffin better to do you can read bout my Arrival in the Paradise:

First Thoughts and Smells
A Bed Is Laid Out
And I know if you read these Day One treasures, you are gonna beed thinkin to your self... what happen to he grammar in this past year??? Well I guess I beed really gettin to know myself better!
Just sayin!

Day 366: One Year Ago Today

To: Moonlight Associate
Date: Friday, June 20, 2008, 9:11 AM
Subject: Moonlight Project

Hey. With a clear, rested head, I figured it all out, and I think it's in good shape. Please revies and if I need to tweak something, let me know.

I'm off to the grocery store right quick and then out to the Woodlands to pick up Sweet Boy. I can't wait!!! We should be home around noon or 1. And then life begins again...

I'll work this weekend as the new baby and weather permit!

the (future) Mom

Day 366: GOTCHA DAY!!! One Year Ago Today (Minus 4 hours)

From: goldens @grrh.org
Sent: Friday, June 20, 2008 8:19 AM
Subject: RE: GRRH/adoption contract


All of Luke's medical information was left at Pet Paradise. Melinda might pick it up before meeting you. If not I will get it this weekend and put it in the mail. His chip information should be there.

I am so glad that we at GRRH found you! I can tell that you are going to be a wonderful adopter who will remind us that all our hard work really does pay off! I can't wait to read Luke's blogs!

Keep us posted and let me know how the transfer goes.

Take care,

(Aunt) Karen

Friday, June 19, 2009

Day 365: One Year Ago Today

To: Moonlight Work Associate
Date: Thursday, June 19, 2008, 10:16 PM
Re: Moonlight Project






Day 365: Bloomin Prophetic

Our night cereus what my the Aunt Madison and the Uncle Tom give to us bloomed for first time last night and I think the timin is just pretty bloomin prophetic on a counta this day mark end of my first year wif the Mom!

And so as she try take photos of blooms this mornin, I feel called to enter frame!

And to think... when I first come live here I not even know what camera beed...

And now I regular scene stealer!

I know my aunts and uncles what seed me frew this past year are amazed how my personality has bloomed (pardon pun)! And you know how me and the Mom and the Bleu (of course) feel... play back broken record of gratitude!

And to all who read this little post, please know how you have my life rich and full and happy. I beed so incredibly grateful for how you lift my spirits ever day wif the tails of your own lives, how you support me when I havin bit of tough time... and how you help me celebrate my big o casions.

And so I go to bed now on a counta got big Gotcha Day tomorrow and judgin by all the cheek squeezins and nose kisses I gotten today... tomorrow gonna be bit rough on the Luke's face!

I sign off by sayin how I hope your last year beed as good as my last year! Sky is limit from here!

wif love from the Luke

Day 365: One Year Ago Today (Gotcha Day Minus 1)

Sent: Thu 6/19/08 7:37 PM
To: goldens@grrh.org

(Aunt) Karen,

What a photo... I love it! And your description was priceless!!! All they were missing were their swim caps! Gorgeous babies they are!

Karen, thank you so much for your kind words. I can promise you Luke has found a home full of love and attention... maybe more than he's prepared for! I'm still very emotional, but I find good comfort in knowing how good he and I are going to be for each other.

I spent my lunch hour(s!) shopping for my new big boy, and I bought him a new bed, new bowls, a collar and leash, a harness for the seatbelt in my car, some Purina One (that's what Melinda is feeding him), Molasses Madness Buddies Biscuits, a bunch of toys and a new tag with his NEW LAST NAME and contact information. :-)

I've printed and will be completing the adoption paperwork tonight. And I've got a call in to Melinda to determine how and when we are going to make the transfer. I'm growing anxious and excited waiting to hear from her! I hope that sweet boy did ok during the thunderstorm we had today.

Karen, thank you so much for all you've done. I'm looking forward to meeting you really soon! You can bet that Luke will keep in touch. One look in those eyes, and you just know he's a budding author!


P.S. Speaking of contact information, Melinda told me that Luke is microchipped. How do I go about making sure his information is changed? I want to update his information, so If there's a password, or other procedure... please let me know.

And if you would like to check out my precious Comet's blog, you can visit it at goldensrule.blogspot.com. I've not had the heart to post a memorial... somehow committing it to the written word makes it more true. She was a special girl...

Day 365: One Year Ago Today

From: goldens @grrh.org
Sent: Thursday, June 19, 2008 10:57 AM
Subject: GRRH/adoption contract

Amanda (aka THE MOM),

I am so happy that Luke has found such a wonderful home. He really has found his forever home! I am not sure if he has ever used a computer before, so I am sure in the beginning his blogs may not be up to par, but like all goldens they are quick to learn!!

Please keep me posted on everything and I look forward to meeting you in the near future.

Thanks again for rescuing,

(Aunt) Karen

I attached a picture of my guys.....just because I am a proud Mother. ( They are practicing for the Olympics, synchronized swimming! )

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 364: One Year Ago Today

One year ago today at this very minute... my the Aunt Melinda took me to PetsMart to meet a nutty woman... and she and I fell in love!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day 362: Words On The Miracle Waters

We had bit of cool front today and temperatures dip down to 97 degrees wif feel like tempy-toor of 101, and still I am firsty for the Miracle Waters... Go figure.

And many have asked question, what exactly is the Miracle Waters. And while I am no scientist nor even any thing close to expert on subject... I tell you bit about what I know.

And first I tell you that the Bleu like it and he don't drink often but when he do, he fill he hump.

And when I discover bowl empty, I tell the Mom... more waters please. I have way of tellin her... and I sure you know what I mean.
And this is happy face I give the her when she fill my bowl back to the up position!

But I digress...

In short, what I call Miracle Water is really fermented water. I never heard of it eiver but this process was adapted from the ancient practice of fermentin water to increase harvests. And basically, you start wif purified water end up wif organic H2O wif the increased "efficacy".

What you ask do "efficacy" mean? I think you ask on a counta I ask that myself.

Well... this water somehow make the oxygen more efficient on cellular level. I got scientific papers on it but I can't explain it and that is why I call it Miracle Water and here is short list of things I read and hear and observe and think about it...

READ: It stimulate utilization of oxygen by cells. The water does not heal in itself but it aids the cells to heal themselves... and this beed studied in everthing from recovery from exercise exertion to regeneration of liver cells to many other things, is also anti-inflammatory, helps heal wounds and delivers pure antibodies. Don't understand but the scientific papers say it has positive antioxidant powers too! Positive results observed in humans, animals and plants!

(And if you interested, I got papers... I stand corrected as to the affiliation of the research scientists associated with the papers... but one is Zb Pietrzkowski, and it's my understanding that it was in association with M.D. Anderson ...)

HEAR AND OBSERVE: My cousin the Buddy was diagnosed wif NO liver function by Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine bout free (yep 3) years ago and was given free (yep 3) weeks to live. And here is the Buddy today (well, not literally... this photo taken bout free weeks, yeah 3 weeks ago... and I think he don't take meds any more but I gotta confirm the that... I can say for fact that if he take em, it ain't nuffin like be the fore):

I hear it give you boost of energy in the afternoon and make your mind feel clear after heavy lunch...

I also hear it prevent and or cure the hangover but I not sure on a counta the Mom don't let me drink nuffin but the Miracle Waters...

THINK: I think I believe what I read bout cancer and that is that cancer thrive in cells what are not utilizin oxygen and pretty much cannot exist in cells what do... and so wif my history, I love drinkin waters what make my cells use the O better!

Miracle Water taste real good and give you good burp what is never bad thing. The Mom think it slightly fizzy not like Perrier fizzy but she say she can taste and feel the difference and she really like it, too.

Proven fact me and the Bleu drink more of the Miracle Water than when offered the Ozarka spring water. We just like it better

After all that, I know you think I sell the Miracle Water but I in fact do not. I just believe in it and think it make big difference in my life what I too afraid to even speak a bout on a counta I hinky on such subjects and do not want to jinx myself!

Like say be fore, if you want to know the more just let the me know!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 361: Chore Night

This is story of how our regular Monday programming is interrupted wif the Chore Night...

You see, I frowed up on the bed this mornin while the Mom in the shower and not to get (too) gross or graphic or nuffin but I mean I frowed up BIG TIME.

So it go wifout sayin really that the Mom was late gettin out of the here and late gettin to the factory and frankly worried all day long what mean she early gettin home!

I fine when she get here and I happy and I dance and I holdin down my dinners real good, but now I gotta watch her washin bed cloves all night tonight. And I don't like that. It frankly make me little sick to my tummy. Just sayin.

But worst of all, my reindeer wif the candies for the feets had to get a baff... and he stuck out of doors dryin in this horrible heat. I fraid he might beed overcome and stifled.
So that is how Mushpot Monday come to beed Chore Night. The End.

Pee. Ess. This story is very similar to the one wif the moral what go sumfin like this:

Never buy another expensive comforter.

This correlates nicely wif the Mom's motto, and I paraphrase somewhat:

If my dog can't frow up on it, I don't need it.

Pee. Ess. Ess. I love that ole gal!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day 360: Chore Day

The bad thing about chore day is... the chores!

The GOOD thing about chore day is... CLEAN SHEETS!!!
And here's a photo of Candi in her new home... wif the flowers (from her new Dad's garden) in her hair! She and Maggie love their new Dad and their new yard and their new home. I hear story bout how they slept soundly in a big bed last night!!!
I just love stories wif the happy endings!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Day 359: One Year Ago Today

From: The (Future) Mom
Sent:Fri 6/13/08 10:59 PM
To: (My Future Aunt) Karen (grrhouston@hotmail.com)


Thank you for your reply to my email. I tried calling you earlier at your
work number, but then got busy with the yard crew and a handyman that's
going to be reworking the attic vents in my soffits. It feels too late now
to interrupt your Friday evening!

Please feel free to call me any time over the weekend, at your
convenience... or simply reply to this email if you'd rather. I don't want
to impose on your weekend!


I have promised myself not to fall in love with an older golden, but the
look in his eyes just captivates me. What kind of home is he needing? How
likely is it that he will find it? I can't bear to think of his last nine
months. He's the same age as the precious baby girl that I just lost...
and I know how much life she packed into every single month of hers.
Someone needs to help him make up for lost time, and in my mind, I'm not
altogether certain it isn't me. :-) I'm still hesitant, though, just
because of his age and my grief factor.


Is that precious puppy still available? Is he a full golden? Can you tell
me more about his build, coloring and behavior... how you think he might
grow up? He sounds like a fun, funny character with a strong
personality... my favorite kind!

With each of these, too, there's the question of how they would get along
with another golden adoptee, since my goal is to adopt two... in time.

And as a general question, when I decide I'm ready to meet one of the
dogs, how do I arrange it?

Karen, this process is really difficult for me. It's still hard to imagine
sharing my life with someone other than my Comet... and it's equally hard
imagining not sharing it with a golden.

And then when I had fallen SO in love with Eddie, looking at him on the
website numerous times a day for weeks... I could even imagine his head on
my shoulder on our way home together! I'm afraid it takes me so long to
find peace with my emotions and reach a decision... I may never have the
opportunity to adopt. Hopefully in time, though, everything will work out
as it is intended, and I'll be spending my Friday nights in good golden

Thank you so much for putting up with me!


Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 358: Fusion Friday

I wanted to call it "Fried Chicken Friday" (subliminal message intended) but the Mom said "Luke Sweet Boy why not call it Fusion Friday" and so I did...

First let me begin by sayin it is so hot (97 degrees and it not even summer yet) that it have to be bout dark in order to enjoy the outside. Second, take look see at my back and tell me you can't see my scar on a counta my Doctor Mark did such wonderful job!

Next, I want to say to once more thank ever one on behalf of the Gonzo... for all your prayers and well wishes and encouragin comments and generous donations...

And I am happy to report that Gonzo is doin really really well and that is thanks to fact he is just one very special boy wif sweetness and joy and easy goin spirit! And he practically not skip a beat!

He even made it to the Meet-N-Greet last Saturday just free days (count em...3) after surgery! And boy was he happy and how he did look good!

He got lots of attention and pettin and lovin and he did really very much enjoy heself!

And next I gotta say that there are free (yeah... 3) reasons the Gonzo doin so well. And those beed his (1) his strong constitution, (2) GRRH commitment and dedication to make his life as happy and comfortable as possible, takin into consideration all factors in order to do so... wif ception of the financial... on a counta the cost, while substantial, is irrelevant. GRRH gonna do what is right.

But big reason is number free (3). And that is the Gonzo has most lovin, carin, nurturin foster Mom and Dad. I mean these folks are incredible. They are super special and have dedicated themselves wholeheartedly to the Gonzo's recovery.

Once Sweet Boy has recovered from the amputation surgery, he will have (same side) hip surgery... I not allowed to beg, so I just say this... if you are so moved, please help GRRH help Gonzo wif your tax deductible donation!

And that lead me to think of one other issue of the day what is Owner Surrenders what GRRH and other rescue organizations are bein flooded wif... It really sad, and while it hard to believe for the Mom... it not hard to believe for the me. After all, I was owner surrender after givin first family 8.5 years of my life! Just sayin.
But the Mom is goin wif the Aunt Karen tomorrow mornin to introduce Candi (red) and Maggie to a special person who has fallen for the two of the them!

Candi and Maggie are very attached, do not tolerate bein out of sight of each other and GRRH has taken great measures to make sure they never have to separate!

And I take paws to wish them the kind of good match that my the Aunt Karen broker for the me! Just sayin!

And that lead me to tell you I beed full o the mischief today and I somewhat on the Mom's "Sit List". What you ask did the Luke do to get on such "list"?

Well, I bait rotty wilder in SE of my yard and get him to bark and bark and bark and bark... and I do it more than the one (ok... free) time. It fun, what can I say? And I also real fond these days of the wallowin... in the grasses, in the flower bed... just bout any where I please. "If it feels good do it" is my motto and the Mom is offended, morally opposed, incensed and very much not pleased mostly on a counta I don't stop when she say stop, she have to physically make the me to stop.

Her argument? Somefin bout me havin the itchies and the scratchies and the hotspots and also takin the benadryl ever day to discourage the mast cell tumor return... Add to that she beed recoverin from ragin sinus infection and still I bring the pollens etc back into the house where I boaf smooch wif the her and put her to bed and wake her up ever day. There is problem?

I get it in some small sense but it still feel good to wallow. And I not only one on the Mom "Sit List" on a counta the Bleu put some things in his mouf last night what not sposed to be there and he make the Mom very very upset... so he on that list too!

Which bring up subject... the Mom was home for four days + back to factory for 2.5 days and home again for 0.5 day... all of which me and the Bleu have been wifout the cones!

And we have not licked and/or chewed on our selves or each other in any way what can be proven in court of law.

Knock on would. Just sayin.

And speakin of that list, I think of
thing I saw just other day when doin bit of shoppin!
And that remind me somefin I have not told you what is this:

My the Aunt Melinda is expectin (human) baby boy real soon. Out of love, I respectfully submit name of "Luke" but she think baby need multi-syllabic name and so I now resubmit... "Cool Hand Luke". That free (uh huh, 3) syllables. Just sayin.

Any way, many well wishes and "can't waits" sent out to the Aunt Melinda and the Uncle Jason. This gonna be one loved baby and we all gonna have fun wif the him!!!

Nuff of the fusion but I will end by sayin this is anniversary of night I went home wif someone wif cats... and she return me the next day. "What" you say?

Well that beed just nother brief moment in time for what I am grateful on a counta that was not place I belong. Fate overcome and by fate I mean I chase hell outta those cats for bout twelve solid hours. Uh huh. I show the them I got real special gig just round corner and I not rest till deal brokered!

Just sayin.

Day 358: One Year Ago Today

Questions About Luke and Doug‏
From: The Mom
Sent:Thu 6/12/08 8:34 PM

(Future Aunt) Karen contacted me last week to tell me that my application had
been approved, but I don’t have personal contact information for her, except through this general email address.

I have questions I would like to ask about Doug and Luke. Having recently
lost my 9 year old golden, I’m still grieving… and making a decision is
neither quick nor easy for me. I had fallen in love with a couple of the
dogs on the site last week, and by the time I applied… they were gone!
Forgive me if I need to ease into this, and thank you for your time!

This is my work email address but you may also reply to my home email. I may also
be reached after 5pm today at my home and cell numbers...

Thank you so much for your help… and for all the wonderful work you’re

The Mom
From: Interested In Luke
Sent: Thu 6/12/08 6:59 PM

On the GRRH website, there is an available golden named LUKE.

I was wondering what his status was. Is he available?


Interested Party (Not the Mom)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day 357: Thirsty Thursday

This apt name on a counta it blazin hot, we in drought and landscape and lawn man tell us today he not cut lawn but do other stuff on a counta ever plant cludin the grasses just way too thirsty eery gardless how we been waterin them ever single day.

But also on a counta heat make me thirsty for one o my favorite delights in this world what is the water that I drink. And I prolly not made mention like I should have... but I drink what I call the Miracle Water...

And here how it arrive... in the big blue jug! Welcome sight!!!

And here where it land in my bowl wif big towel "bib" on a counta the Bleu drip big time after he what the Mom call "fill he hump"... and sumfin real wierd bout this pitcher on a counta the water actually really crystal clear!

And I can just already hear what the Mom gonna say when she see my post... she gonna say AGAIN how she cannot believe anyone (people before her) would install tile and grout what look dirty even when it was brand new (we got box of new tiles... she has compared)!

The Mom cannot help herself on a counta she is architect who know better but think she is not rich enough to spend money to correct such indiscretion. She is also germy-fobe and somewhat self critical (tho at her age, she gettin better bout that last part), so she gonna just be like... "O Luke, why you post close up of awful tile?".

She need just need buck up replace it or get over it. Just sayin. And besides, I digress... I love the Miracle Water!!! I know the immediate difference BIG TIME in comparison to tap or even bottled, and I am frilled at new jug arrival!!!

My tongue cannot help but express itself in the anticipation!!! Yours would too!!!

No burp like Miracle Water burp!

I will soon post more on the qualities and benefits of my Miracle Waters... but for now, I just add... buuuuuuuurp!

Nuffin like good burp. Really.

Add in energy boost, mental a cuteness, immune boost and other anty cancer qualities and you understand why I call it the Miracle Water!!!

Just sayin.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 356: Wordless Wednesday

(Ok... 7 words and a symbol what is practically wordless for the me)...

The Mom went back to work today...