Sunday, September 21, 2008

Day 94: Cool Air Brought By Peoples Who Care!

Well, well... gotta start me a list of the very best most awsomest things that have come from Ike. And at the top of the list is I finally got to meet my Aunt Dav and Uncle Benjy in the flesh.

There's no one closer to the Mom in the world, and I wouldn't be here today maybe if Aunt Dav hadn't prounounced "Luke's the one"!

Uncle Benj came on a mission... and he was determined to install cool airs in the window. And from time to time, I distracted the women folk sow he and Uncle Jason could wrestle the thing into position.

Aunt Dav fed me a bunch of cheese crackers and talked to me a lot. And I like Uncle Benjy's quiet confidence. He made me and the Mom feel better, and that takes a load off my bowl.

Wish the two of them coulda stayed forever...!

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