Saturday, September 6, 2008

Day 79: Aunts, Uncles, Orvis and Golden Retrievers

The Mom and I celebrated our reunion this morning by boarding the trolley and heading out on an adventure!
  1. A second breakfast through Jack's window. Mmmmm. Kept putting my nose in the bag!
  2. Got gas for the tolley. More on that later. Til then... hated it!
  3. Reversed the trek of of my adoption day, and I began to get a little nervous!
  4. Anxiety rose on the Lake Woodlands loop-d-loop. As Uncle Tom so eloquently expressed for me... "I got vertigo and I don't even know what vertigo means!".
  5. Mom parked the trolley and there was lots of interesting things to p on...
  6. And then I saw another golden retriever ahead of me. Felt compelled to bark, growl and neutralize his p.
  7. Then we entered this fine establishment by the name of Orvis, which translated into dog means nirvanna.
  8. Went waggin my tail through there, sniffin all the stuff. I wanted this and that... great stuff in wicker baskets.
  9. And then I saw them... musta been a dozen ore more golden retrievers. And I did what any self respecting macho boy would do...
  10. I circled the Mom, came through her legs from the back... and barked my fool head off... to which all others replied!
  11. Things settled down a bit and I revelled in the sociability and attention of all the peoples there. I was thrilled to see my Aunts Melinda, Karen and Madison... and my Uncle Tom! And I finally got to meet my Aunt Carolyn and Uncle John! Childrens, tottlers and their peoples were welcomed to rub my back and my belly...
  12. It was the golden retrievers I had a problem with, and Mom wonders why. Equal parts I ain't a dog no more, don't wanna be left behind, don't wanna go wif them and don't want them coming wif me. Mostly it just dredged up a bad memory, I think...
  13. As great as it was to see family and sniff the stuff, happiest of all moments was leading the Mom back to the trolley!
  14. Scary moment on the way home, but all's good. Mom's putting the door frame back together, and I'm working on my master centerpiece!
  15. Life is as it should be! Luke's home... and alone with the Mom!

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