Sunday, September 28, 2008

Day 101: Mom On A Nother Mission

The Mom left early and wifout me, which did not make me happy till she returned with drink for the loud and thirsty beast, frozen waters and hot breakfastes from Kroger.

We savored our scrambled eggs and bacon and wished she had thought about butters for the biscuit... but oober small bits of it weren't so bad bone dry.

Trolled the bout one and a half paw full of channels that the new $50 rabbit pulls in and landed on stuff we could take a nap to.

Don't have a clue what's happnin in the real world of peoples that have tricity. Must be special since ever one in the nation and world seems to forgot bout Ike.

I'm new to coastal and hurricane prone territories, but I ain't new to Texas. As for my thoughts and I think the Mom's, though I don't like speakin for her cause that ain't right (ha)...

I think Texans just so dog-gone set to take care o theirselves that the media ain't findin noone beggin or whinin or allegin and it ain't no fun for em so maybe they moved on. Could be that or a corn-spiracy. Gotta have juice and news and compy to decide for sure which.

Just my opinion, and remember... I'm just a grumpy (yet very cool) golden retriever, so while it ain't likely... I could be wrong. Send your opposing emails to They should get right back to you quickly as they don't get much emails.

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