Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 772: Saturday Satisfaction

Pickin up where I left off yesterday, I had the most wonderful and peaceful night wif the love spread fick all around and punctuated wif the calmitude of the skies. It is a relief to be out of the bunker, and I was in Heaven! 
So when I wake up this mornin and prepare my forecast for today... you can imagine how excited I am! Wif exception of the Mom who has to work (fankfully, at home) and near hunnerd degree heat, the possibilities are just about endless!!!
The mornin passed quite peacefully, lovely and frankly, goin totally my way, until... I wander into the bed room and find the Bleu gettin big lovin right up there on the big bed. Why, just look at him. And I ask you...

Do he look just like the cat who swallow the canary??? I fink he do!
So I do what ever in genius boy would when faced wif such circumstances... I tell the Mom "let's go outside!"! And of course Big Boy hop down to follow me!
Just look at our glorious sunshine!
It's been a while since I've spent any time out here, so I check fings out...

I see it. I shnoof it. I am gettin hot. And I head for the door!
The Bleu, on other paw, could hang out in this heat all day.
But wif a little encouragement from the Mom, he decide he go back inside wif us...
But he paws to show off a little some fing for the Miss Khyra!
Of course when the door is finally opened, I feel obligated to take just a brief second to block the Bleu, on a counta it is just fun, but then...
I grab the great spotted bird and steal my place back! Yep, I really did need to go outside. Heh heh.
And I would be remiss, if I didn't share my own little some fing for the Miss Merdie AND the Miss Khyra! Just sayin.

That's what Satudays should be made of!
And the other fing they should be made of is... the Pet Blog Hop!

Hop along wif me to visit these great blogs And if you're interested in joinin the fun, head over to Nigel's Life Wif Dogs for more details!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 771: Fankful Friday, Christmas In July!

I am fankful and happy today for the skies are clear and sunny and my the Mom got to come home early today. And so I celebrate in the way that comforts me the most...
Wif the good lovin from my (the Comet's) reindeer wif the candies for the feets!

And for the mushy Mom, here I show off the spot where the Angel kissed me...
Sunshine, quiet skies, coupla days home wif the Mom... this is gonna be a geat weekend!
And here's hopin that YOURS is off to the same HAPPY start!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 770: More Funder Still & A Trolley Heist

Weather was ALL SUNNY and ALL GOOD until just before the Mom arrive home. She land home in a panic on a counta she watch the dark sky and lightnin in the norfwest sky!
The Mom arrive home wif the invitation to go outside... and the Bleu is all about it, but I need just one sniff of thw outdoors, and I say... "No Fank You Very Much!". Just sayin.
I am all about packin for the trip to Mass-O-Chew-Sits wif major stop in the Pawsylvania to pick up Gorgeous Chicks! And here I am wif my suitcase and essentials laid out!
Just to my left are two changes of cloves, my suitcase, a bag of berry treats for the road, my big bed baby,.. the reindeer wif the candies for the feets... and the flat rooster.
Makin sure the cloves are clean and the bag o berry treats are full! Just sayin. 
And here is the Bleu posin wif his suitcase.
Tonight is not the night to heist the trolley... on a counta the keys are restin on the nightstand and not nestled behind the pedestal lavatory. Just sayin.
And at same time, can't expect so much outta the 'chalk outline' Bleu! Just sayin...
We have had some hellacious funder, and I have been coaxed outta the bunker... I need to check my baggage, and then I need to re-align the Mom's attention.
Ahhh... I see that my laptop has been set up on the big bed... for my convenience!
And while happiness is relative...
I am. happy... happy the loudness is finally over.
Just sayin.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 769: Wednesday Wif the Nose Ouchy

We have had a nother week of bad storms, and my the mean ole Mom has had to be at the factory, what mean I face them alone...
Well... the the Bleu, of course, has been here, but his pillar of calmitude had no effect on me, as I did whatever I did to my nose.

[There was an investigation, and while the house was left in the safest condition the Mom could fink of, includin a towel and pillow in the baff tub. Only evidence I left was blood all over said towel and pillow. And I ain't tellin.] 
I am still feelin the effects of my 'cocktail' this mornin, but I am happy to report... our evenin weather is clear enough for me to blog. And my the Mom wantin to comfort me, set my laptop up for me on the big bed... so I can post right quick before...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 765: The Luke At The Dog Show!

That fun weekend is here... the Reliant Park World Series of Dog Shows... and I, the Luke, have am honored to be there!!! You probably recognize me... the handsome fellow, holdin up the letter 'H' on the 'GRRH' banner!
I cannot believe these nice folks aren't facin TOWARD the banner!
My the Mom is one of THOSE kinds of the Moms, so please to pardon the mulititude of more pitchers...

Adorable puppy, theBrandon Dibs, holdin up the 'G'...
The most handsome Bernard, likely GRRH's most amazin success story!
And you all know my pal, the Buddy... Sweetheart to all the ladies!
And of course, then there's the me... need I say more?
Off the wall and back in the boof... here is the SnowBear, GRRH alum, wif the softest fur you have ever felt. He is a dashinly handsome boy wif about a five hour time limit on your sweet lovin. I mean, that Sweet Boy was takin it all in. Just sayin.
And I know you remember my the Cousin Dylan, of "The Herd". His brother, the Buddy, was featured on the banner, but Dylan took in all the shnoofins and pettins! 
The Mom sat down for a while and in so doin, was greeted by this nice fellow, name of Max... and well, you know what the Mom was finkin...
Nigel Buggers!!!
And now for the real reason the Mom was at the Dog Show for the second day in a row... so me and my brother, the Bleu, could "sit" for our annual portrait by Mike McCartney!
And here he is in action...
How in the world do you fink he will capture our personalities this year???
Well, let's see... I am monitorin wind speed and direction. Check. I've got my rain gauge, barometer and laptop... and I'm busy busy busy. Check.
And let's see, what is the Bleu doin? He is sniffin flowers while the butterflies dance round his back... and he's daydreamin of his girlfriend, the Porter... Check!
And of course, the Comet is watchin over us all. Very fittin. Very comfortin.

And here is Mike, posin wif the master piece!
Gosh... I'm tired!!!
Not too tired to hop, though!!!
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