Thursday, September 18, 2008

Day 91: Passing Time

Thought we were goin on a trolley tour this mornin since the Mom put on her toodlin and not her factory clothes... then all of a sudden Kongy came outta the box and I was here alone.

Ole gal was gone many hours, don't know how many cause the tv ran outta bat-trees and I lost count. And she came home outta sorts since she made a passle of stops and found no ices.
So... we took a little ride wif cool airs and went to what they callin on tv is a POD. Guess that's short for a long line of cars wif frozen waters on the end. She tole the kind peoples that we weren't in need of foods or waters, and they were moved to give us a extra bag of treasure you just can't find in these parts!

We came d'rectly back and placed the bounty into the treasure chests. Bags say Cincinnatti, O-HI-O and remind me to thank those folks for sendint it to us, cause it woulda taken the Mom a long time to get there and get back!
Next we watched a little of the not so colorful tv, took a coupla short walks out front and hung out in the back for a while. Mostly we just tried to be still enough not to be so hot.

I've had my dinners now and takin a rest, gettin ready for what I hope is the dusk to dark social gatherin!

I've grown quite accustomed to followin a little light beam round after dark, and wouldn't mind atall livin this life forever... if I had my internet and some cooler airs, that is!

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